Friday, September 23, 2022

A Cool End to Summer, Fun Afternoon with Wizard-ry

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 22nd The day started pretty much routinely, not unlike Gibbs, we count on those things too. Bill was up and ready to go to work but I left before he did at 7:15. It was a cloudy, windy start to the day with evidence of rain showers throughout the overnight hours. Brrr, we’re never ready for this change in temperature.

Sleepy time before Daddy goes to work 💖

I had to clean this morning and knew that Kaitlyn had mentioned ‘other chores’ she wished to have me do. I wasn’t sure what to expect but because Sage had been in after school on Wednesday, the place was very clean and I wouldn’t have had much, if anything, that required my attention. The list was long, consisting of about 8 things but all very doable by this old gal and because she had bought the proper tools to complete the jobs. 😊

A dull day looking across the lot to the turbines

Jamie never ‘cared’ quite as much for certain things and I just accepted that without the materials (Swifters, for one) I wouldn’t be able to do those things anyway. I dusted the walls, unreachable counter tops, used Goo Gone on the residue left from signs taped to the windows and doors, Windex  inside and out and sanitizing door knobs.

Blue Jays visiting

It wasn’t quick though so I’m glad I had no obligation at 9:30 as I usually would on a normal week. It was a 2-hour shift this morning and then I stopped at Foodland for milk, the Hardware store for Car Wash soap and the Water Store for a jug of water. I hadn’t expected to be so long but it didn’t matter on a wet, miserable day like this. Patty, Duncan and I arranged to have a game of cards or ‘something’ after lunch so they came over around 1.

I've been replaced, I think
Gibbs pushes his way in behind his buddy 
They have a sweet little bond

We played Wizard, which we got onto from Pat and Rob, and it was good to refresh my memory of the game. We enjoyed the time together and finding an app online (Duncan’s idea) to keep score as we were finishing up was a bonus! I’ll keep it for the next time and save the brain matter. 😊 It can be confusing keeping score unless you are very familiar with the game. Anyway, we had fun and finished within minutes of Bill driving up the lane at 4:30.

We were messed up in our scoring for the first half

This is what the app does

He had a short snooze and we invited our guests over for Happy Hour so they could visit with Bill too. The H.H. turned into 2 hours but that means it was a good one! I had chicken thighs out but at 7, after they left for their supper, Bill said he didn’t really feel like chicken nor waiting for it to cook, we decided to just have hot dogs with Jell-o for dessert. Worked for both of us perfectly, we’ll be better prepared for the poultry dinner on Saturday.

We'll miss seeing these guys
but wish them a safe rewarding happy winter!
Happy Hour indoors today

A cold day, finishing up our summer and starting fall but that is not surprising. I’m sure we’ll have a few days of warmth in the near future. 

Supper was good
I love hot dogs at any time

I think we reached 5C/41F as our daytime high and stayed there until the evening hour when I went to bed. We had our blue flame heater in from the Bunky and it, along with the fireplace on low, kept us cozy. A wonderful day with our friends! It’s hard to believe we just met less than a year ago at CanAm before crossing the border.

We saw this on occasion throughout the day but it never lasted long

Good night!

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Sweet pictures of Gibbs and his buddy.

  2. Weather here is very similar, looking forward to a few more summer like days in the upcoming weeks as well. Sometimes people just seem to click and friendships are so right that it’s easy to feel like we’ve known them for a long time. Glad you found each other.


  3. That big trip is getting closer and closer!