Sunday, January 17, 2021

Taking it Easy on a Sunday, Three Months Behind Us

Paisley, On

We slept in until 8:30 on Sunday, Jan. 17th! Holy crow!  I watched Due Date with Robert Downy Jr. last night in our room and laughed a lot even though some of it was so far-fetched. I enjoyed it. I’d never seen it before. It was over at 10:40 so I crawled into bed with my book and managed to finish it by 11:15 or so. Bill came in at 11 and started the Tami Hoag story before turning the light off around 11:30.

Between 5:30 and 8:30, we received a new covering
of fresh white snow
which quite by 9.

That explains me sleeping so late. I was dreaming right up to the last moment of sleep when I woke to use the facilities. Kim W. was with me in my dream and we were at a market for puppies and kittens. Too funny since Kim is not ‘really’ a dog person. 😊 I guess a new puppy is on my mind especially since we talked to Bill’s sister, Carol, last night and they are picking up their baby Wheaton terrier this coming weekend. I'm a little 'green' about that but envy is not becoming, is it?


So, back to today. We started laundry when we went down for our first brew and my hip was annoying me with sharp pangs every so often. I try to ignore it and still thought that I would get out for a walk after my tea. We read some blogs together and when it continued, a took a couple of extra strength pain meds and stretched out on the bed, choosing my next book. I’ve decided on Third Degree by Greg Isles. I think I got this one from my b-i-l, John so will give it a try.

After lunch, I finished my puzzle
I really enjoyed this one

At 11:30, we went down for lunch. I fried up some peameal bacon and eggs while Bill took the first load of laundry upstairs for folding and swapped the second one from washer to dryer. Lunch was good. I had a cupcake with mine and Bill had a piece of toast. After dishes, it was back to our room. You must be getting dizzy with all the up and down in my blog writing! We realized today that we have been here in this winter home for 3 months already. The weather hasn't been too 'frightful' and although it may get worse, probably will, we only have a short time before spring.😊    

Along Mill Drive is where this bench sits

I think the weather is taking its toll on it
I hope in the spring, the town gives it a facelift

We got washed up and settled at our laptops for a bit while I started my post. Back to the bed, our ‘lounge chairs’ for the time being, with our books. An hour or so later, clothes were done and put away and it was 2:30 when something pushed me to get up and go for my walk. The pain med didn’t remove the discomfort so maybe a walk would help. It was 0C/32F with a wee bit of a breeze so I wore my wool cap and head scarf for my ears.

Mill Street turns into County Road 1 as you get out of town
Here, I'm going under the train bridge
Come along, we've been down this way before

Today, I followed Mill Street from the Real Estate office, same building as the old Woollen Mill which just sold, onto Mill Drive and let my feet take me to the top of the hill and then down towards the Grist mill. I hadn’t visited there in a while, the location, I mean. The store is now closed to the public. I walked under the trestle bridge, past the mill and its beauty and as far as the bridge and dam at the Teeswater River.

Looking to the northwest 

This is looking back towards town, northeast?
My directions get screwy sometimes but I'm on the west
side of main street and the south end of Paisley

After taking a few pictures, I quickly got off the bridge as there is no safe place to walk, it is too narrow because of built up snow. I turned up Wellington St., which I don’t think I’d been on before, and it was a short jaunt to Alma St. but a very steep one. I was huffing like an old gal! I knew that street would take me to the corner of Victoria where I could catch the trail to the train bridge. The corner where the Book Barn is.

The Teeswater River was churning over some large rocks here

Then I came to one of my favourite buildings in this
lovely little town
F.G. - if you ever return to Paisley: turn west (left) off Queen St. S at the corner of
the old Grand Central hotel and follow Mill Street out
and enjoy this splendor for yourself

I took the time to sort through all the books in there and with the exception of about 4, the remainder were our books. LOL, doesn’t anyone read in Paisley? 😊 I wasn’t interested in the love story by Danielle Steele, read enough of those in my 20’s, but did find a Sidney Sheldon. I’ve never read any but thought I’d give it a try since I would soon be desperate. I walked to the train bridge, far enough across to take a picture of the river towards town and turned for home.

