Friday, January 22, 2021

A Snow Day for One of Us, Puzzling in a Bit of a Haze 😉

Paisley, On

On Friday, Jan. 22nd, I didn’t hear Bill’s alarm but I did hear the ‘pop’ of his text around 6:15. Billy was driving from Listowel (coming from the southwest) and had asked Bill to let him know what the day looked like here for travel. They went back and forth a bit and Mike, their boss, suggested that they wait until closer to 8:30 to see if roads improved and what the weather turned into. No point in driving in the dark, although Bill admitted to liking that scenario better because of headlights in your face.

Caught Ptooties and Bill leaving the driveway
at 8:30

Here I go again. I checked the radar on my phone and saw that between 7 and 9:30 we weren’t looking to get much snow, if any, so thought it might be best if I could get out on the road by 7:30 and be back around 10:30. That was the plan. Bill said he’d go with me IF their day got cancelled. Then, we decided to both leave at the same time as far as Hanover, I could follow him and he could carry on to work if he got the word to head to Neustadt. We went downstairs all prepared and he cleaned the vehicles off while I made my thermos of coffee.

I was happy he'd be safe driving on this wintry day

With the wind howling in between the buildings in town, we knew the highway 'could' have poor visibility in spots across Bruce County Rd 3 especially. Hmmm. After Ptooties was cleaned off, I thought there was no point in taking the risk and Bill agreed that I should stay put today. He finished outside by cleaning Black Beauty off and came inside to wait for Mike’s decision. He could have done some one-man stuff at the house on his own but why go if he doesn't have to?

Next door, they were getting their driveway blown out again

Billy texted at 8:30 and they all headed out. Bill took Ptooties, with her 4 snow tires. It was snowing here, just light near-invisible flakes and the road and sidewalk plows had been through many times since 6:30. I felt relief from the decision but then self-doubt when the snow didn’t come at 9:30, nor 10:30. I wasn’t feeling bad about not going, I’d texted Jamie to let him know, but I probably would've been fine. He understood perfectly about my plan to stay home.

This is what I saw when I texted Bill

I read for awhile upstairs and then around 10 went downstairs to work on the puzzle. Wes and Susan were in the garage making wax logs for the fireplace. Same idea as my little fire starters just on a larger scale. I have nice memories of making mine with Pat, Rose and Suzie on a hot summer afternoon at the Ridge. They watched and kept me company. 😀 After a bit, the garage became quite hazy with smoke but Susan kept it at bay by opening the door periodically. I made progress and at 11:45 went into the kitchen to make lunch. Today, noodle soup and a clementine.

The snow had almost stopped by 2 pm when I walked to the post office

But I wasn't encouraged to walk too far
It was a cold -8C feeling like -13C/8F

By that time, the snow was coming down in droves. We were in the middle of the snowsquall and I started to worry about Bill. Of course I'm going to worry! It was noon hour so I texted him with my concerns, sending him pictures of how bad it was here. They'd decided to stay working for another couple of hours and then call it a day. That is probably a better decision anyway, than driving in this. He had a reliable vehicle at least.

Looking out our window over the roof of the motor home
it wasn't looking too great out there

By then, according to the radar, the snow should have dissipated. Famous last words, ‘should’. He says he will be fine and I will be ‘finer’ when he is back at home. 😊 I went back and did some more puzzling, managing to get Betty Boops eyes, then face finished. I know once I get the easy things done, it will be the hard background that is left. Working myself up for the challenge! Unfortunately, I have discovered that one piece is missing but will do a thorough check around the table when I finish. Because Susan wants this in a frame, I hope I can find it.

Looking out the front window downstairs
waiting for Bill
I'd shoveled the walk way by then
and the goose is knee deep in snow

I walked to the post office to get the mail and when I returned, rather than going for a walk, I shoveled their walkway from the garage door around to the front sidewalk. It is light snow but I sure worked up a good heart rate and a sweat! I haven’t shoveled in a while and I don’t miss it one iota! I didn’t mind helping out and since the snow had stopped, thought it a good time to do it. Then from inside, I watched for Bill who was on his way from Neustadt.

