Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tuesday – Not the Only Thing Coming Down

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Jan. 26th I actually woke up on my own to say goodbye to Bill. It was a strange night. I turned off my light around 10:30 when I finished my book. I dropped off quickly and easily to sleep, obviously a deep sleep. It seemed like hours later when I woke up abruptly from a dream and the light was on. A peek out of one eye told me that Bill was still reading so it couldn’t be that late. I knew he was focused on finishing his book too. (He told me later that it was 1 am when he finished)

Our Canada flag was blowing steady

You can see in the background that the Teeswater River
has iced over

I did that at least one other time, abrupt wake up from a dream (of which I only remember Bridgette was in it with me) but this time I woke up to darkness. Bill was still sound asleep so it wasn’t time to get up. Each time, I wondered if I was too much awake to go back to sleep. Apparently not as I dropped off again. After Bill left at 6:30, I got comfy for more of the same sleep and it must have happened because when I woke it was 7:45.

Walking towards the bridge

And thought this perspective was kind of neat

Doesn't it look like it was just thrown together?

Good thing it wasn’t a work day or everything would be later than my normal. 😊 I went down for my tea after making the bed and mentally making a list of what to do today. I read blogs and once caught up on those, dressed for my walk. It was just after 9 when I left the house. No ski poles today but I wore my high boots and grippers for safely and warmth. It was a cool morning but mainly because of the wind. The flags were blowing and the wind was making the -10C/14F feel much colder.

This part of the river was flowing freely as even
though it is very shallow, there is a small
water fall in the middle

I had my warm scarf so had it tucked up around my chinny-chin-chin and my hood was up and down a couple of times. Soon I warmed up and didn’t need either as much. I walked towards the Grist Mill this morning, along Mill Drive. It was interesting to see the Teeswater River partially frozen, as I showed you yesterday at the dam. Further along, where the river’s depth increased, the water was flowing freely.

Wellington Street

This section is a dead end with only one residential
property at the end
That would be kind of nice, along the river

Even though it was public property
it felt like a I was intruding so I turned back to this view
and turned right at this corner onto Balaklava

I wasn’t sure if I was going to walk on the trestle bridge today so at the Mill, I turned onto Wellington Street, to a section that I’d not followed all the way before. I’m surprising myself that I still haven’t been on every Paisley street but enjoying the adventure with each new turn. This one took me along the far reaches of the west corner and back up Balaklava Street, one over from the school, where I could hear children playing. Recess already?

I hopped on the first trail going
from Balaklava to Alma and Victoria

I noticed this thermometer on the end of a shed
but couldn't read it until I got home
Pretty accurate, I'd say!

There were 2 grays and 1 black squirrel playing in the trees
Not sure if you can pick them all out

The leader of the pack

When I came back up I turned onto the trail that crosses Victoria St. and followed it to the corner of Alma St. where the Book Barn is. No new books, darn, but it was nice to see that many of the ones we dropped off were gone. 😊 I decided to carry on the trail to the trestle bridge after all as I wanted to see where the Teeswater River began to ice up. I didn’t have to go far across the bridge to see and get my picture before I turned back around. Skidoos had made tracks across many times.

Then, after the Book Barn, I carried on, back to the bridge

I made one more turn from Mill Drive onto Inkerman to Queen St. S and followed it home. I have included my town map (no legend, sorry) in case you are interested where I walk. I realize that I mention streets you have no clue what I’m talking about, so this will give you an idea and a better picture. Besides, one day when we aren’t here any longer, I myself will wonder where I was walking and what landmarks I saw.

Here is the Paisley map if you're interested
Our residence is in the red circle and you can see Water St.
behind us and the little envelope along Queen St. S
is the post office

The snow plow goes under the bridge as I approached

From here, I could see where the ice started
Not sure if you can pick out the Canoe shop just
above the line of dark trees on the right
That's where the dam is

Back at the house, I informed Susan and Wes that I was expecting a FedEx parcel just in case they noticed someone coming up the walk or in case the driver found a brain and rings the doorbell. Sorry, did I say that out loud? I made myself a ham, cheese and mushroom quesadilla for lunch with my coffee and wow, was that ever good!

The snow started around 11

Lunch was yummy

At some point, I had my shower and took the time to give myself a Covid-19 haircut. All in the safety of our own bathroom. No mask required. My hair was really growing, which never happens to me, but even though in pretty good ‘health’ and not so wispy at the ends, it needed to be trimmed. 2 ½” was what ended up coming off and I think it is pretty straight. I’ll get Bill to double check the back for me tonight.


