Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Week is Winding Down Already!

Paisley, On

Bill was up at 5:45 and gone by 6:30 on Thursday, Jan. 7th. This week is zipping by. When I was still in the throes of everyday work days, weeks like this never seemed to fly as quickly. At least I well remember wishing for Friday. The first week of January, after whatever holidays Bill and I took during this season, always felt very depressing and moved very slowly.

A nice picture of our winter residence
The arrow points to our room

We fell back into the humdrum routine and longed for our next paid day off which wouldn’t be until Family Day in February. This past year has been such an upside-down period, with children off school when they should be attending. Employees working from home if they are able rather than reporting daily to a specific location. Still others scrambling even more than normal to make ends meet because they are unable to do their regular jobs.

And pictures from my walk today
Wide walkways - the sidewalk is half covered
but the boulevard is paved for walking

It makes me wish everyone was back to that humdrum ‘normal’, if that makes any sense. Selfish of me to say that, since we don’t ‘have’ to be ‘anywhere’ other than where we are right now but I hope soon things return to the sanity we're accustomed to before the pandemic hit. Well, that is getting just too maudlin, best to snap out of that immediately!

Is this how we are all feeling right now?
Help me, I'm melting!!

A snowman family is hanging on while warmth

This one is losing the battle

Back to today. I was up around 7 and brought my tea back upstairs. It would have been nice to lounge in bed with this book I’m reading but I remembered that I was too tired last night to finish publishing my blog. Dutifully, I sat at my laptop and took care of business instead.

for the first time in a long time, I wasn't walking alone 

I noticed some birds eating the apples
so some good comes from leaving them on the tree 💓

I know some bloggers only post periodicals, not daily posts and the way I felt last night made me think it wasn’t a bad idea. However, I do enjoy writing, even if it has been a ho-hum day for me. I think feeling no pressure, except what I put on myself, of ‘having’ to publish each night helps. I am still deciding for myself. Similarily, it is up to you, my readers, whether you open and read as often as I write. It gives me great pleasure to know that some of you do.

I think it is kind of neat to see little
areas like this on a residential property

I like that they've left the little trees and shrubs
along the stream

Wes and Susan had some errands to run today so I busied myself, as usual, in our room in the quiet of the household. I checked online for the remaining parcel deliveries we are expecting and made a list of tracking numbers. I’d placed an Avon order on Dec. 31st and thought I would have heard by now that it was ready to ship. Usually I get a notice when it leaves the Avon facility but haven’t yet received that email. Strange but it comes from Montreal and things are quite crazy in Quebec right now. Patience, I’m in no rush for it.

I went downstairs at 11 to make myself an egg for brunch and cut some garlic and pepper cheese along with a few slices of deer sausage. With a coffee, I’m hoping that fills me for the day. I remember when I would eat bacon and eggs every day, between 2011 and 2018, and now seem to have a hard time eating either on a regular basis. On the paleo/keto diet it worked wonders for my weight loss, the ‘good fat’ diet, along with cheese, yogourt etc.. At least now, Bill and I try to have eggs once on weekends.

I was coming to the water tower street

obscured through the tree

And as I neared, out in full view

Around 12 noon, I dressed for a walk. Outside, the sky was as blue as a robin's egg and not a cloud could be seen no matter which way I looked. So, I took 2 cards and dropped them in the drop slot at the post office. Carrying on I walked south through town, then east following back streets, then north back towards the river and west to the main street again where I stopped in to check for mail. The box was jammed full with one of my Amazon deliveries and a Christmas card from my sister in Hanover. The parcel wasn’t expected until the 15th  but I'm sure Donna expected the card to arrive sooner than this! Go figure. 😊

A train for the children of this family

now, isn't that cool?

I was upstairs reading Running Fire by Lindsay McKenna when at 2:30 I heard W & S return and called up to let me know. This book is good, a fast read, but almost a bit too much ‘love story’ blended in for my liking. Speaking of books, earlier, I chatted back and forth with my sister, Wendy, about the last book I read and our total enjoyment of the story. A commenter asked the name and it is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Excellent book. I recommend it if you're up to a special war story.

The holiday season is over
Down come the Gingerbread lights

they will tucked away until next year!

Around 3:30, I went down for a cup of tea and at 4:30, my text pinged that Bill was on his way home. He took Ptooties this morning so he could drop her off in Walkerton at (Joe’s) Hometown Tire. It was time for an oil change. I went down and unlocked the door for him. Billy will have dropped him off to pick the SUV up. I met Bill downstairs once I remembered that he would be 20 minutes instead of his usual 10. 😊

Supper was easy, leftover ham from the freezer

Supper tonight was ham w/pineapple, we shared a potato and we each had our own vegetables. I wasn’t up to leftover spaghetti tonight again. We had a Lindor chocolate for dessert. 😋 I was upstairs by 7:15 since we’d started later. Bill was dozing when I went down to start cooking. This was a good day. Bill asks me when he gets home ‘how was my day?’ and often ‘what did I do today?’ Sometimes I feel like the day passed and I did nothing substantial but I’m still glad he asks.

