Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Slovenly Tuesday, Parcel Deliveries? Another Nice Walk

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Jan. 5th, already I was grateful for the day off. It has been a fairly normal work routine for me other than the fact that I have had a helper. 😊 I got up at 7 and instead of going down for my tea right away, reached for my book and crawled back under the covers in my jammies. It was the perfect time to get a few chapters read and this story is horrible but so good. Wartime. There you go, another oxymoron.

Pictures today only of my walk

It was after 8 when I did make it downstairs for a tea and re-situated myself on the bed until it was done. At night, I’m too tired to read much so I enjoyed the morning slovenliness. I didn’t have any plans to cook or bake anything today so got washed up and half dressed before cleaning the floors in our rooms. Plural because there is our living area, our bathroom and walk-in closet. Such a chore!

A longer angle from the same spot

Around 11ish Bill texted about a parcel that Parcel Post tried to deliver but didn’t because no one was around (?? – total BS since 3 of us were home) so I decided to go for a walk and stop at the office on my way back. It was coolish at -1C/30F but I was quite warm as I strutted along with my grippers on my boots. I left the ski poles behind since the sidewalks were 85% clear and the snow trails were now easy to walk on. I was gone for 40 minutes and fit over 2 miles into that time slot. It wasn't in my 'blood' today to go any longer for some reason.

I walked the berm trail today along the river

When I returned, I checked the mailbox and, when there was nothing, asked inside about Bill’s notice. She said they had a large number of parcels delivered but the cards weren’t in the boxes yet. No worries, it was early, I would return. When I got home, Bill and I chatted on the phone, so I could bring him up-to-date, and he said a second parcel should be arriving by Purolator. Lots of stuff coming. True, we aren’t supporting local but some things just aren’t sold in our area. 😊

Some river floaters

At noon, I made some noodle soup and came upstairs. My girlfriend, Marian, sells Tupperware and I haven’t bought any for years, unless I see a good useful piece at Value Village. New pieces are way out of my price range and although I understand they are lifetime warrantied, there is nothing I need that badly.  

Just before rounding the bend on the trail

However, saying that, today I see that she is advertising a set of 4 cannisters for an awesome deal. It would be nice to upgrade some of my mismatched containers in the Suite so I ordered them. Around 1, I took my dishes downstairs, washed them and went for the short walk to check the mail again. Fingers crossed.

I think they will be a nice NEW addition to the Suite for 2021

It wasn’t the parcel we were expecting, this one arrived earlier than expected, but still nice to receive. Some also come by FedEx, some UPS, some CanPar. We also received a re-directed Christmas card from Charlotte’s family with a picture of the girls, so that was a nice treat too. It reminded me to ask her, Patrick and Bridgette to focus on a family picture each for our Suite. Sometime over the next 3 months hopefully they can do that.

But I didn't go all the way this time
Taking a detour down the hill through this short street

I came upstairs to continue with my book and after an hour of that could feel my eyes getting heavy. Dropping off in the afternoon is not something that comes too easily for me, unless I am extremely tired, but I closed my eyes for 20 minutes and felt better, able to continue on reading. My sister, Wendy, recommended this book to Bridgette and so I’ve managed to snag myself a copy from Bridgette to read.

Someone has made a resolution to get in shape!
(Ps, it is the gingerbread man who is upside down, not me!)

At 4, I made myself a tea and Bill texted soon after that he was on his way so I went back down again and unlocked the garage door for him. Supper was easy. We warmed up a bowl of chili and the leftover rolls and then a couple of pieces of pie. We were upstairs again shortly after 7, settled in for the night.

Looking towards home from the north end

Standing on the Saugeen bridge side, the back of the Legion 
looking towards downtown

Not sure about Jeopardy, I might go down and watch it but then again, it is pretty comfortable right here in our room together. This was a very laid-back day with one of our outstanding parcels arriving at least. I’m sure Purolator will make an appearance tomorrow.

Memory - Jan. 5, 2018
Seems we're either eating or Happy Hour'ing
Here we are Wing Night with the Denzlers' and the Yates'
Good night!

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  1. I do love receiving boxes. It's like the highlight of my day!! LOL

  2. Sounds like you're getting your exercise in and it is a beautiful river to walk along. To me your little town looks very European in style.

    1. Not as many steps as you put in through your day but trying to get out there while it's nice here. :)

  3. Oh, lucky you, there are birds on the river! It's all frozen over here of course.

    I've placed an order for a couple of items back in early December. They were delayed until after Christmas, but since then every update shows they're on the move from Burnaby, BC. I'm pretty I could have driven to and from Burnaby to pick them up in the time it's taken. Hopefully one will show up today or tomorrow, the other isn't expected until the 11th...about a month after I ordered it!

    What is the name of the book you are reading? You probably mentioned it, but I've forgotten.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. so far, still flowing water on the river. ;)
      It is frustrating waiting for orders sometimes but worth it when they arrive. :)
      Sorry, I might not have mentioned it: The book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It was an amazing book.

  4. We were over in your country today, searching for Snowy Owls, and we FOUND one! Nice drive through the country. Take care.

    1. Really!!?? Paisley country or Ridge country?
      Glad you found one, how would you ever know where to look? You impress me so much!

  5. Sounds like you enjoyed a nice relaxing day which included a walk in the snow. The pictures of the river are always beautiful. The snow along the banks does make everything stand out. The little river floaters look cute. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Thanks Deb and Tom. I do enjoy the walks even though sometimes I have to tell myself to 'get out there!' :)