Thursday, September 29, 2022

Changing Colours, Weather and More Party Prepping

The Ridge

Thursday, Sept. 29th was a pleasant change to the day. The morning was dry and although cool at 3C/37F, no wind to make it feel any colder than that. Bill said at 6 that the sky was clear with stars but at 7:00 some clouds had passed over the Ridge. He left for work in Black Beauty at 7:30 and called me later, telling me the lower fuel price in Hanover. Ptooties was at ½ tank.

The sky to the East provided us with a morning show
when the sun prepared to arrive

Bill has been taking the truck because his morning commute is only 20 minutes and he also knows that I need the car with all my running around. 😉 I finished my tea and my games while sitting with Leroy Jethro Gibbs and hopped in the shower. I couldn’t even tell you what time I left the Suite but arrived in Hanover myself for just a few things this time. First stop was the Pioneer gas station where I filled up at $1.39.3/litre. In Durham, the price had increased to $1.53.9 so I'm glad Bill called.

From the east hill, the view across the pond is pretty

Like I said, a beautiful morning.

The list has grown 98% smaller with all purchases crossed off now so I’m happy about that. Now just the ‘doing’ stuff and that’s why Friday is important! I was back home within an hour and a half quite pleased with myself. I can’t tell you how great it feels to have a sunny day. I had my jacket off within half hour and my plan was to get outside with Gibbs a few times this afternoon.

a nice drive to town
with a few pretty trees

I didn’t plan much for lunch and when I warmed up some leftover cream of chicken soup, it was gross. It was Campbells but one of those no salt added ones. Blech! I couldn’t finish it so dumped it and had cheese, avocado and pepperoni instead. That would get me through to supper. I can’t say what I did for the rest of the day but it was all focused on Saturday’s party. 😉

Even the bushes in the ditch are hanging
This is gorgeous!

My favourite North Line tree is starting to change

It was a great day to be out in the Bunky finishing things up. Gibbs ran around as if he too was free for the first time. He’s also been cooped up through all the rainy days. He had fun and stayed close to me without having to be coerced back.  We walked down to the mailbox and on to the corner around 3:30. Bill was home just after 4 today and after having a brief shut-eye, we went out together to dump the black tank.

Another one near the corner

In front of our neighbour's property

With the mower down the road at the repair shop, it meant pulling the blue boy by hand so I went to help. It was a good thing because I think I truly got the process today. Next time, I will go out again and do more so it sinks in. 😊 I’d like to be a better rv’ing partner and that will help. We also put the hammock and the umbrella away in the storage shed for the winter.

Gibbs was waiting for his Daddy
and only issued very few barks

Grilled sausages and leftovers fried on the stove was our supper. We finished off the keto crumble, cleaned up the dishes and then relaxed for the evening. My blog may or may not get finished tonight. I hope so, tomorrow is a busy day.

Supper was easy to prepare and delicious
Good night!

This was a good day and I thank you for stopping around! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. It always feels so good to get things crossed off the list!

  2. I filled up last week at 158.9 and was happy because it jumped to 175.9 here this week! Yikes.
    Have fun with your preparations today.

  3. I agree with Deb, can feel the excitement! Can't wait for pictures of the party! Our gas is jumping daily here, makes me so mad. Media even says the gas companies are making record level profits! No one who can do anything about it cares apparently. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks Shirley. The gas prices are the ones moving, the diesel seems to be sitting still right now at 1.78/litre

  4. Still have almost a full tank, but we don't have to drive as much as you do. I am a bit worried about the cost of the fuel for the sons to come home for Thanksgiving.
    Enjoy the party.

    God bless.

    1. It drives us nuts too about the fuel prices. Travelling is a part of many lives and they are gouging us. I hope the boys make it home next weekend.