Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gearing Down (or up?) for the Last Summer Long Weekend.

The Ridge

On Thursday, September started up with quite a chill in the air. It was only 7C/45C at 7 o’clock. We all slept through Bill’s phone alarm at 5:30 so it was lucky that I happened to wake up at 5:40. It is never fun having to hustle around to meet a time schedule. But Bill needed to move a bit quicker this morning. I got up with Gibbs at 6:30 and said goodbye.

We'll miss seeing the Airstream every day

I didn’t hang around any longer than it took to wash and make a tea to-go. No sign of movement at the Airstream so as quietly as possible, I hopped into Black Beauty and left for work. Bill took Ptooties today as he had a distance to drive to meet Billy. The laundromat was messy, not dirty, so I first picked up the dryer sheets, tested a washer and a dryer while I worked. Confident that they worked, I removed the ‘Do Not Use’ tags.
They pulled out at their planned time

Bye, guys!
We may see them one more time this year.

I was home a few minutes after 8 and Duncan was out packing things up. They were ready to pull out at 9:10 and 10 minutes later, I left Gibbs in charge and drove around the corner for my shift. Today, it was straight forward, working outside again on the ’99 Jetta. M was gone to run errands for most of first 2 hours and it was nice to have a job that I could work steady at while he was away. By 10:30, the sun was around the building and warmed me up nicely. 😊

Mike's truck got the box painted last night

It looks great!

The rest should be done over the 4 days I'm gone

It was a bit windy but it did warm up to around 21C/70F before the afternoon was over. Gibbs and I went outside, him with his leash on this time, and I got out a new puzzle. It was the last small one (550 pc.) that I have and I thought it might last me a while. Gibbs was quite content, very quiet in his collar, laying in his camp bed in the semi-shade. He’s such a good little guy, making this process easier on me by being so accepting.

Can you see the little guy behind the tree?

Around 5, I took him off his leash and sat with him for 20 minutes until Bill came home. He didn’t bark while he drove up the lane but did a couple of times once I let him get down to go meet Daddy. We came inside and I started supper around 5:45. We had sloppy joes on toasted buns and shared a very large cob of North Bay corn. Delicious, the whole meal. 😊

My next puzzle

Bill loaded the dishes and made his lunch before going to the Hangar. I worked on my blog, took Gibbs’ collar off and we spent the evening together. It has been a good day and I am feeling some wonderful contentment that I don’t have to report to work tomorrow. 

This one won't take long

Monday, is Labour Day so a statutory holiday for Canada. The last one for the summer and before the children go back to school on Tuesday. Saying that, I remember how busy things got at work when we worked for the School Board. Another reason to be grateful. Retirement!

The sloppy joes and corn were yummy!
We topped it all off with sheesecake.
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. It sure did turn cold last night!

  2. Kids started school here today. I always wondered why Saskatchewan started so early, why not wait until after the holiday weekend.

    We are under a heatwave right now. No end in sight.

    God bless.

  3. You sure are good at those puzzles!! School here started a couple weeks ago I think. Seems early to me, but I guess they get out early nowadays.

  4. It was quite cool here this morning, just 8C but a nice relief to the heat of the last couple of days. (It reached 35C yesterday!).
    Enjoy your day off and your long weekend!