Monday, January 25, 2021

Back to Routine, An Exciting Sighting

Paisley, On

Monday, Jan. 25th, another gentle kiss on my cheek to wake me up. Geesh! I thought I was just awake and he was in bed beside me. Bill was gone by 6:30 and the day was clear and dry. I dozed, although I didn’t think I was asleep, until a few minutes past 7 and then got up. After getting myself washed and dressed, I brought my tea up to drink while reading our friends’ blogs.

A surprise this morning to see the crossing guard
and a few school buses
I heard that 7 school boards in the rural area agreed to 
let the children go back. All grades 1 - 8 are
required to wear a mask, not just the senior grades

I left the house just after 8 o’clock and had an uneventful drive. It hit me as I drove how good it felt to be out again. Funny what it does to your frame of mind when you can’t get out because of the weather. The Ontario Lockdown, which lasts until Feb. 10, hasn’t made us feel that way since we’ve been able to go to our jobs. The weather was the culprit that kept me home 3 days and 4 because Thursday is a day off.

County Road 3 was bare pavement and Conc. 8
was only patchy in spots

I took Concession 8 off Bruce County Rd. 3 because it didn’t look too bad. The outside temperature was -3C/26F but with no wind, it felt surprisingly mild. It was 9 when I got to work. I don’t know why but it took me an hour and a half to clean the Mat rather than my usual hour. Was I moving that much slower? Weird. I did have to do the floors with the broom and dustpan after trying to use the dry mop because the floor had wet spots in a few places. That just got messy.

As I nipped through Hanover, I noticed the piles of
snow at the parking lot edges for the Dollarama and Giant Tiger

 I don’t know what it was but never-the-less it was 10:30 when I turned my back and walked out. When I left Durham, I had thought I’d just go straight home today and not stop at Walmart even though there were 2 or 3 grocery items to pick up. I’d wait until Wednesday in case there was something else to add to the list. However, as I got close to Hanover, I decided to pop into Dollarama for a few things on a different list. They are open and that shopping would be done. Essential? For me it is.

Every time I come this way home, the view of
the long concession strikes me

Then I scooted for home, turning onto #10 across to C8. I got caught behind the snow plow at one point as it was going to be a challenge to get around him as he dodged in and out to miss farm mailboxes. I waited until it was obviously clear and got around him. After I got across Hwy 19, I could see a large bird in a tree so slowed down and grabbed my camera. Oh my, he was beautiful! By the time I stopped the car, got my window down and camera zoomed, I almost missed the  bald eagle in the branches.

Ahead of me, the snow plow doing its job
I was grateful but at the same time didn't want to stay behind it
all the way to the highway

These are the moments when I’m happy to be alone and behind the wheel. I am always on the lookout, in the trees, for road conditions for stopping, vehicles behind me and coming towards me. I wish I was a few seconds quicker but this is still a nice picture, I think. I backed in at home and carried my stuff into the house. With coffee still left in my thermos, that is what I took upstairs. It was almost noon hour and Wes and Susan would be eating soon.

He is readying for flight
Darn! He was so handsome sitting up there!

I washed and changed and then got caught up in purging clothing from the closet. Our first couple of months here, I bought a few new items for the cooler weather and was finding that things were getting congested in our space. I also received a few heavier tops from Donna, thinking I would wear them more often. Turns out, with my new winter coat, I don’t need the sweaters after all, they are too hot and I prefer layering. I sorted through my favourites and stacked a pile of about 10 items for donation.

Next trip to Value Village

With the leftover vegetable soup in my belly, a pepperoni stick and the last carrot muffin, I took my dishes down to the sink. I’m almost finished the book I’m reading but don’t want to get into it yet. There are only 40 pages left to read but it is such a lovely story that I don’t want it to end. Isn’t that silly? I might have to keep this one to read again, I’m loving it so much. I have a puzzle to work on as well as my walk to get in before it’s too late. 😊

One more picture from my drive home
This one for Nancy K
These 3 horses were actually playing in the snow
Are they Clydesdales? I don't know but they have the
nice long hair around their feet
This time I couldn't stop, a vehicle was behind me

Seeing that it was already after 2, I decided on the puzzle first, while I still had the light. I’m into all the background pieces which are various shades of pink so the brighter my area is, the better. At 3, I grabbed my coat, which I’d brought down earlier, and went for my walk. It was nice at -1C/30F but I wore my short boots without grips so stuck to the sidewalks on Queen St. and then a few back streets.