Happy Hour at Holtville Hot Springs BLM
Jan. 7, 2019
The Denzlers', Obergs', Yates', Aljoes' and Richards'

The top picture was missing Lori and Shatzi
so you get two today!
Cheers and good night!

Thank you for your pop in visit today. Your comments are always appreciated!


  1. Send some of that sunshine to eastern Ontario please!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog every day. Hope you continue to whatever you feel like doing. I will continue to read as long as you post. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ah, thank you so much Rita. Comments like that make it all worth while! :)

  3. We are still with you patsy. We are still plugging away on building a new ice cream shack. Check us out at CJ’s Snack Shack and Mini Golf. Sue posts pictures there. I sometimes feel guilty for not doing my blog, but my motivation is the travel and we are not doing thAt right now. I do enjoy catching up with you and you always make me smile. I hope we get to hit the road next year. Stay safe and hi to Bill.

    1. Lorne! It is so good to hear from you guys!! I will check out the shack to see some photos. It is hard to get motivated without the fun travel stuff but writing is part of my routine usually.
      Thanks for the comment, glad you with me!:)

  4. Makes me shiver every time I see your pictures!! That poor little snowman made me laugh!!!

  5. I'm having issues trying to comment this morning, darn blogger! I say the same thing, since I've retired the weeks fly by and they sure didn't when I was working. Especially the last year.

    I hope to see some sunshine this afternoon. Take care, stay well!

  6. I read your post every day, often the first post of the day. I really liked the book you mentioned, All the Light We Cannot See. I enjoy seeing the pictures you take on your walks.

    1. Thank you Joyce for your comment, it warms my heart to hear that people read everyday. ;) It is very encouraging.
      That is a great book, I'm glad I have my own copy as I'll probably read it again in my 'older' years. haha

  7. Isn't it funny how even in these humdrum days they sure fly! I just want time to slow down! We always look forward to your blog, love seeing what you're up to back there. Love the little snowmen :) Dinner looked yummy too! Hugs...

    1. It is funny how time flies. BUT we don't want the time to go any slower right now..........not until March. :)
      Thank you Shirley for sticking with me too. ;)

  8. Reading your blog is one of highlights of my mornings. Please keep on keeping on.

    1. Aah, such a nice comment. Thank you so much! i try for the daily ones but sometimes I get too tired (and lazy) to finish. Missing two days in a row? Unless there is a real reason THAT won't happen!

  9. Love all the pictures of the snow people. You put mustard on ham? I'll have to try that. I love reading your blog every day. But if you ever decide to change your schedule please let us know. If a daily blogger misses a day, I worry. Glad to see you have blue skies.

    1. too funny. Yes, mustard on ham has always been my thing. The pineapple I never did until I met Bill. Still don't quite get the reason.
      Thank you for reading my blog, Elva. I'll let you know! I might be late posting but don't like doing more than one day in a post at any given time so try not to

  10. Loved All The Light We Cannot See. One of the few books I've read that I had trouble putting down.

    Our temperatures have dropped, still sunny, but getting much chillier. Still we don't have much in the way of snow here and most are worried about how dry this spring could be.

    God bless.

    1. Great!! Did you cry?
      Our temps have dropped now too. The sun is a real blessing though.

  11. Enjoyed passing through Paisley the other day with all the gingerbread men. We must have been close to your place when we turned at the corner.

    1. I wish I'd known you were close, I would have ran outside to wave!! The gingerbread men are gone now but you would have went right by our place. Just 2 buildings from that corner. :)

  12. For at least the last 10 years, I use photo-blogs as a way to "decompress" at night, and see what's going on around the world. I lucked into yours maybe a year ago, could be longer, what do I know. But I always find it interesting. Even if it may be what you consider a "ho-hum" day. I can see a place far away from me, the landscape, the streets, and I always enjoy what people have to eat. After all, we all DO eat every day. Or we should if we can! So I always check in with you, at least every other night. Thanks for your work on this. I'm writing from Texas, where we are due some snow this weekend. I love it, but that may be because it always goes away soon. (Not entirely true, I loved it in upstate NY when I lived there 2 years. But I was young.)

    1. I'm glad you found my blog too! :) Thank you for the lovely comment, they all give me the confidence and encouragement to right down even the most humdrum of days.
      I can't say that I hate the snow, I also remember loving it as a kid but not since I learned to drive. If it would go away after one snowfall and stay away.......ha ha. Unreality here.