Saturday, January 16, 2021

Sunny Saturday, Nice Walk, Nice Drive with my Guy

Paisley On

(warning: I took a lot of pictures today again)

Bill and I were awake and up by 7:30 on Saturday, Jan. 16th. I was hoping to get out for my walk by 8 but then I remembered that I was lazy last night and too tired to wait for my pictures to upload. For some reason, they were dawdling. So, I sat and finished publishing by 8:30 while Bill went down for his coffee.

Looking back to the main street bridge

Looking to the direction I'm walking

Then, I went for my walk. It wasn’t 2 miles but it was nice to be out enjoying the beginnings of the sunny day. The sun wasn’t prominent all the time but it was nice to see it through the trees and over the rooftops. Who knew how long it would last! I walked down towards the campground along the river, not completely sure if I’d go the full gamut around.

The roadway is clearer each time
The snow is definitely melting, slowly

I apologize, I was a bit fascinated with the sky this morning

and the trees

Decision made as my feet kept on going my normal route. I did good getting out there today, almost talked myself out of it a couple of times. ๐Ÿ˜Š Coming back up towards the main street, I met a different lady with a beautiful husky. Well trained too, as he/she didn’t pull on the leash to come see me. I wouldn’t have minded; they are gorgeous dogs with eyes that seem to see into your soul.

And the trees and the sky together

This just might be my favourite picture for the day

Instead of going up to Queen St. I took one more detour back towards Water St. and came home the same way from which I started. It was long enough. I was ready for my tea when I returned but not because I was cold. It was a cool -4/26F. I just needed my tea. My upper left thigh still aches, and I could feel it as I walked. You’d think with the exercise I’m getting that it would improve. Strange, but I’ll survive!

this little evergreen reminded me of our
Goose, the Spruce at the Ridge
Goose is in better shape but look at the
healthy pine cones on such a small tree

Shadows of trees are nice too
Oh, I should have turned sideways and you wouldn't know
that I had company!

Back up Water Street

To the familiar beauties at the corner

The morning disappeared somehow. In there, I’d had my shower and we actually curled up and had another bit of sleep. Bill was up late finishing his book The Patriots Club so no doubt he was still tired. 

The bread doesn't look toasted but it was enough for us
We were hungry and ready to eat

At 12:45, we got up and went down to make brunch. I’d decided on toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches. A nice summer-type lunch since I had the tomatoes and we hadn’t had them for a long time. They were good too!

Bill drove so I was able to capture more of the Saugeen pics
along the way

either leaving Walkerton or coming into Hanover๐Ÿ˜•

Bill wanted to take Black Beauty to fill her up so we drove to Hanover after dishes to do that. Gas and diesel prices are up a bit but we remember when they were $1.25/litre so won’t complain too loudly. We paid $1.02 today at the Pioneer and he added points to his Journie rewards at the same time. 

Small things amuse small minds, I guess
We were behind a sanitation disposal truck

Hmm, I won't argue that one!

We took a tour around looking for something we’d heard about and then headed for home. Bill drove down the country road where he goes to Billy’s and it was nice to see new scenery.

It's -2C/36F - yup only in Canada, EH?

For the afternoon, there was more relaxing, reading, dozing and enjoying the day together. On the way back from our drive, I asked him to take me down Victoria St. where the Book Barn is so I could drop off the next 3 books we’d finished. I’m almost done mine, so we’ll have to see what’s left to read. If only I could get to the Suite where my stash is!

My sweetie took me gravel running today ๐Ÿ’“

He showed me very cool things to take pictures of

A Convent??? on Bruce County Road 1?
Wow, things you never knew

I wish I'd got a picture of the building at the back
Next time, this time I was too blown away
It's a beautiful spot, out in the middle of nowhere

Supper tonight at 6 was reheated meals from the previous two nights. We each had potatoes, a veggie and roast beef from Marty’s. Reheating in the microwave is fine but it doesn’t stay hot for long. I ate what I could but still couldn’t finish all of the leftover baked potato. I was full. Bill finished off the Jell-o for his dessert and we were both content for the night.

Still a lot of food for a second meal

I shared some beef with Bill too

With a mystery movie at 9, Bill went in to join Wes and Susan. He brought my ‘new’ chair up from the games room so I could be comfortable watching a movie of my choice in our room. I haven’t seen which one is next so will let you know tomorrow! This was a really nice, quiet day.

I have to give credit to a blogger friends, 
Clark and Elaine
for this one he posted of Jan. 15, 2016
An aerial shot of just a small section of is estimated that up to 1 million people visit here each year in their RV's

                                                        Wish we were there!!

                                                              Good night!


Thank you for your visit.


  1. We wish we were there too. We live in US but can't make it right now. Maybe next year. Enjoy the pictures. Stay warm, looks cold.

  2. Glad you managed to get out for your walk, go for a ride and spend time with Bill.
    We miss Quartzsite also.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I wonder what the numbers will be this year in Quartzsite? It was strange to see the East side of Kuehn Street so empty and the entire La Mesa RV's area completely empty.
    I do not think I would ever get tired of the pictures of the river. It is a pretty area even in the the greys of winter. Nice sky today. Stay safe.

    1. It will be interesting to know the #'s for sure. Sad and if the borders had been opened in Oct. Nov. we would be there too!

  4. Would love to see the same Q picture today. The place seems to be pretty empty. Nice drive you took. It's amazing that you cannot take a bad picture of trees, snow and water. It may be cold but it's beautiful!!!

    1. How sad, eh? Hopefully it all changes so next year it looks like this.
      True about the drive and the pictures. I still seem to go crazy with them even in winter.

  5. I was just thinking how different the aerial view might be this year at Q. Hopefully next winter we can all see it first hand at ground level.

  6. I remember many years back we went to my sister's house in Las Vegas for Christmas. Then we drove to Yuma. I marvelled at all the RV'ers in the desert. I kept thinking.....who are these people and why do the do this? LOL

  7. Perfect sticker for the back of the honey wagon as we call them here. They can be slightly stinky.

    It looks like a Coptic Catholic Convent. The order that I am affiliated with (the Sisters of Loretto) have their convents in Toronto (as well as a girls school) and near Niagara Falls.

    Thanks for sharing your walk once again.

    God bless.

    1. Definitely! Yes, honey wagon, I forgot that name. ;)
      Thanks for the Convent info. I know nothing about them so thought it was very interesting to see out in the country.

  8. Sounds like a nice drive. I certainly never knew there was a convent around here.

    1. The buildings were at the back, very modest but well hidden too. A lovely spot.