It looks neater and feels good. I took the time while it was drying to dust mop the floors in our room(s). Removing things from under the bed and other objects that are easily moved takes the most time but it all got a good cleaning. After doing up the morning dishes, I went out to the garage and did another big section of Betty’s puzzle. She is almost finished, one more day and Wes can do his thing to frame it for Susan.


The snow started this morning around 11 so I’m glad I got out for my walk when I did. Not that I couldn’t walk when it’s snowing, I could. It has stopped and started through the whole rest of the afternoon and now as I’m in our room, it is big white flakes coming down coating everything with another layer of 2 – 3”. Bill is on his way so I hope he takes his time on the short drive from Billy’s farm.

My little tripod helped me take a front picture

For supper, Bill had a different idea than I did but he’s the working man today, so I made pancakes to go along with the mini sausages I’d thawed. I’d taken two packs out of the freezer because one had been in there for a while. You know how things get shoved to the back? Anyway, we had a lot of meat and just a few flapjacks. With butter, maple syrup and some choke cherry syrup, they were good. No dessert necessary tonight, good thing, I didn't have any prepared.

Bill and Black Beauty 'slip' home

An easy filling supper

After dishes, we watched a favourite episode of NCIS, a rerun, then at 8 watched a new episode in the theatre room with Wes and Susan. It was a good one, revealing a few more things about some of the characters. Bill had his shower when we came back into our room and I worked on my blog. I’m yawning so not sure it will get finished tonight or not.

First memory picture
Jan. 26, 2018
Donna took this at the Ridge

Same day that I was taking
this picture at Quartzsite, Arizona

both beautiful, no? yes!
Good night!

This was a busy enough day, all in all. I hope you enjoyed yours. Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Nice job on the haircut, I think you did a great job!

  2. You did do a nice job on your hair. I could use about 2 inches gone but not brave enough to do it myself...lol
    What a great pictures of under the bridge. Was that the same bridge you took the picture of the river from above? Which is another great picture.
    As pretty as white snow can be the memory afterglow filling the sky with orange in my opinion is the winner. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you Deb, I'm used to cutting my own hair. Ever since I was a teen when I wanted the Cheryl Tiegs layered look. :)
      Yup, same bridge.
      I agree about the orange sky vs the snow. :)

  3. I cut my hair all the time. Makes my hairdresser crazy trying to fix it! Your's look very nice ... good job!! We finally got a little snow. It stayed just long enough to get some pictures and was gone in a flash. Brrr Black Beauty looks COLD!!!

    1. It's just hair, right? It'll grow! That's what I always say, have never been afraid to try things different. Even with the colouring. Red, blonde, streaks, why not? :)

  4. Great job on your hair! I've had Ken cutting mine since this covid began..I'm sure the hair dresser will have to fix sometime down the road, but I don't care at this point..I usually do the front and he does the back. Beautiful pictures and a great looking dinner. I'm for breakfast for dinner, but not Ken.

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Other than my girlfriend, Brenda, I was never one for going regular to a hair dresser. Too cheap to pay $20 for a 1" trim. :)

  5. Great trestle pictures. Paisley is a beautiful little town. Thanks for the map. Hair looks straight to me and it is a lot shorter than mine 🙃 Like the dinner selection. 😀

    1. Yes, you sure have me beat in the hair department, Doug! :)
      The trestle bridge is mesmerizing. I stand and look at it and shake my head. Very cool!

  6. The photos are very nice capturing the area you are walking. I noticed the Regent Street North and South are on opposite sides of the town and I could not find the Mill Drive on the map so think its in the downtown area. If you are walking all the streets you get a good workout!

    1. Thank you. Mill Drive is the thick brown line in the downtown area, you are right. It is a good workout, some of the hills make me huff and puff. :)

  7. I'm impressed that you were able to cut your own hair. I've been keeping mine up as I can't stand the feel of it on my neck. I'll probably get my daughter to trim it when we can get together again.

    The shots of the river are lovely! Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you, my hair is pretty straight forward so easier than a layered cut if that is what yours is. :)
      The river just cries for someone to take pictures of it. :)

  8. That view of the trestle under the bridge is fascinating! So is your map.

  9. Great haircut. You did good.

    Thanks for the map I could follow your walk.

    God bless.