Thursday, March 31, 2022

More Packup, The ‘Fix’, A Good Last Day, Birthday Wishes

 Park Place RV

Thursday, Mar. 31st was our last day in this park. The routine started out pretty normal, with a walk for Gibb and I, Bill driving once more to the field to say goodbye to Wayne, a regular from this area. We both showered and then walked over to the clubhouse to talk about our plans for the next winter season. We had a nice chat with Heather, Don and Patty and left them feeling quite welcome here. 😊

Another lovely morning walk
with my little buddy


Bill and I drove into town, he wanted one more walk through K & B Tools and I wanted to stop at Ken’s Grocery tent. What else did we do? We went into the Quartzsite Outpost store further down Main St. 

this store is easy to find
Just look for the army vehicles out front

Bill found a couple of things he needed/wanted and we picked up a couple of window screen kits to replace the ones in the door that need it. We were home before lunch and Bill had a toasted tomato sandwich and I had a vegetable quesadilla.

Unfortunately, they are closing for the season either
on the weekend or Wednesday
We're glad we came today and found what we wanted

Today, I was excited because it was hair appointment day in the desert. Judy’s Salon is opening for business for Gayle and I to get our haircuts today. We stopped first at Quiet Times, the delivery/courier outlet, to pick up a parcel for Gayle and then headed out to La Posa South. I still forgot to get a picture of their sites, close but not on top of each other. 😊 LOL, my brain!

At a wash close to their sites, this cholla
cactus is ready to bloom

Gayle offered her Montana for the hair cut since she has a big open space right inside their entrance. Judy was all prepared with her cape and scissors but I had taken some water in a spray bottle and my hand-held mirror. It took a couple of cuts before I was satisfied ‘all to heck!’. 😊 Judy did a great job and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. I should have taken a before photo though.

Could my head of thin hair afford to lose this much? 😂

Apparently, so!
I love what Judy did to my hair
The before picture showed mostly 2 lengths at the back
and this is what I was going for

This is going to be so much easier to look after
Now, I'm a happy camper again!

We walked back to Judy and Gary’s home where Judy showed us her crafts. Oh my! She puts my attempts at everything I do to shame! She is quite talented and very modest about it. I had to take a picture of her style of quilts to show our quilting buddy, they are different but still lovely! I don’t even know if I can call what I do with embroidery cross stitching! Hers are quite professional looking. Thank you for sharing that, Judy!

This is quite unique and her style with fringed edges

then we looked at her latest counted cross stitch project

Oh, don't worry. Gary has his own hobbies
This boat and a couple of remote control airplanes 
share space in their bedroom

Back home, we relaxed outside for a while, enjoying the fresh air. It has been quite a nice day, for our last one in the park. We did not feel the need to turn the a/c on as it only reached 81F/27C and, again, it is good practice for the next 4 days. 😊 We came in around 5:00 and by 5:30 my tummy was calling for food. Bill grilled his wonderful bacon cheeseburgers and inside I made a garden salad. More than opening a bag this time!

Bill put a few things away before and after supper
With supervision, of course
Mom, look, Daddy came from down there

And now he's all the way up there! 💓

Another great burger meal

We loaded the dishwasher and sat together for the evening. Bill wrote a new post today on his blog, On Our Way. Please check it out, if you haven't already, as it is a great wrap up, without all the babble of my blog, of things going on. 

Pretty sky when Gibbs and I walked the park

This has been a great day but I’m not done yet. My little sister, Wendy, is celebrating a birthday back home 

Wendy, the animal lover 💕
I think this little goat's name is Potato
We met him on last summer's Ladyfest

and a high school bestie, Ruth, is also celebrating another year as well. 

A very special reunion with Ruth and her sweet Dad

Happy Birthday to both of you!

this pretty little cactus garden
is set up at one site here in the park
Well, this is our last night here so
Good night!

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my post. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Safe travels as you start heading home!


  2. It's great that you've got some natural wave to your hair, and you're right, it does look great and easy to maintain. Safe travels as you head towards home.

  3. Your hair looks GREAT!! She did a perfect job!! It just makes us feel better when we like our haircut. It will be nice being out in the quiet for a few days. Be sure and keep an eye out for snakes ... it's that time of year and as Bob pointed out, they don't always rattle. That's a great quilt .... no binding and no quilting!! Love them!!

    1. Thank you, so much easier to look after, too.
      Thanks for the snake reminder. It's all i think about when we're walking but don't want to be home paranoid!
      I could do that kind of quilt, maybe! Haha

  4. Love the haircut! I agree with Nancy about the snakes. Judy is very talented for sure! Enjoy your time at BLM..hope it's not too hot for you!

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      Judy has more talent in hitter baby finger than all of me!
      Well enjoy the quiet and privacy before we move back to a park.

  5. Love the haircut. She did really good. Elva 🥰

  6. Your hair looks terrific! You'll have to arrange to meet with Judy during your stay down south every winter.

    Safe travels!

    1. You may be right about that!! Usually they go to Mexico though. Lol

  7. Beautiful hair cut. Enjoy your time out in the quiet of the desert.

  8. Wonderfully done hair cut.

    I have often thought of trying my hand at one of those quilts. Then chicken out and go with a regular one.

    Safe journey.

    God bless.