Saturday, January 23, 2021

Two in a Row, When Life Deals You Lemons

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Jan. 23rd, Bill was up ahead of me. Said he just couldn’t lay there any longer but he had a pretty good sleep. It is unusual when my hubby can report that so I was pleased. I’d been dreaming, stupid dreams, but slept well as is my normal. I finished my book last night after supper and if you haven’t read it, it is a good read. The Jake Peony by Wayson Choy.

This was a good choice from the Book Barn

We went down for our morning brew and then just kind of lazed upstairs. Bill was watching the plows go through at 6:30 and the sidewalk plow blowing the snow into the dump trucks closer to 9. There was a lot of snow! I know we used to get hit in London too, and had challenges of where to blow it after each dumping. We had neighbours on each side and across the street dealing with the same issue. Plus, some days, we had to be on our way to work at 7 am and Bill would shovel before we could get out of the laneway.

We did get quite a pile, you can hardly see Eddie's car

This is the best downtown cleanup I’ve ever seen, although I’ve never lived on main street before! It is impressive to watch. Wes and Eddie were outside cleaning the walkway and we saw Eddie cleaning his car off and shoveling around where he parks. Wes had told us yesterday that if we weren’t going anywhere this weekend, he would wait to get Jim, their plow guy, to come in on Sunday, after we got all the snow we're getting.

The neighbour was getting their parking area done again
before the sidewalk blower came through
I'm just glad I don't own the car he's blowing the snow on!

With their vehicles parked on the street,
Bill brought Black Beauty up next

When I went down for a coffee, Susan said he was coming today instead and soon so Bill went out to move our vehicles out onto the road. The three of them stayed out until Jim came and left so they could put the cars back in the lane. 

He and Eddie got her cleaned off

You can see the pile on the tonneau cover

Now she's out front 
I love this coat on Bill, it was a laundromat find
Someone threw it out!

We aren’t supposed to get much more snow today or for the coming week so that should stay clear for a while. We got about 14 or 15” as could easily be seen on top of Black Beauty and Ptooties.

Today's entertainment

While Bill was outside, I began making a pie crust. I read on Marian’s post on FB that today was pie day so why not? I’d picked up a lemon meringue pie mix a while ago so today was a good day for it. I know it’s a sweet treat but I’m already off and walking beside the keto wagon so not going to dwell on it at this stage. 😊 I baked the two crusts and since I only had tin foil pie plates here, used those for the first time ever.

When I started with the puzzle today, it looked like this

Around noon, we had our bacon and eggs and Bill worked on his laptop until Wes was ready for his help. All 4 of us were needed, all hands-on deck, to lift a large piece of ‘plexiglass’ up onto his platform for a solar furnace he is working on. It wasn’t heavy, it just needed all 4 corners set down onto the caulking at the same time.

They tasted as good or better than they looked

In between putting things together, the filling and the meringue, after the crusts cooked and cooled, I worked on Betty Boop. It has been fun so far. I should have pushed myself to get out for a walk at some point, but I didn’t. That’s two lazy days in a row and I don’t like the habit that is forming. Tomorrow, I will definitely remedy that!

Out back is where Jim pushes the snow

Wes and I were still trying to get some pictures of his and a few videos he’d taken sent off to a couple of friends. The videos were too large so he took photos instead and finally, after a few attempts and a few emails, we managed to get them sent off. 

The beginning of what Wes says will be a very long icicle

Bill was upstairs, snoozing and reading when I made my tea and moved into the garage again. I was losing the light so worked as much as I could on the puzzle before joining him.

Betty is almost all together now and looking very
shy about it all

I’ve started my next book, just barely. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. At 4:45, I crawled up on the bed to get into the story a little more. I’ll keep you informed how it goes. 

Supper would be easy, leftovers and the pie will be our dessert. For an hour, I got lost in the pages and smile to myself that I have another interesting start to a book.

We shared the veggie casserole, Bill ate the hamburger and I 
had my quesadilla

It was very good

We went down before 6 and I heated my quesadilla up in a fry pan and reheated the hamburger gravy and corn casserole in the microwave. Everything was very good, including the pie. I had to work at my crust this time, for some reason, but it tastes very good and we had no need to hide it under the edge of our plate. 😉 

My movie for tonight
I know I'll cry

After dishes, we returned to our room. Bill went in to watch a movie at 9 with Wes and Susan and I hooked up my tv and watched The Fault in our Stars.

We may soon have to send a rescue squad out
for poor Mr. Goose

This was a very lazy day for me, except for the pie, physically lazy. I still enjoyed every bit of it. I hope yours was a wonderful Saturday as well.

Today's memory is a quiz for those of you who went
to Quartzsite in January, 2018
the hosts from La Posa South honoured me with a picture

And after all the snow, it's time for a Happy Hour picture
on the same day
Picture courtesy of George

Good night everyone!

Thank you for stopping by! All comments are very much appreciated if you wish to leave one. (Ps, it has started snowing again!)


  1. The pie looks delicious. The snow, not so much. Big winter storm hitting here over the next three days. Maybe I’ll make pie!!!!!

    1. The pie was yummy and will be until we finish it. a pound here and a pound there. Ha ha

  2. I am not sure what to say. I think I will go with the snow certainly looks so white and pretty. Lemon Meringue is one of Tom's favorites and yours looks good. Nice memory pictures. Stay safe.

    1. Cute start to your comment. I appreciate anything you say even if it has to be about the snow! haha

  3. Now that's what I think winter in Canada should look like. Lots of snow and cold. Just rain here in the Gavin Newsom 1st Reich. (CA for those who don't follow politics)

  4. That's a lot of snow. Looks like it was hard work for you to watch the digging out your window 😀 now I know why you two come south in the winter.

    1. It was extremely hard!! I'm glad you understand us better now! :) haha

  5. We only had a few flakes yesterday but it's turning White right now.
    The pie and dinner looks yummy.
    Those Quartzsite pictures bring back plenty of memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We spoke to family today in a couple of areas, Fort Erie and Stratford, and they hardly had any snow. LOL

  6. I am bafflegabbed over your snow! You got as much in this dump as we do total.