Curious what the red was through my fogged glasses

I zoomed in for a closer look

I’m always happy when I return, so pleased that I talked myself ‘into’ a walk instead of ‘out of’ one. My cheeks were rosy, my body temp had risen and my heart got a good work out. The best thing about today is that my mind wasn’t on my achy hip and even after returning home, it seemed to have disappeared. Cured! I wish it were that easy but never-the-less, it was a wonderful outdoor trek on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Some sunshine would have been the only thing to improve the walk and well, maybe Bill beside me. 💖

This part of the dam (in the far right hand corner) has no
river running through it

But some water puddles had frozen and been visited by
Daffy Duck, I think
Nice river movement here though

Bill was reading and our landlords were in the theatre room so I sat on the bed too with a Word Find to work on. At 4, I went down for a cup of tea and poured a Zero Coke for Bill. 

I'm on my way back into town
The arrow pointing out the Paisley sign

I can't seem to get enough of this building

We had a nice chat this afternoon about our winter travels. What do we want it to look like in the future? We thought we’d want to settle longer in one place, at least last winter that was our thought. That's still up for discussion, since there are a few places we would still like to travel around to down there.

Back to Alma and Victoria Streets where I caught the trail

And found this book

Looking down on Mill Drive aka C.R. 1 heading NW

And this part of the river running back towards Paisley's main street
and the dam pictures I'm always showing you

On the other hand, we’d like to spend more time in the Quartzsite area so Bill can get more time in flying at the R/C field he enjoys. Would I be happy staying 3 weeks to a month at La Posa South? If he had the truck each morning, I wouldn’t be able to get to town. No pool, no activities other than walking and what hobbies I have to work on. It is a possibility, since I do love to read in the outdoors. At least we have options and it makes for nice conversation on a wintry afternoon in Ontario!

Someone has been busy!!

These pine cones aren't much bigger than what i saw on
yesterday's little trees

It was fun to read through the last few days of our March 2020 trip home. We try to remember things, where we stayed, what routes we took and what better place to get those memories than in my blog. One main reason that I write every day.  

Graffiti on the back of the old Central Hotel
at least it isn't profanity

We went down to make and eat our supper shortly after 5:30. A real fancy meal tonight! Wieners and beans on toast. 😊 I asked Bill earlier today what he wanted and that was his request. We weren’t overly hungry after our big lunch of b & e so it worked well.

Our fancy 'Sunday' feast

After dishes, we talked a bit more about options and then settled in for the evening of reading, blogging and listening to our Sirius XM radio. This was a good day and we were together which is the most important thing. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well.

Oh how I'd rather be eating this!!
Silly Al's Pizza with friends - our first time!!
Jan. 17, 2017

Gerry and Melinda

Suzie and George

Mike and Dee

Rob and Pat

You know who!!

Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. We too are counting down to realize we are coming I to warmer days in a couple of months. It has been .idler than usual thank goodness. P.S. I recognized the pizza immediately

    1. More exciting than counting down a Christmas advent calendar!! :)
      That pizza is sooooo good!!

  2. We always enjoy our time in the Quartzsite area but then we really enjoy boondocking in the desert. Sounds like you are having fun talking about future plans. I know we always do. Nice to know there are lots of choice to think about. Enjoyed today's pictures. Stay safe.

    1. It is so nice that we all have choices and can mix and match for what we feel like. Aaah, the southwest, I miss you! :)
      Thanks Deb, you guys stay safe too.

  3. Oh how I hate that on many occasions exercise makes me feel better. I mean really, aren't we supposed to be relaxing in our old age????

  4. Still making memories and remembering special ones.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. There are so many beautiful places in this world waiting for us to see and explore. Lets hope this will be possible again soon. In the meantime we have to get through winter dreaming of better days to come. Thanks for the pictures and your effort to show us the nice area around Paisley.

    1. Hopefully, we will soon be able to continue seeing and exploring those places. :)
      Thank you! for reading.

  6. Greg Isles is an awesome author. Read his Mississipi Burning series. I loved it.

    God bless.

  7. Winter is a great time for day-dreaming and planning! Hope it works out!

  8. Wonderful memories Patsy!! :) Peameal bacon always looks so wonderful to me! Always fun to have discussions about what you want to do and then the next day it changes :) Plans in jello right! Love all the pictures and Silly Al's!!