Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday, Feeling Like it’s Sunday

The Ridge

On Saturday, Sept. 24th we slept in. Well, after Bill was up with Gibbs at 6, I mean. They came back to bed and it was 7:30 when we all woke again. I had a great sleep, waking once at 4:30 and easily dropping back off to sleep with a warm little Gibbs snuggled next to me. He got the hiccups at one point and shifted positions a few times, but eventually went back to sleep too.

Do I bring the clothes home?

We sorted clothes together and I drove into town to clean and do the laundry. It was an inner debate whether I bring the clothes back to hang or dry them there and I didn’t know yet. There was over a 50% chance for rain. The Mat needed attention, but that’s natural since I wasn’t in since Thursday. Kaitlyn and her 3 boys (she calls them her ‘helpers’) were in briefly Friday morning but not to clean, just to sweep up the cigarette butts from the lot and to collect coin and refill the change machine. 😊

Or dry them at the Mat?

I loaded 2 machines and set to work. It wasn’t until I finished washing the floor and put our clothes in the dryer (decision made) that another couple came in to do their wash. She and I chatted up until I left, a very nice lady in her 80’s, although I would never have pegged her to be that age. Back home, Bill had left to go flying in the hope that his friends would also be there. Time is running out for them to have their flights together and they get along so well.

Gibbs and I didn’t do much for the rest of the morning but I did finish my blog from yesterday and finally got it posted after lunch. Bill wasn’t home until close to 1 o’clock so I warmed up the last serving of the taco pie that was in the fridge and cleaned that up with some sour cream. That hit the spot. Bill made himself a sandwich and we each had a cookie for dessert. I had some leftover icing left from the first batch so yesterday, I made another batch of cookies. I forgot to mention that on Friday.

I also solved a few questions regarding the weekend party this morning and that feels good. 😊Bill went down to the Hangar and I stayed up with Gibbs. Lazy, lazy day and I got a lot of my J.D. Robb book read. It was a strange weather day again. With some blue skies dotted with white fluffy clouds and then by late afternoon, a solid gray blanket it didn’t get much warmer than 14C/58F. Plus, it felt nowhere as warm as all that. Fall has definitely arrived.

Yummy supper

For supper, we had coated chicken thighs baked in the convention oven and fries in the Fry Daddy with some corn on the side. 😊 Filling and quite tasty. We cleaned up the baking pan and loaded the dishwasher before I sat down to work on today’s post and Bill went to the Hangar to ‘fix’ a plane. Oh-oh! Today didn’t go so well and it wasn’t even a crash.

Because I don't have a lot of pictures from today
Let's look at our baby last year on Sept. 23rd

He was 6 months old here πŸ’“πŸ’—
Good night!

This was a calm, relaxing day. I put on the Mama Mia: Here we go Again movie and enjoyed the evening as well.

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Happy Birthday Patsy!
    Glad that you had a special day.

  2. We've had lot of wind here, though it has calmed down today. Grateful for that for my drive home this morning. Yesterday was lovely and the forecast looks good so I hope it is headed your way too.

  3. Great pictures! Dinner looks oh so yummy!!