Monday, January 11, 2021

A Calm Start to the Work Week


Paisley, On

On Monday, Jan. 11th, I felt very tired when Bill was quietly bustling around to get ready for work. I’m sure I dropped off after he left and when I got up at 7:30 I reflected on the good sleep I had. The other night I had a bad dream that had me moaning and mumbling, apparently, and Bill had to shake me awake. I didn’t like that, it’s as clear as a bell in my mind. I don't recall anything disturbing last night's slumber.

Clear sailing on Bruce County Rd. 3

Last night, there was no dream or any achy muscles. I’d taken a couple of Advil at 10:30 and rubbed cream on my arm so both helped a lot. I went down for my tea and both Susan and Wes were around to say good morning to. I left the house closer to 8:30 and it was nice to see another clear but cloudy day. Clear means no precipitation to me. The main highways were dry and bare and the back road, Conc. 8, was only rough in spots with packed ice between Hwy 10 and Hwy 3.

There wasn't much to take pictures of this morning
but that happens sometimes

That slowed me down a bit. I was alone in the Mat for the first half hour and then a lady came in with many loads and another who I see every week. I texted Jamie about a couple of issues and left the place shiny clean. One fellow was in for a brief 10-minute dryer time and commented on how nice the place looked. Bonus! Oh, and I found a penny today. Must be my brother, Bruce, thinking of me, his birthday would be tomorrow. šŸ˜Š

The small lake on Conc. 8 (behind this tree)
was snow covered

I had no stops to make other than across the street at the Pioneer for fuel top up. The price is up today to 99.9¢/litre. It was straight home from there. I hadn’t touched the coffee in my thermos so brought that upstairs with me. My sister, Cathy, has placed an Avon order so I was getting that set up in between my shower and her lunch. It all works out and we are not impatient people as we deal with each other. Retirement is great that way.

As I rounded the curve, it is obvious that
it isn't frozen over though

Once my hair was dry, with help from the blow dryer, I walked to the post office. One of my remaining 2 parcels will be delivered today. I’ve signed up for email notices so once it came, I was off. Sometime over the past summer (or was it before?) I’ve lost my little funky tripod. Obviously, I’ve left it somewhere. In a vehicle, at someone’s place or wrapped around a tree! I can’t imagine doing that but we’ve searched everywhere in the Suite and sheds. It may turn up one day.

I wasn't prepared for these guys
Wild turkeys rooting along the stream in this field

In the meantime, because of the reasonable price, I ordered another one. I loved that little gadget. Also, my second coat is on its way – soon so that is something to look forward to still. It is coming by FedEx so I’ll be anxious to get the notice on that delivery. The need to go for a walk today didn’t transpire so I humbly accepted my body’s request to stay home. I hooked up our external dvd player and popped in Part 2 of the family history that cousin Rita sent me.

Watching Rita's dvd, she says this
about Mom on her electric bike

I watched about 45 minutes of it and through no fault of hers, it didn’t capture me as much. Mostly because it is a lot of school portrait pictures of my cousins’ children and their grandchildren, whom we’ve never met and don’t know. This will mean a great deal to their family and I support her decision to add them in but not so much for my siblings.

Supper was different and a tasty way to serve
the little sausages

Rita followed through by year so there were a few things I was very interested in, things I couldn’t remember. Like when Lila passed, a cousin my age, who died at 51 with cancer. Also, Mom’s youngest sister, Aunt Joan, who also passed too soon, 2 days before her 59th birthday. When Bill texted that he was on his way home from Mildmay, I put it on hold to unlock the door and then watched another 15 minutes after he came upstairs. I’ll finish it later.

The caramel custard with the last of my 
brown sugar sauce

At 5:30, I went down to start the creation of supper. I’d made creamy Jell-o this afternoon that just needed to be blended and I’d also mixed up a small batch of 4 tea biscuits. They were ready to go in the oven. So, tonight, borrowing an idea from one of my commenters and fellow bloggers, a mini sausage casserole. Ours wasn’t as healthy as it included pasta but hey, it tasted quite good! The carb count was ridiculous, as is always the case with pasta, but one day I’ll get back on the keto wagon. I'm sure it is parked at the Ridge.

a few memory pictures tonight
Set up with Rob and Pat at Borrego Springs
Jan. 11, 2019

We had the last caramel custards and came up to our room after dishes were done and Bill’s lunch was made. Jeopardy tonight begins Ken Jenning’s initiation as a guest host so I’ll have to watch at least the first night. Then I’ll decide about future episodes. I watched about 5 minutes of Alex’s last show on Friday and found nothing different so that was all it took to satisfy ‘that’ curiosity.

We had fun trying to take selfies together
and then we just plain had fun šŸ˜€

This was a good day. The weather was decent, -1C/30F. I didn’t do much all afternoon other than puttering around. I washed my hair this afternoon, working at fading the colour I have added to it over the last 2 and 3 decades. I'll keep you informed how that transition works out. I did take a walk to the post office at 3 but there was nothing there for us today. Susan said I just brought her bills so I guess we got the better part of that deal! šŸ˜Š We could get a light dusting of snow overnight, I hope not, but it is January.

And even though she wasn't with us,
these ocotillo's are for you Deb Duchaine!
good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to!


  1. Glad to read that you are slowly getting back to Normal.
    Hoping you don't have to many Flurries.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It was sad watching Jeopardy last Friday. I like Ken Jennings. I hope they keep him.

    1. I didn't see the show on Friday other than those few minutes so not sure how it ended. :(
      I agree about Ken Jennings, he is a very comparable host so far! :)

  3. A light dusting is better than a heavy snowfall, don't ya think? Love the memory photos. Soon we will all be back in the southwest making new memories.

    1. I don't mind the light dusting and it was only overnight so better still. :)

  4. Those "little gadgets" are almost indispensable. Glad you ordered another one so we can see more selfies!!

  5. You needed to watch the last five minutes of Jeopardy from Friday. There was a montage of moments of Alex throughout the years. Otherwise the show wasn't any different, but it amazed me to think that he taped that show on October 30 or 31 and was dead just two weeks later. He obviously was a strong man.

    I thought Ken Jennings did a good job last night, he emulated some of Alex's trademark comments but he added his own humour as well. I've heard he's only temporary as they look for a permanent replacement.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. I wish I had seen that part of the show but Bill was switching back to a movie.
      Ken did a great job and I would be quite happy if he kept on. ;)

  6. Patsy if you look through your photographs in a chronologic way you might spot where you last took a selfy with the tripod and figure where that was. If you like a certain show and the moderator is replaced it might not appeal to you the same. Alex Trebec was such an icon and his personality unique.

    1. You are one smart lady, Marlene! I never thought of that. Since I take a lot of selfie's with my phone and camera might be tougher than I think though. :) Great tip!
      That's true about moderator changes. I've stopped watching Family Feud because I don't like Steve Harvey in that role.

  7. Never thought of making the sausage casserole with pasta.... Must try that sometime.

    We are under a winter storm watch right now. Supposedly it will be arriving tomorrow and leaving either late Thursday or early Friday. Hunkering down and spending even more time decluttering.

    God bless.

    1. It was delicious! The pasta package recipe called for chicken but I used sausage. :)
      Oh no! We'll be expecting some snow too but still mild temps. I would be happy to declutter, I rather enjoy that chore but unfortunately, well, you know where we are! :O