Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Nice Easy Saturday

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Jan. 30th we woke up pretty early. For a Saturday. It was 6:30 and then 7 when we got up. Slept out, I guess. We went down for our morning drinks and returned to our room to read blogs. I had one to finish so did that first. Susan called up around 8:30 that her wash was finished if I wanted to do ours today rather than tomorrow. Sure!

Got a good start on Brenda's puzzle today

We sorted our clothes and took them down to start. At 11:30 we had our bacon and eggs and after everything was done, including dishes, I went down to start the new puzzle. I was downloading the Samsung software update which took over 3 hours but I’d been putting it off for months. Susan came into the garage and worked beside me, painting some of her crafts. It was a change and nice to spend the time together.

I turned off Queen St. S onto Inkerman St.

Looking back up to the main street (Queen St. S.)
Lots of clouds that way

I think it was around 3:30 when we had done enough and parted ways. She went for a coffee and I decided I’d better get out for some fresh air and exercise. With my grippers on my boots, long coat, hat, muffs and a letter to mail, I headed out. The sun was actually shining so I stopped at Ptooties and grabbed my sunglasses. It was cold, -2C/28F, but there was no wind. I had my scarf up around my chin and at certain points even put my hood up.

I met a couple of cross country skiiers
coming back from the park

I walked down the main street, mailed the letter and carried on down Inkerman St. to Dundas, where the park began, then Alma, James and up Water St. It would have been easy walking through the park today as snowmobilers had tamped a trail but I chose not to. 

The park trail would have been easier today than
the last time I walked through there

Ahead of me were a couple of walkers, I waved and passed abald-headed man (who should have a hat on!) with a snowblower and then I met Phoebe and her owner.

This is zoomed in but it's a good thing I slow down to take pictures
or I would have been right on their heels

The sun followed me around the town so I left my sunglasses on

His head 'has' to be cold!

This one isn't zoomed in, I let them get ahead of me

Her owner talked, she just posed and was a very good girl for the 10 minutes we chatted. She is not a healthy 1 ½ yr. old but an adorable Labradoodle and she has ‘parents’ who love her enough to care for her and provide her with what she needs. Phoebe has Addison's disease. 😢 I walked back up to home. By now, I was nice and warm and it was a shame to end the walk. It was my 2 miles though and I was feeling tired. Seemed to be a lot of townsfolk out and about today.

Meet Phoebe in her booties

Isn't she adorable?
He said she doesn't seem to mind wearing them but
putting them on is a different story 😆
I remember putting the knitted ones Mom made on Clemson
He just stood there with his legs spread apart

"are you kidding me, Mom?"

James Street behind the playground

Water St. along the Saugeen River

It is frozen in the area under the bridge where it 
meets the Teeswater River

Inside, from the kitchen, I texted Bill to tell him that I was having a diet Gingerale instead of a tea. He requested a Zero Coke and upstairs we relaxed until supper time.

It was a pretty afternoon

 At 6, we went downstairs where I fried our burgers and mixed a batch of coleslaw. They were tasty as usual and didn’t take long. By 7, dishes were done and I was back upstairs in our room, working on today’s post. Bill went in to watch two movies tonight with Wes and Susan so I hooked up my tv and watched The Green Mile. 

A tasty easy supper
No dessert again!

This was a nice day. A relaxing day to do laundry and then fun things like my puzzle and a walk in the sunshine.

We said we were going to stop
many times and this day, Jan. 30, 2019
we finally did!

another fun memory at Quartzsite, AZ
Jan. 30, 2019
Kim's tutorial on the Instant Pot
good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Puppy and I stood in a sheltered spot in full sunshine for awhile this afternoon. It was actually warm.I've never had any luck getting my dogs to wear boots.

    1. The sun can really make a difference in warmth plus in how we feel. ;)

  2. That picture of Clemson!!! OMG!!!!! I laughed out loud. He was such a cutie pie!!

  3. I saw The Green Mile on a cruise ship a couple of years ago...out on the open deck with the starts above and soggy popcorn (from the humidity). It was a good movie.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Even soggy popcorn would be good on a cruise ship with a good movie! I need a bowl of popcorn!! :)

  4. I love the booties on that beauty. Clemson....poor baby. I remember when you went to the InstaPot class. I hope you have another beautiful day!

  5. The sun was out here today and it felt absolutely wonderful.

    Love Clemson's little knitted boots. He did not look the least impressed.

    The puzzle is coming along nicely.

    God bless.