Sunday, January 31, 2021

Slow Sunday, C-c-c-cold Last Day of the Month

Paisley, On

Both of us were up watching movies last night until 11:30. I enjoyed seeing The Green Mile again, it brings out so many emotions and even a bit of fantasy. I like the show a lot but it is a long one. Bill and I slept in on Sunday, Jan. 31st, the last day of this month. It was 8 o’clock when I sat up to look at the clock. It was nice to hear Bill say that he slept right through, rare but great! 😊

Where the Saugeen is frozen
Yesterday I said it was where it meets Teeswater River
but not quite

I peeked out the window blinds and was pleased to see that it would be a day with some sunshine again. First, I’d have a tea with my sweetie and read some blogs. For some reason, I felt hunger pangs so had a bit of cereal with cream as well. The problem with sleeping in like that is that the morning goes so quickly but then that is what our weekends are for.

I walked the trail today
this part was pretty well tramped down

After I had a cup of tea at 9:30, I bundled up against the -8C/17F and went for my walk. I praise myself and thank the man upstairs as soon as I get out for pushing myself to get moving. Once out there, the walk was a reward in itself. It felt colder with the winds and I had my scarf across my chin and mouth when walking directly towards it. Once more, there were a few other walkers, all of us with rosy cheeks and smiles.

The little Baptist church has SOLD
I still think it will make a lovely home

The end of the trail and then I followed the streets

I took pictures of the street signs today since they are not regular ones and I wouldn’t remember. It was a 45 min. walk, 2 ½ miles today and I was happy to return home. I hadn’t layered up too much so wasn’t overly heated when I removed my coat. Some days, I just want to get the coat, sweater, t-shirt OFF! Ha ha. Once I cooled down, I slipped on my new leather jacket and asked Bill to take a picture of it for me.

I love how the sun shines through the trees

We didn’t really have lunch, per say, since we’d eaten breakfast, just a snack with our coffee break at 9:30. I went down and worked on the puzzle for a couple of hours and made good progress. I came upstairs around 4:15 with a tea for myself and a Zero Coke for Bill. I cut a few pieces of cheddar cheese for us to munch on to tide us over until supper and then relaxed.

The book I picked up from the library is a Biography, which I didn’t realize, so I’m not getting into it as quickly as I’d hoped. I’ll give it a few more chapters before I decide. My daughter loved the book but she is more into the history side of things than I am. We’ll see, I haven’t given up yet. 

I noticed 3 of these hearts under some trees
andI wonder if they are burial sites for their pets 😢
what else?

Gee, I think bikers live here

This was a nice street and I don't recall going down it all the way

Heading back towards town

The backyard ice rink seems to be done

A mural on this store front
Too bad for Covid, some of these stores would be interesting
this was a dance studio?

It was a few minutes before 6 when I went downstairs to start supper. We were eating the last half of the lasagna and having crescent rolls on the side. Madame IP hasn’t been used for a week so tonight is her night! 

It took 15 minutes to reheat the meal and 12 minutes in the oven for the rolls. 😊 It was a good Sunday night supper. Oh, we each had a piece of cheap Walmart cherry pie for dessert. For $2.50, I couldn’t make it for that and I’m pleased to say my crust is much better!

Here is the coat, I'm so pleased with
It has a fleece, front bodice with a hoody under the leather jacket
and it is very soft

I talk about my suedine mitts

Not sure if you can tell but inside, are finger
holes like gloves
They are so warm!

Bill stayed downstairs to watch a rerun of a movie since he’d made his lunch while supper was warming up. I came upstairs to finish my post and settle in for the evening. This was a quiet day but a good one. 

This is a nice puzzle to work on

My legs are still feeling some of the achy-ness from crawling around on the floors on Thursday and Friday but I’m not giving in to it, hence my walks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this last day of the month. It hasn’t been a bad winter – so far – but I’m still looking forward to February.

Today's memory
Jan. 31st, 2020
Kim, Ken, Oreo and Keith
Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Our temporary site along the fence line

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. You are brave to get out and walk in such cold weather. Good girl! I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep through a whole night. Too many aches and pains 😪. That jacket looks great and soft. Also like your Bernie Sanders gloves too 😀

    1. Thanks Doug for the encouragement! We can't figure out Bill's sleep schedule. Seems when he works all day, he doesn't have good sleeps. Saturday after a restful day and a couple of naps, he slept right through. Like to see a doc figure that out!! haha
      Yes, my gloves are very nice, Bernie Sanders or not. :)

  2. The Sun never showed itself in Windsor today.
    Glad you had a nice day off.
    Nice Jacket. and Mitts.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Cool jacket!! I expect it's very warm!! I could make a quilt store of that church!! LOL It's always nice to have a lazy day when you don't HAVE to go anywhere.

    1. Thanks. I don't know how warm the jacket will be but i will enjoy it on warmer days.

  4. Nice jacket! We had similar weather yesterday but with lots of wind so I did my boring walk indoors. Take care, stay well.

  5. I love the jacket and the gloves! Hopefully you won't need them next year :) I love that little church, wouldn't it be awesome to see how it turns out as somebody's home! Your lasagna still looks yummy and I think it tastes better the longer it sits!

    1. Hopefully no gloves next winter!
      Lasagna is great on the second day.😉

  6. I like the decorative street signs in Paisley, they make the area look so upscale and royal. Good choice with that jacket and looking forward seeing you in it in person!

    1. I like the street signs too.
      Thankyou, ì look forward to showing you in person too!

  7. I remember that place you referred to as a dance studio. Nice artwork.

  8. My goodness that puzzle is moving right along.

    What lovely signs, ours are just plain green with white writing.

    Love The Green Mile both the movie and the novel.

    God bless.

    1. Obviously, the puzzle isn't too hard for me to be doing so well! :)
      I'm surprised that there are NO green and white street signs even on the back streets. Kind of nice eh?
      I haven't read the novel, maybe I will! Thanks!