Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sliding Through Sunday, Back on Track, Special Birthday

Paisley, On

We were up later last night, watching our movies, so we slept in on Sunday, Jan. 24th. It was 8:10 when I first woke and looked at my watch. First thing on the agenda was sorting the dirty laundry and Bill carried it down to start the wash. We made our coffee and tea and returned upstairs to read blogs and catch up on Facebook. We called Marilynne soon after and made sure she was up-to-date with our week and visa versa. She is doing well in Fort Erie, On.

It was a crisp morning for a walk so I waited until almost noon

Next on the list was to call Bill’s little sister, Liz. Today is a special #60 for her and she and her husband were just discussing that BIG number. I gave her a perk when we were talking to her and told her there would be more discounts now in restaurants and stores. 😊 She said she hadn’t thought of that. Nothing else really changes, does it? We’re just stepping into another decade when we turn 50, 60 then….yikes!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Liz!

In between laundry loads we connected by Facetime with Jess, Matt, Easton and baby Hadley. Looks like they are all healthy and happy. Easton has the rosiest cheeks ever, that little guy is a goer. Today, he wasn’t as shy and chattered more, even giving us demonstrations of what an elephant, dog, chicken and monkey do. The cutest ones were his elephant and his baby, where he screwed up his eyes and rubbed them with scrunched fists. 😊 Such a cutie, he is.

I didn't think this picture would turn out so pretty
but I love it!

Saugeen River in all its winter glory

When I moved the last load of clothes from washer to dryer, I bundled up and went for my 45-minute walk. I took my ski poles as I wanted to walk through the park along the river. It was -6C/21F but there wasn’t too much of a wind so I was toasty in my winter attire. The park road is cleared by the plows now as they take their dump loads of snow way back in. The hardest part to walk is beyond the gates at the far end. I really had to work to get through the snow buildup.

The plows have cleaned this wide lane out
making it much easier for the dump trucks PLUS
making it much easier for me to walk

I did stop for a selfie or two, but had some difficulty with the light exposure, so much white stuff all around! It was a good walk, getting my 2 miles in and when I returned, I was so hot and sweaty. A good work out for sure and I’m glad to get back in the groove. Bill was upstairs and we rested a bit after the last load was folded and put away and then went down to get some lunch around 12:30. Bill had toast and peanut butter and I had a bowl of soup and a coffee.

Can you see it through the trees?

Just a slight breeze today, which was nice

Time for a selfie!

The puzzle was calling me and there was periodic sunshine out there making the garage nice and bright. Bill sat with me for a while before coming upstairs to start a new book. It’s a good thing he has a job to go to on a daily basis, he’d go stir crazy here every day. He needs to be busy, as do most of us. I’m fortunate with my hands in so many craft pots that I find things to do on my days off during the week. At 3 or so, I was done on the puzzle for today so came upstairs to my own book.

The sun came out a few times but didn't stay long

The streets were easy to walk on as well
Here, I'm heading down the back streets from the park

Lots of icicles on the porch roof here

It was tea time around 3:30 or so and we had already decided on grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for supper. My hubby makes meal times easy more often than not. It’s up to me to try and keep us on track with eating properly but once in a while we break the rules. I have more knowledge of what’s in the freezer for meals anyway. The rest of the afternoon was in prone position on the bed. Remember, this is our recliner for the time being. 😊

There are a lot of trees hiding this residence, which is nice for privacy
but they are such pretty buildings, home and garage
that I wish they were more visible

At 6 we went down for supper. Bill made tomorrow’s lunch at the same time as preparing a cheese sandwich for grilling. I’d decided to skip the bread but made a cheese, onion and ham quesadilla instead. It fried up nicely and voila! Supper was served. We each had a piece of pie for dessert. Everything tasted great and didn’t take long.

The stone pillar at the entrance looks ancient 

Dishes weren’t much at all, just a few plates and utensils. The pans just wiped clean with a paper towel.  I thought it would be a good idea to put one of the pies in the refrigerator freezer. It will be a treat in another week again. This meant a large Ziplock bag that sealed airtight and a flat space. I had to move a few things around to set pie level (note to self: do an inventory) and made it happen.

She's coming along nicely
Oh!!! Wes moved some boxes under the table and found the missing piece

My personalized quesadilla
no sour creamm or salsa necessary

The evening was quiet, as Sunday evenings should be. Work tomorrow and although it will be getting colder, -16C with the windchill, we aren’t expecting much, if any, snow at all. Should be a good week for both of us to make it to our jobs.

Quartzsite, AZ
Jan. 24, 2017
Our first year and we knew it was the place for us

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!



  1. The puzzle is coming along and that's great news about the missing piece :)

  2. Great snow photos the last two days. Looks like you didn't stay in your "lazy" habits you were worried about yesterday...we can see the evidence of a great outdoor excursion. Thanks.

    1. Thank you JudithK. It's so easy to get off track so I'm pleased with myself too. ;)

  3. Betty Boop is looking good!!! Glad you found the last puzzle piece!! I always stick pie and cake in the freezer. It keeps me from eating it all in one sitting!!

    1. Thanks, BB is coming along!
      We don't have a whole lot of room in the freezer but I managed to find a spot for the pie. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Liz! Nice the last piece was there! Cute selfie! Beautiful walk! Always nice to catch up with family, especially when you see them (even if it is over computer). Dinner looks yummy!

  5. I love that picture too. The finished puzzle is going to be cute. So nice you can FaceTime with the kids.

    1. Thanks. I can't imagine where we would all be without FaceTime and video chats. I guess we would be like our folks and their folks were in the days of the famine etc. Sad to think of that.

  6. I don't know how it happened but I lost your blog from my reading list for awhile. My goodness you've gotten a lot of snow recently. Good on you for getting out and walking.

    Take care, stay well. I'm off to read the posts I missed. :p

    1. I wondered where you went but just figured I'd finally bored you enough to delete me! :)
      Welcome back! ;)

  7. That first picture on the river is gorgeous. Glad to see Betty Boop almost done. Enjoy your winter wonderland.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks F.G. Your comments are short but always make me smile. :)