Friday, January 29, 2021

A Different Kind of Day – I’m Whooped (but in a Good Way)!

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Jan. 28th, Bill left as per usual. His words to me when he exited our door was “see you later”. What he meant by that is truly that he would see me later, sooner than later. I don’t usually work on Thursday. It is my day off BUT Bill’s boss who is also our friend, Mike, has ‘hired’ me to clean the upstairs of the house they are renovating. It is 95% finished except for tidbits and touchups and there are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on this upper floor.

Heading out of Paisley

Arriving at Neustadt by 9

I left the house at 8:15, cleaned Ptooties off and pulled out of the driveway by 8:25. There wasn’t a lot of snow, just light stuff and the drive to Neustadt was pretty good. Lanes were track bare but I stuck to the highway because it made the most sense for where I was going. I arrived at 9, almost on the dot. Mike was there, with Billy and Bill, and between him and Bill, they showed me where the cleaning stuff was and the ShopVac and then the boss left.

The guys are doing a great job
Materials are picked by the owners

I’ve never done this kind of thing before but it involved wiping down all window frames and sills, baseboards, door frames, washing windows and vacuuming up sawdust from the rooms and hallway. The bathroom would be the biggest challenge so I left it to last. It had new sinks, toilet and tub. I should have taken a picture in there so you see what I mean but it won’t take long once I start. A new tub comes with a thin 'skin-type' film of plastic to protect it. While the tile was installed and grouted, you can guess the mess that fell into the tub. Then the plastic wouldn't peel off as it should.

The first little room/closet done

Mike didn’t want the floors washed yet, it was a nice laminate flooring all the way through but with them still working downstairs and creating dust, the washing would be the last thing to do probably with a wet Swifter. Bill, Billy and Mike, when he was there, worked on the staircase. The whole thing needed to be replaced. 

Billy and Bill were conveniently 'out' of this picture
but this is where they're working

I went down when Bill called for morning break, lunch and afternoon break. It was a good job and a good day’s work AND it was nice to be working close with Bill again. Many hours/days/months of our working career at the school board, were in the same building. πŸ’“

And although it looks like they're both sleeping here
It was actually a 'laying down on the job' type of job

They work very well together, figuring out which way to do
things when they come to a snag
The stairs are oak laminate

Billy cleaning the truck off out front of the house

Boy, was I physically whooped when I got home at 4:30. We all left at the same time and I followed Billy and Bill as far as Bruce County Rd 3 where I turned for home. They were very aware of me following at a lesser speed, keeping an eye on Ptooties, which I appreciated ver much. Bill went with Billy to get Black Beauty and arrived at the house a few minutes later. The weather was nasty, getting better closer to Paisley but after we both got upstairs, did it ever turn ugly outside. 

I'm glad I was following them and it wasn't
because I needed directions
I just wanted to know I wasn't 'alone'

we're still on a main highway here
That's Billy and Bill up ahead

Now we've turned onto Concession 8

The sun was trying to break through
Billy's truck is behind the :05 time

Here, I'd turned onto CR 3
heading north towards Paisley

We could have leftover lasagna for supper but decided on a simple bowl of soup with a sandwich. Yes, that’s how tired I am. I haven’t worked a full day since March of 2016! I’m sure glad it isn’t something I have to do everyday. I give Bill a TONS of credit. The great news is that when I got home, my new leather jacket had arrived!! It was delayed because of weather but am I ever pleased. Happy camper here!!

A transport truck met me so when the plow
came at me, I was ready to take a picture of what you 
are left with when the wind is blowing your way
It only lasts a few seconds and then you're clear again

By the time I reached Paisley, things were very clear

Kind of pretty actually
I'm getting much  better

The refund for the first one (that was skin tight in the sleeves and snug across the bodice) went into our account today as well. This company ‘Gen1leather’ gets more than 2 thumbs up from me. They actually made the sleeves and bodice to MY specifications on the size Large coat without making anything else bigger. I will be giving them an awesome review, unlike Wish. Duds, they are. Anyway, I’m tickled pink about my black leather purchase. 😊 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

No picture of me in my coat - too tired
but one of our simple little supper

I won’t kid myself tonight. The evening will be short but I hope to get in to watch Jeopardy after supper and maybe get a couple of chapters read from the new John Grisham book I started last night. (PS - neither of those things happened) I was in bed by 8 and asleep by 9ish. This was a different but really good day. Hopefully, tomorrow after cleaning the Mat, I can finish the bathroom at the house so it’s done before the weekend.

I know this says the 29th but it was a pretty picture
anyway from over the fence at Pilot Knob RV Resort
Winterhaven, CA

Good night!

Thank you for your visit on a snowy Thursday.


  1. We have had a couple of lovely days but more snow is on the horizon, with any wind at all we could be having blizzard conditions.

    I just bet you were tickled to be working in the same building as your lovely hubby.

    God bless.

    1. What a strange winter! Although I'm glad it has been many different conditions, all the same (cold, snow, ice) would drive me nuts! Ha ha Variety is the spice of life.
      It was refreshing to be working with Bill again.

  2. Glad you had energy left for your blog post, otherwise we'd have missed you and been worried.

  3. Nice to read you've found other ways to keep busy.
    Drive Safe and Enjoy the satisfaction.

    It's about time.

    1. Ha ha, I have no problem finding things to keep busy for my two days off but this helped Mike out and my pocket! :)

  4. Everything looks so white and when the sun shines through that really brings beauty to the scene and your pictures. I especially like the last one...why do they put those darn power lines in the I always held my breath in those few seconds of total whiteout when the plow or large truck would pass. Stay safe.

    1. White and clean is definitely true. Looking across some of the open fields, I remember wanting to be the first to make tracks. :)

  5. Yup that's a lot of snow!! Don't think I would want to drive through that on a daily basis. So happy you got your coat AND the refund!! I just love it when things work out the way they are supposed to!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I'm so pleased with my coat even after having to return one. :)

  6. The house looks lovely! I'm not a fan of driving in blowing snow either. It's always nice to have someone to follow.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. It will be a nice house once they are done. The rooms are nice sizes and a nice kitchen planned. No real suitable basement though, which would be a downer.