The Saugeen, starting to get more iced sections

It was a nice walk and with my work this morning my Fitbit was smiling at 8,200 steps aka 3.74 miles/6 km. No mail today, Wes was walking up when I returned home earlier so we are still waiting for our US Visa cards. If they don’t come in the next couple of weeks, Bill may be calling again. I’m still waiting (hahahaha) for the refund on my Wish coat that never arrived. Remember ‘someone’ conveniently cancelled it? It was only $65 but still, that is my $65. Not sure if Visa will do anything.

the little creek that runs under the little bridges from the Saugeen

This is the Freshmart, Paisley's grocery store
I've been in it once and it seems quite nice
It will be for emergencies

I cleaned up this morning’s dishes, got a package of 2 thick pork chops out of the freezer for supper and made my tea. Bill texted that he was on his way so I unlocked the door before coming back upstairs. The chops have been in the freezer for a while and I really don’t like them that thick but we’ll do them in Madame IP and hope for the best. I crawled up on the bed and crocheted another couple of rows. This shawl/shrug may never get finished but it is a good hobby. 😊

The Teeswater River on the other side is freezing up too

Not sure if you can see this shallow area on the far side of the dam
but it is beginning to freeze
Mind you the mild temps are going to prevent a 
thorough freeze-over

Bill dozed, he looked very tired when he came in the door. Last night was not a good night’s sleep again. I almost feel guilty when I sleep so well from doing next to nothing and he works hard and doesn’t. Of course, seldom do I sleep in an afternoon so that makes a difference, I suppose. I went down to start with the chops, sautéing and then adding potatoes to the pot for everything to cook together.

I don't know how long the Gingerbread men will be here
so another picture to make us all smile

I did a roundabout behind the main street on the east side and then
up and down Queen back to home
The red  brick building on the right, you can see our window
beside the light pole

I cooked our veggies in the microwave and we finished our tasty meal with the last piece of our first lemon pie. We did dishes and it was just about 7:30 when we came upstairs. 

Supper was pretty good, even though the chops
are not my favourite meal by any means😋

No Jeopardy! for me tonight as I wanted to finish my blog and then go and watch 9-1-1 with Bill at 8. It was time to delve into my book. I’m not done at this point but already I recommend it if you haven’t already added it to your ‘to be read’ lists.

The group at Bloggerfest in Quartzsite, Az
Jan. 25, 2020

A lovely Arizona sunset
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today. It was another good one and the weather was on our side. 😊


  1. My cousin who lives in Arizona posted a photo of the SNOWMAN she made in her yard today! She moved from Niagara Falls to AR to get out of the snow belt, hahaha.

    1. Her move turned into a Woops! She moved too far north, I'd say. Even in Tuscon there were snow forecasts. We have a friend in that area too.

  2. Good job on the eagle! Glad you had a full day of energy and photos and good food and good reading. What is that building next to the river dam that is on stilts and appears to have a big wheel of some sort under it? I'm curious. If you've told before, just tell me to go back and look! Glad you are having good days in spite of it all.

  3. Patsy, we have SNOW!!! It won't stay long, but it sure is pretty!! GREAT eagle picture. As for the horses, thank you ... love those pictures. They do look like clydesdales. I also like the gingerbread men. What a cute way to decorate your yard, or a wall in your back yard.

    Amazingly, every democratic state here has now opened up. Weird how that happens!!

    1. Wow! Well, enjoy the snow for the few days you have it and tell it to go away. It just isn't natural that Arizona has SNOW!! haha
      Thank you and you're welcome for the horses. I think of you every time I see one or a ranch. :) The gingerbread men are adorable, aren't they? All made from school children.
      That is crazy how the democratic states have opened up! So much for his 'controlling' the pandemic.

  4. Thank you JudithK. It was a full day and all good things! :)
    The building is the shop where they currently rent out canoes for summer but it is/was part of the Fisher Sawmill (across on the other side of the river) in 1925. This is some of the machinery that they used to drive the slab saw. I've never walked back there but they say some carriages and the sawdust elevator are still visible. Now that it has all been sold, I wonder what will become of it all. Interesting venture for them!

  5. The photo of the eagle is wonderful, you certainly weren't far from him.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you. The tree was about 300' from the road so it is zoomed in, which took too much time! :)

  6. It would have been fun to watch the horses play in the snow. When I have a book I really really like I tend to go slower because I don't want it to end.

  7. Good job capturing that eagle. So many times I spotted good photo opportunities but was too late in getting the camera ready and hated that. I think it is a good decision to let the kids go back to school and looking at the statistics later it probably will show that as well.

  8. Beautiful picture of the Eagle.
    Always found the night before going back to work hard to sleep.
    We like our Pork Chops thinner as well.
    Too much White for our liking.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. What a great picture of the eagle. It's a beauty. Looks as if it was very big.

    Saskatchewan has extended the restrictions again. This time for 3 weeks instead of the usual 2. I think the reason is our numbers, while falling, are still high and we has some idiots that decided to protest in front of our head doctors home. Stupid people.

    God bless.

  10. Patsy, what a wonderful bird to see! And a great picture too! Well done.