Thursday, September 22, 2022

Hump Day Brings Company, Last Visit, Strange Weather

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 22nd Bill was up at 6 and after Gibbs and I came down to say goodbye, he left around 7:15. Today, his destination was Neustadt about 30 minutes from home. I didn’t have to go anywhere today, so I dawdled around for the morning with my little furball. After reading comments from friends on my blog from Tuesday, I made the decision to take my paints along this winter. 😊 Thank you to those who helped ‘push’ me in that direction.

The east morning sky
My sheets were left out all night, no harm no foul
They will be brought in before the rain

With that in mind, I went back out to the Bunky and puttered out there putting more stuff away. I brought puzzles with my 2 paint containers and nestled things neatly under the bed. It's always so neat under there when we pull out. 😀We were having company arrive later and I thought that I might make a run into town to wash the truck, after Bill assured me she would fit into the wash bay. I touched base with when Patty and Duncan might arrive and then hopped in the shower.

Everything in it's place
Besides the Christmas stuff and our extra dining chairs,
it's all my craft things 😃

Remember their ‘site’ marker that I made earlier in the summer? I moved it down towards the corner for today, giving more space between us and room for Bill to unload water if he needed. It was around 10:30 when Gibbs and I went for a walk, ever watchful at the sky. One minute, light fluffy clouds and the next brought dark heavy clouds to the north. Getting wet was not on MY agenda but we had a greeting card to get in the mail.

There were a lot of geese trying to make 
their winter plans too

We didn’t get wet and rather enjoyed the walk down to the corner and back. At 12:30 our company arrived and got set up easily in the ‘new’ site. 😊 The clouds were still playing tag, like that flag football game with varying colours trying to reign. Reign not rain. We parted ways for lunch just as a few, maybe 10, drops of rain teased us. There was blue sky to the west coming our way and the black clouds moved further north.

It was a 'smell the wildflowers' kind of morning

It looked threatening but then I saw the blue sky
coming right behind it

The rest of the afternoon was catching up with their travels and talk of our future travels in 30 days or less! This month is going faster than any so far, maybe because there is a countdown and maybe because I’ve got a deadline for something. Bill has a special birthday at the end of the month so I’m planning a gathering/party for him. It isn’t a surprise so I can write this (he’s my most dedicated reader ) but he doesn’t know the details other than the place and date.

I like the way this picture turned out
It was meant to be just the wildflowers
but the way the trees fan out behind it made me smile

Of course, I had to pick some for our

With only a week and a half left to get things settled, I’m feeling a bit of pressure so it is wonderful that I’m working around the corner for a couple of weeks. There are only certain things I can plan ahead of time though so I think I’ll be taking Thursday off as well as Friday next week at least to put things in place. 😊 We had sweaters/long sleeves on and off for most of the afternoon as we chose to sit outside.

The trailer is new to Duncan and Patty and he is getting
very good at getting her parked in places
This is probably one of the easier locations

It was quite windy up here on the Ridge too so that was either a blessing, when the sun was beating down, or a curse, when the clouds were heavy. Gibbs and I took a walk to the mailbox after 3 but there was nothing to retrieve today. There was a greeting card for me yesterday but I won’t open it until my special day, which is also close.

Shepherd's Pie a la Duncan and Patty

Bill arrived home from work around 4:30, I think it was, and immediately hopped on the mower. It needs some attention to the steering so he rode it down North Line to the service shop and I followed to bring him back. It’s always something but then again, we don’t buy new equipment and things will go wrong on older machinery. It is to be expected.

We had a Happy Hour drink together, a new drink Duncan and Patty introduced to us, but I can’t recall its name. it did involve ginger beer and rum and was an interesting change. We liked it. For supper, their treat again was shepherd’s pie with coleslaw and pickled baby corn. It was delicious and I served the two options for Jell-o, one blended with cream cheese and the other with it only as a topping. I also took a few oatmeal peanut butter cookies over and it was all enjoyed as well.

Guilt-free cookies

The evening approached, getting dark so early, plus with the clouds, even earlier. It was a great day, so nice to see our friends again for one last time before we say goodbye for the winter. Bill and I watched some tv together until 11 and I went to bed with Leroy Jethro. He’d been squirming on my lap for an hour. Bless his little routine-fixed heart.

Thank you for stopping around!


  1. Time is slipping by quickly here too. The weather is changeable and pushing us to depart sooner rather than later, although warmer temps are in the forecast over the next few weeks.
    It's nice that your friends could drop in again, enjoy your visit!!!


    1. Nice to hear from you Deb! Nice to hear that you are also heading to the sunny south this year. Our paths may cross yet!

  2. The flowers look beautiful on the mantle.

  3. Enjoy your time with your friends. We had a similar day here today with sun all morning, then it clouded over and we had a dump of rain in a short amount of time.
    It sounds like you'll be keeping very busy up until the time you head south.

  4. Drive slow ... it's still pretty warm down here!!! Check out "Boise Rocks" on Facebook for painting ideas. You'll be surprised.

  5. Are you leaving earlier than the countdown clock suggests? What a delicious looking dinner :) Your cookies look amazing too! Happy Birthday sweet friend!! :)

    1. No, Oct. 22nd we leave the Ridge and cross the border on the 23rd.:)
      Thank you for the birthday wishes. ♥