Saturday, January 9, 2021

Two in a Row, Waiting for the Addition to our Family

 Paisley, ON

On Friday, Jan. 8th, I was pretty much wide awake by the time Bill left at 6:30 for work. I still lingered in bed until 7, it’s comfy and warm. This morning, I had things on my mind so almost missed a very important event. I had my tea, got washed, dressed and was headed out to work within minutes of 8 am. It was an overcast morning as I drove to Durham.

I was thinking we were in for a cloudy day

No one was in doing their laundry so I puttered away without any interruptions. I was out of there in good time and on my way back through town towards Hanover. I stopped at Walmart and picked up some food essentials, bread, butter, Coke, creamer, pepperoni sticks, potatoes and checked for yogourt. They don’t carry the brand I buy but I still look, just in case. The store was busy enough but I zipped through the self-checkout quickly. Most customers were in the food aisles.

Concession 8, beyond CR 10 wasn't clear
but it was fine to do my normal 85/90 km/hour

Here's why it was in such good shape
He was a head of me clearing snow and spreading sand gravel

When I came out of there, the sun was beating down, how nice to get two days in a row of this Vitamin D. I wasted no time in getting back on County Road 10 out of town. I’ve been heading in and out that way some days when the roads are ‘iffy’ so I give a virtual wave at my cousin, Harvey’s house when I go by. 😊

I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun making appearances

Back home, I unloaded the bag of food and came upstairs. I felt very tired for some reason so was glad I picked up some B-12 vitamins. I’m thinking I could be low again since we haven’t been to our doctor for blood tests for a few years. We need to self-diagnose sometimes. My B-12 was low for a couple of years in mid-80’s and had to add the supplement as well as more greens and red meat to my diet. It worked then with my energy and I avoided having to take the needle.

I love how the frost on the evergreens made them

Around 12:30 I went down to grab some lunch, and came back up to relax. Both Bill and I finished our books last night so I’ll need to find another one to read. He doesn’t have any more here so not sure how to entertain him in the evenings. Well, maybe I could teach him to crochet! 😊 Speaking of which, that is what I worked at for an hour or so and then I went down to start another puzzle. Lots of crafty things I can work at.

Nice to see the sunshine beaming in our upstairs window

Wes had already checked the mail so I didn’t need to do that but might go for a walk later. The sun is lovely but the temperature dropped overnight and is only reaching -4/25F for a high today. Brrr, less with the wind factored in. I mentioned in my first paragraph that with my busy morning, I almost forgot something important. I wouldn’t forget but I was late with a text message, thinking tomorrow was the day.

Keeping my mind busy with a new puzzle

‘Our’ (Bill’s) youngest daughter, Jessica, is in the hospital today to be induced. If all goes well, we will have a new baby girl by the end of the day! Yay! She will be our 3rd granddaughter, a wee sister for little Easton who will have to be a big brother and help Mama now. 😊 I busied myself upstairs with what? I don’t know but around 2 I went down and started the butterfly puzzle. I wanted to give my mind something to think about rather than watching the clock waiting for news.

I'm hoping perhaps a tablet a day will keep things on track
and maybe give me ease from the achy muscles
Can't hurt!

It was quiet from the hospital but it was nice to see Bill come home shortly after 3:30. Not a real short Friday, but shorter than normal. We came upstairs and he snoozed while I did some crocheting and started in the new book. This one is Still Waters by Tami Hoag and it started off by catching my attention. That is always a good thing.

It was turning into a really nice day

Around 5:15 I began calling Marty’s for take out but couldn’t get through. Either it went to voice mail after ringing 5 times (with no answer service) or it was busy. Marty’s has sold his business, retirement in his sights. That’s sad and maybe why it is so busy. Everyone wants to take advantage of his restaurant while they can. I’m not sure when he’ll stop serving and we have no idea what the new owners will do with the place.

Another picture from our sunny room

I was able to get an order placed for 7 o’clock pick up and since it is Friday night, we are fine with that. They are indeed run off their feet but she was very pleasant on the phone and welcomed our order. We each ordered 1 pc. fish and chips and it came with coleslaw. Wow, it was delicious! I couldn’t eat all the fries and wouldn’t even try to but we both really enjoyed our free night off from cooking. 😊  Well, my night off and Bill’s night off of my cooking!

Supper was yummy
Marty's did it again

We ate out of the Styrofoam containers so had very few dishes to clean up before we came upstairs. This was a good day and now the weekend is upon us. Bill had a sore back when he came home from an ice ‘slip’ and my left leg and arm has been throbbing all day. We had taken some Advil at 5 and were both impressed that we were feeling the relief within the half hour. Good to know. No baby yet, at 8:30 so my post will continue into morning - again. 

Congratulations Jess and Matt!
Welcome Hadley
At 11:30, Jess called us. I was in the midst of sleep and Bill was half awake, waiting. We have a new granddaughter! At 10:47, Hadley Rose was born. She weighed in at 6 lb. 12 oz and both Mom and babe are doing well. I looked up this morning that Hadley means Heather Meadow, how pretty! 

Proud Papa and Hadley
is watching him closely,
already in love with her Daddy

Good day!
No memory photo can match this!

Thank you for stopping by, it will likely be a quiet rest of the night.



  1. Congratulations on such a beautiful baby girl! Love her name and the meaning. That picture of Matt and Hadley, makes her look so small :) Nothing better than grandchildren in my book! That food you had for dinner! It looks amazing! Good for you for getting the B12..hoping it makes you feel better. An ice slip! Sounds painful to me. Love the picture of the sun peeking through :)

    1. Thank you Shirley and Ken. We are very proud and happy that everyone is doing fine. :)

  2. Woot! Welcome baby girl. Yup, she's keeping an eye on her daddy. She's going to love having a big brother. Congratulations to all!

    1. Easton wasn't allowed in the hospital, of course, so he'll be fun to watch when Hadley goes home. :)

  3. Congratulations, she's a keeper. Glad everyone is doing well.

  4. Gosh, they looks so tiny all swaddled up. Congratulations!
    We went south east of here yesterday to pick up some puzzles. A couple of local artists, Kathy Haycock and Joyce Burkholder, paint in Algonquin Park as part of a group known as the Wild Women: Painters of the Wilderness. Kind of like a new age Group of Seven kind of assembly of artists. The Algonquin Park store sells these puzzles made from some of the paintings. We found a local source here on the east side, so shop we did. One puzzle is 1000 piece and the other is 500. Going to keep us busy for awhile.

  5. Wonderful news! Hadley Rose, a beautiful name. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Doug! If she looks like her Mom (or Dad) she'll be a 'looker'. ;)

  6. Congratulations to the grandparents as well as to the parents. Very cute already! We probably all need some extra vitamins in the winter time. Good that you already know what is needed. Fish dinner looked good. We had some too, locally caught.

    1. Thank you Marlene and Benno. She is adorable, wish we could see her sooner than later. ;S
      Never hurts to pump up on the vitamins for sure.

  7. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. She is a cutie.

    I love Tami Hoag and have read many of her novels.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! I think Hadley will grow into her pretty name.
      I've only read a couple of Tami's but enjoyed them. :)

  8. Congratulations to all! What a cutie she is and I really like her name, I've never heard it before.

    1. Thank you, her name is certainly original. That's nice that our new generation are finding new names but what's wrong with Patritia? haha Just kidding!