Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Drop in Temperature, Lazy Day, An Invite to Supper

Park Place RV

On Tuesday, Mar. 29th Gibbs and I were up at 10 to 8. It was another one of those restless nights. I was too warm to drop off to sleep at 10 my own fault for not folding the duvet down. Then waking around midnight, I was just as hot and also couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. This morning, Gibbs woke up and Bill took him out at 6:30, then he went back to sleep.

Beautiful morning walk

At 7:15, when he crawled onto my chest and pawed at me, I’d asked him to go back to sleep for a bit. I was very surprised he went quiet for so long. 😊 He’s such a good little gapher (when he wants to be).  

Another surprise today, this rainbow hung around for 
the whole 30 minute walk

We went for our walk, leaving Bill in bed. It was the first time I’d seen a scorpion – thankfully squished on the pavement. Obviously, the rains brought him out.

Dead or alive, yeuch!

It was enough to keep my eyes double peeled for more as we walked. We actually got quite a bit of rainfall in the evening and at times through the night. A lot for here, anyway. Our windows were open and at one point the wet desert smell was too much for me and I closed my side window. The walk was a nice one but I was back to wearing long pants and a jacket, it was 56F/14C. Was I ever surprised to see two ends of a rainbow when we headed out. It lasted the whole walk.

Looking out the laundry room window

Lori and Roland were getting ready to pull
out - their chance to get things fixed
before moving on
Schatzi checking things out

After taking care of our 2 loads of laundry, Bill and I just hung around for the day. I had no puzzle to work on, deciding against starting a new one. I packed up a few things from the coffee table and entertainment centre, in preparation for our short journey on Friday. No point in getting ahead of myself but I think we’re ready for the move to take place. 😊

Someone is sleeping in my chair 💖

After multiple checks in the mirror, I’ve so decided that I don’t like my hair cut. I  checked out a few DIY Youtube videos on how to cut a shag style. I’ve cut my own hair often and if I were home, would do it in a beat but not here. I’m vain enough to know that this cut will drive me crazy if I don’t do something with it. I’ve debated calling Sandra and asking about a ‘redo’ but am a bit shy now of the result. Where’s my girlfriend, Brenda, when I need her?

Driving out to La Posa South always
makes for a double take

The black looks ominous
but it's just a clouds shadow

We sat, dozed and read our books and at 2:30 were pleasantly surprised with another invite to supper. This one from Judy and Gary out at La Posa South. We’re assuming Gayle and John will be there as well and hating to turn down such a nice offer, responded “Sure!” I had chicken thighs out but if I don’t have to cook, all the better. I’m not keen on the drive back in the pitch black again, but hopefully we’ll get our bearings going out and look for landmarks as we drive in. 😊

Gary, making a good 'Garcon!'

We left Gibbs home at 5:30 and headed south. Gayle and John have the big table on their patio so that’s where we were eating. Judy and Gary carried a pot roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy, salad and rolls over and what a great feast it was! Everything tasted wonderful, including the chocolate cake and whipped cream. Bill and I took our own drinks as always and my beer margaritas were good with the meal.

My camera comes out and this group goes crazy

Lots of great food and good times

Supper was yummy!

It was before 8 when we left with thank you’s all around but not before I made a flexible ‘hair appointment’ with Judy. I wasn’t sure if she’d be up for it but when Gayle told me the other day that she was cutting her hair………….the opportunity was there. 😊 I’ll be in touch with her to set things up. NOW I’m happier! We had no problem finding our way out of the desert tonight, paying much more attention to our surroundings.

Chocolate cake for dessert

Gibbs was waiting, with his happy piddles, and we settled down to watch our recorded programs while I worked on my blog. This has been a great day with a nice break from the heat!

Tonight, I caught the sunset 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. There is nothing worse than a bad haircut, I hope things work out for you ... although I'm sure your hair looks great I do understand the need for you to be happy with it!

    1. Thank you for the support - hopefully by the weekend, I'll have a better result to report! :)

  2. Your hair always looks great, but I know the feeling. I hate those scorpions ... that warm weather brings them out quickly. Looks like a fun dinner!!! That's the best part of "camping". I sure hope Lori and Roland can get some help!! Seems time is short for you ... I always enjoy a change of scenery.

    1. You're sweet, Nancy, but the back needs some serious help. :)
      Lori and Roland had success with their solar fix and are set up safely and happily at Bullhead City before they journey home. ♥ Thank you for thinking of them.

  3. I too thought about you going back and having her fix your haircut. Hopefully Lori and Roland were able to get their issues resolved! OMG that dinner and dessert look amazing! What fun times and a great group!

    1. I debated that but Bill said why would I if she didn't understand what I wanted. ?? He made a good point but now I'm glad Judy can help. Stay tuned! haha
      Lori and Roland are set up at Bullhead City with everything fixed except for their jacks. They hope to get that taken care of back home.

  4. Dinner looks delicious and a lot of fun. Glad to hear that you've got a possible fix for your hair.

    Yeuch on the scorpion. I know I'd running screaming if I saw one.

    1. Dinner was wonderful and we had many good laughs together. :)
      Scorpions........blech! I hope not to see a live one!

  5. The good thing is, hair always grows back :-) Hopefully you get the haircut fixed to your liking. That dinner looked pretty good for a campsite occasion and everyone looked very happy. That quilt on your sofa must be one of Nancy's creations, it looks very nice!

    1. I've always thought that I could live with any haircut because it will grow but this time, waiting until we got home would make me conscientious the whole time.
      You have a very observing eye! Yes, that is one of Nancy's quilts and I am blessed to have been gifted one. I love it!

  6. Such a pretty rainbow! Glad you got some rain. Always appreciated in the desert!


    1. It was a surprise rainbow for sure. Yes, rain is also a surprise in the Arizona desert. :)

  7. When a person gets a bad haircut there is nothing worse in a woman's world. Glad to hear you can get yours fixed.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for understanding. Some things aren't important to the men in our lives, they'll live with it, but IF I can fix something like this, I will do my best to do it. :) haha