Monday, January 4, 2021

Monday – Back to Routine

 Paisley, On

I heard Bill’s alarm go off at 5:30 (?) on Monday, Jan. 4th so I knew he had also slept well and wasn’t awake before then. He would have turned it off. After he left at 6:30 (?) I remained in bed until a few minutes past 7. Perhaps I dropped off but if not, at least I rested. I’d had my tea and was ready to leave the premises by 7:45.

You can see the roads are clear
for my Monday morning drive

The drive to Durham was clear sailing all the way so I took the turn off at the large mill on Concession 8. It is the landmark. The roads were clear that way as far as County Rd. 10 which takes me, with a couple of jogs, into the south end of Hanover at Canadian Tire. So, at least I bypassed the main sections of Walkerton and Hanover. I arrived at the Mat by 8:45, cleaned and left by 10:15. Some of that time was spent chatting with a regular customer. 😊

Even on Concession 8

Before leaving Durham, I pulled across the street and topped Ptooties up with fuel at the Pioneer (96.6¢/litre) since she was at the half mark. Then I drove home listening to Sirius XM 50’s on 5. Sometimes, I prefer the mellowness of those old tunes over the 60’s, 70’s and so on. I dislike repetitiveness in a lot of things and if given the option, choose change. I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few ingredients, for pie and for chili, which I was making tonight.

Our 'old' homestead in the snow
Looks like they're getting a delivery

At home, I parked on the street, knowing that was allowed for a couple of hours. Inside I asked Wes where I should park since Jim hadn’t been in to clear the snow. Apparently, he isn’t coming today so I’ll back in as far as I can get to, easily. Then I put together a lunch of sorts. Garlic and black pepper cheese (Yum), black olives and some tasty carb-light cheesy, salty crackers. That was filling and good.

Coming into Paisley just before noon hour

When I took my dishes downstairs, I got a pie crust out and filled it with cherry filling. Get rid of one sweet dessert only for another. Oh brother! I nipped outside and brought Ptooties in off the street and took a walk to the post office to check the mail. Hopefully later, I’ll feel like taking a walk. It is still mild, at 1C/34F and that makes for nice walking. No sunshine, although that would be lovely!

Here is Bill's parcel - not exactly shoe box size

I’m glad I went for the mail as there was a large parcel for Bill, I’m sure hobby related and it’s better I carry it back than expecting Wes to do that. 😊 Bill’s detail of the box size was a bit off, LOL, it is much bigger. The car is in the laneway again and can stay there until Wednesday unless bill needs it tomorrow. Earlier today, I had emailed the funeral home who looked after Mom for us. The family has had a request that I was following up on.

A dull day outside

I was going to call but thought an email first thing, give them time to get a price for us and then talk when I get a response. I went downstairs around 2:30 and popped a cherry pie in the oven. Susan had just used it so I knew it wouldn’t take long to heat up at all. As it cooked, I then proceeded to start the chili in Madame IP.

Bill's favourite pie
Brownie points for me!

Bill said the last few batches I’ve made have been waterier (never knew this to be a word but Word corrected me) than he likes so I tried a different recipe and omitted the tomatoes. When the pie was done, the chili had just a bit of time left and then it sat on ‘keep warm’ for the afternoon. I do like that feature and I can stir it every so often until it is time to eat. I rinsed and removed paper from the cans for recycle and washed most of the dishes.

The Keep Warm feature does just that

Before coming upstairs, I made myself a cup of tea. Kelly from the funeral home called and we went back and forth a few times trying to come to a decision. I would check with family before I went ahead, it is now ‘their’ money that I’ll be spending. 😊 Online, I transferred grocery money from that account to cover what I bought today and then sat back with my book, waiting for Bill to text.

Here comes Bill, getting ready to back up

Black Beauty should feel heavy now
Bill picked up 10 - 60 lb. sand tubes from Billy today

It was around 5 that he arrived home, safe and tired from the day’s work. It will take him a couple of days to get back in the swing. Unfortunately, soon after he came upstairs, he noticed that his account on FB was hacked. A video message from a friend earlier today prompted him to open it and it was spam. Crap! Don’t you hate that! His phone is fine because he never went any further but it did go out to all his contacts. Don’t open it if you get it.

Thick chili and rolls for supper

Supper was already cooked but I wanted to bake some Pillsbury crescent rolls to have with it. Wes and Susan were eating when I slipped them in their oven. Bill came down within a couple of minutes of the rolls being done. The chili was exactly how Bill likes it. I could use a bit more liquid but it’s nice to have variety, like I said, right? For dessert, we had a piece each of the cherry pie I’d made and after dishes, his lunch made and NCIS, we came upstairs.

And a piece of 'oh my, cherry pie' for dessert

This was a busy day and I didn’t even get myself out for a walk. I’m pleased with what I accomplished and after hearing back from Kelly at the funeral home, sent a notice off to my siblings about my progress. According to the forecast for the next few days, there won’t be much change. All temperatures hovering around or above the freezing mark so that is a good thing. Sure could use some sunshine though!

Because I enjoyed the memories, I'll continue
with some from previous years
This is at Imperial Dam LTVA area
January 2017
Clemson shares his tent bed with his Daddy
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Oh my, does that cherry pie look delicious 😋 very busy day for you. I had a good conversation on Messenger with Keith this evening. Glad he is doing well.

  2. Well ...... now I have to make cherry pie!! LOL

  3. Beautiful pictures of your little area! Oh that cherry pie!! YUM!!

  4. The pie looks delicious! I'm not great a pastry so rarely make pie but darn that looks good.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I cheated and had bought 2 shells at Christmas so had to use them up. :)

  5. Nice to get back to the Norm. Cherry Pie looks tasty.
    Just got our internet back.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The norm is always a good place to be with a little abnormal thrown in to keep us on our toes! haha

  6. Mmmm, cherry pie one of my favourites.

    We got freezing rain here today, so no walk for me. Not even to get the mail.

    God bless.

    1. Oh-oh, don't send the freezing rain here. I know they said maybe tonight (Tuesday) some signs of it.

  7. So what's on top of that cherry pie? I wouldn't mind some at the moment anway.