From the dining room window I just caught Bill backing in

It was around 2:30 when he backed Ptooties in. Good thing he didn’t have the truck with all the snow in the lane. She barreled through it like nothing. 😉 We each had a snooze upstairs; I managed to drop off this time for 30 minutes. When I got up, it was 4 and Marty had his sign lit up across the street. Yay! I was prepared to walk over with my order, getting through on the phone has been frustrating, but I took a chance and called. First time and she answered. Bonus! I placed our pick up order for 6.

This was what it was like at 6, outside Marty's

Inside Marty's

That's a wintry view, right there

At 5 minutes before the hour I walked over to get our supper. Quesadilla w/chicken for me and 1 pc. fish and chips for Bill. Susan informed me that the new owners are keeping the menu the same and opening from Wed. to Sun. when they take over Feb. 4th. I chatted with Marty for the first time tonight, he's usually busy cooking. Seems happy to be retiring after 17 years. That’s great, we’ll give the new owners a try after one more meal next Friday from Marty. 

Literally a hop, skip and a jump to his front door

When I stepped outside, I was in the middle of a blizzard and was grateful for the short walk across the street. I thought they would have a slow night because of the weather but he told me they had 25 pick up orders being prepped in the kitchen. Wow! 


Supper was great and I saved some quesadilla for tomorrow. It will be a leftover meal along with other things in the fridge. We’re in for the weekend, no need now to worry about how much snow falls between now and Monday. A winter weekend by the sound of it. This was a nice quiet day here in the neighbourhood.

Two special memories
Jan. 22, 2019
Ken and Nancy Adamski
near Quartzsite, AZ

Same day, with a tall saguaro in Quartzsite

Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. What great snow photos! A wonderful thing to see if you don't have to be out in it. Glad you're both safe and snug, and with a wonderful source of supper right across the street. Stay safe and warm. And thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you JudithK. We really have nothing to complain about this winter, we are as you say safe, snug and lots of food around us! :)

  2. I love the look of that little cafe. That's the kind of place I'd love to have a meal.

    1. Me too! I don't know if we'll ever eat inside but it is a welcome little spot.

  3. The winter view down the street really is pretty. Those are the kinds of views enjoyed in pictures and in memories. We are hoping that is what you will be saying next year from this corner of he world. Have a nice weekend. Stay safe.

    1. I have to agree about the winter view. I agree that they will be even a nice memory next winter when we look back. ;)

  4. I do love snow pictures, I just don't want to BE in snow pictures!! It's gorgeous. Hope you find that puzzle piece!!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping the piece is around or I told Susan we'll have to find the pencil crayon colour to match and fill it in. :)

  5. We're waking up to snow this am! You know I love it because we don't get it often :) Oh I hope the puzzle piece is there!! Was it a new puzzle? Oh dinner looks fabulous once again..I love that a salad is included too! Love the last 2 pics!!

    1. Oh no!! That's not supposed to happen although you are pretty high up there, aren't you?
      No, not a new puzzle, Someone gave it to Susan knowing she loved Betty Boop. They have a car they've named that. :)

  6. When it comes to the weather I always find it tiring trying to decide.... should we go....should we stay? I'm glad everyone is safe. And the bonus was Marty's was open. I was wondering why he opened on a sort of stormy day but looks like he made a good decision..enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you. Marty's is like a regular restaurant, they wouldn't close because of weather. :) I'm glad!!

  7. Wise to be Safe then Sorry.
    Flurries are nice to see in pictures but now when you have to drive through them.
    Those Memory Pictures make us yearn to be there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your weekend.

    It's about time.

    1. Absolutely!
      It is comforting to me to see the memory pictures, I can almost feel the warmth and laughter between friends.

  8. Looks like a pretty snowfall and a great weekend to stay indoors. The pictures look nice but I sure wouldn't want to be in it. 😀

  9. I get the impression you aren't enjoying winter yet. Driving in snow and shovelling it is part of the fun! Have you been snowshoeing or xc skiing yet?

    1. Ha ha, you are very good!! I've had enough 'fun' driving in it and shovelling it during my working career. 5 years back and forth from Rodney to London on the 401 (45 minutes each way) was enough to turn me off it! :) Don't snowshoe or xc ski. Maybe if I had someone to do it with, I would have enjoyed winter more.