Tuesday, January 19, 2021

False Alarm, Package Return, Snowfall

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Jan. 19th I slept through most of Bill’s morning routine again. Just heard him in the bathroom at 6:20 finishing up so I was obviously in deep slumber when he got up. He peeked out the window and gave me my weather report, not that I had to go anywhere, but so I wouldn’t worry about him taking Black Beauty instead of Patootie. I offered her to him last night.

I'm glad I didn't have to go out today for work

It wasn't very nice out there

It had snowed overnight but nothing for Bill to worry about. Well, I sat up in bed with my book and the lamp on and read until closer to 8. When I then got up to go make a tea, it was a snowy, blowy day out there. I’m glad it was my day off ‘cause I wouldn’t be going anywhere. Donna said the sun was shining in Hanover so I did what any self-respecting sister would do. I sent it her way! She was being a little cocky with the emoji wearing sunglasses! Haha

She looks sad back there all by herself
but at least she has her white blankey

When I went for my walk Eddie was out front cleaning
his car off

Off and on all morning, we got dumped on so Wes was out a few times shoveling the walkway. I finished my morning tea and at 10 did that forceful ‘talking to myself’ thing and went for my walk. It was cold, but I had my winter gear on and even my hood up to keep my face sheltered, and came home quite satisfied that I got out. The mail wouldn’t be sorted yet so I didn’t take the key but I did stop in to get a padded envelope for my jacket return.

Shall we walk across the bridge? On the far bridge you
might be able to see the sidewalk plow, doing the main walkways
in the downtown core
I was grateful for them today

Even though i made a split decision to walk the trail

You wouldn't think it would be hard to follow
a trail but when it is completely blinding white
try it!

I had to stop to take my pictures or I'd end
up on the side of the hill

For lunch, I finished the cream of celery soup with crackers and then took my water into the garage and started Susan’s puzzle. It will be a challenge but I will enjoy it. It is bigger than I usually do so it will take time and the bulk of the table top. I worked away until I had the border done and then went back to the post office to mail the parcel. It is -3C/27F but the network says it feels like -7C/19F with the wind. Brrr. Still okay to walk in though!

As I came off the trail, I saw this

A nice big painted rock

A stream runs through it

When I returned, I had my keys with me so hopped into Patootie and started her up. I may as well get her cleaned off today in case the weather is decent in the morning. Inside, all rosy cheeked, I made my tea and came up to work on my blog. It is just past 3:30 so I should be hearing from Bill soon. Until then, I’ll delve back into my book. For sure, I’ll be on the look out for more of his books, assuming of course he writes the same for all of them. 😊

I'm still hoping this opens while we're here

Bill texted at 4:30 that he was leaving Billy’s so I unlocked the door for him. The snow had stopped but it looks like more coming at 11 pm through the wee hours and then off and on again tomorrow. You’d think this was January. 

And this is the puzzle I'm putting together for Susan

I've got a challenge on my hands, don't I?

Bill snoozed while I finished the last 4 or 5 chapters of my book. Man, oh man, that was a good one with an ending that I couldn’t have figured out. I like those unpredictable ones. I mentioned yesterday that I had a new bout of shingles but it wasn't feeling quite the same. Upon closer examination, I discovered it wasn't. So, that's good and I put my pills away. Seldom am I wrong....... about shingles too. Ha ha

Ptooties gets cleaned off

It was closer to 6:30 though by the time I finished and went down to start supper. By now, Bill was heavy into his book and was in no rush. I fried bacon and burgers so we had loaded bacon, lettuce and tomato cheeseburgers. No dessert tonight, these burgers filled us up. These PC burgers are my favourite. Angus burgers, I think they’re called. We cleaned up the dishes and Bill got his lunch ready before meeting in our room.

Easy but delicious supper tonight

At 8, we went next door to the theatre room to watch the two new episodes of NCIS. Finally, we’ve been waiting for the new seasons to start and this one is our favourite. 

Someone special celebrated a birthday today
Bridgette's sweetheart, Chris
Happy Birthday!

I’m sure we’ll be in bed soon after 10 when they end so I’ll try and finish this now. I’ll have to find my next book or crochet a couple of rows of my shawl. This was a good ‘home’ day.

Today's memory
Keith and Oreo on their quad
Quartzsite, AZ
Jan. 19, 2020

good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Glad you were wrong on the shingles. Nice to be wrong sometimes, eh? Pretty snow but I'm glad I'm missing it. Happy birthday to Chris.

    1. thanks Doug. Yes, that's the way I like snow too! From a distance in pictures! :)

  2. My sister gets shingles a great deal as well. Pretty darn painful.

    Your burgers sound scrumptious.

    God bless.

    1. I hope your sister's shingles are as small as mine when she gets them. No bigger than a looney usually.
      The burgers were ooey gooey good! :

  3. Ooohhhh BURGERS!!! They look delicious, especially when you're looking out at all that snow!!

  4. Happy Birthday Chris! Oh you're a brave girl with that puzzle! Your burgers look amazing! YUM! Glad it turns out not to be shingles, hope it's better whatever it is..

  5. I am still enjoying your pictures but I have to admit I can almost hear the snow crunching which is reminding me of the cold...brrrrrrrrr. Nothing like following a path in white fresh snow until you are no longer on the path, been there. Good luck with that puzzle that is an awful lot of red.