Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Another Wet Fall Day, A Sweet Visit from ‘Our’ Youngest Child and Grandchild♥ (collage overload)

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Sept. 27th we woke to the same kind of morning that we’ve had for a few days. It wasn’t cold though, just dampness that gets into your bones if you let it. So, we don’t let it! 😊 Bill left around 7:30 and Gibbs sat around in our pj’s for another hour. I had my tea, some cereal and yogourt while I played my Wordle games online.

A stop before leaving town at the dam
for a few pictures
Someone took advantage of the dry period
and created Innukshuks

At 9, I was cleaned up and drove into town to check for something at the Vendor’s Market as well as a couple of other things. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open and no sign was posted as to when she’d open so I first walked to the Bank and cashed in my rolled coins. It adds up! Then I walked down the block to Shopper’s Drug Mart to see if I could find any decent gifts for our little visitor and her older brother, who is back home with his Dad. 😊 Success! The Vendor’s Market was open when I walked back but I didn’t need them anymore.

A variety of weather again today
sunshine, rain, heavy clouds
At least it was mild

I drove from my prime parking spot to the south end of town to get my library card renewed for another year. These are both things I’ve been meaning to do for over a month but they weren’t open when I went in early and the forgot. :0 Then, back home to Gibbs. Bill is only working until noon today so he can be home to visit with his youngest daughter, Jess. She has flown back to London with her sweet Hadley for a week long (?) visit.

Gibbs and I walked to the corner
and around the property
My first and perhaps only Rose of Sharon bud (!!)
My Sedum is changing to a deeper shade of pink
A Hibiscus in bloom

Because she was coming after lunch and staying for supper, I needed to do some planning. Our freezer stock isn’t always conducive to anyone other than us, for example – a two-person meal, but I found pork shish kabobs aplenty and that would work just fine. I will do them in the oven. I’m so glad I bought potatoes yesterday although I didn’t know about Jess staying for supper so didn’t buy any meat.

Jess and Hadley arrive and she wasn't shy at all

I love the look, watching Grandpa
while they played blocks
Gibbs had to be right in there too

With rhubarb and raspberries in the freezer, I made a rhubarb berry crisp and all was ready for company! Well, I did have to dry and damp mop the floors and do a bit of dusting so took care of that. Gibbs and I went for a couple of walks in between the rain showers although we still got wet running back to the Suite around 12:30. Bill returned just before 1 and hopped in the shower.

She just took my sunglasses off so has squinty eyes
Notice Gibbs on Dad's lap - remember me too, Daddy!

We decided on an early supper since Jess will have a long drive after we eat and it gets dark so early. Before 2, they drove in and it was wonderful to see them. Hadley has grown so much, she is already 19 months old! She is a sweet little charmer and very smart. We had a fun afternoon although I don’t know that Gibbs would say the same thing. He was confused over the little girl in ‘his’ house, not a lot of experience with children.

She's very good at block building

Jess and Hadley watching the Blue Jays
Gibbs watching the girls

At times, he was afraid of her and tried to nip at her fingers at other times. It kept Bill and I on our toes, understanding that Gibbs was jealous. We had supper around 5 and it turned out quite good. Jess wasn’t keen on the dessert, not ever having tasted rhubarb before (what???) but Bill and I enjoyed it with ice cream. She had ice cream by itself so didn’t go away hungry. 😊

Gibbs checks the tires on her rental

A couple of kids on the couch together
Where'sthe cowgirl, Hadley? Ah, there she is!

A cool day supper

Hadley has her cheese snack and then cleans up
during her supper
She's the perfect age to copy what you do
with the right encouragement 💖

We took the prerequisite pictures, thank you Jess for the reminder, and they left shortly after 6. It wasn’t dark yet but it was raining. She wouldn’t have a very nice ride home. Play the music loud, Jess! We loaded the dishwasher and settled in for the night by watching some of our pre-recorded programs. This was a nice day with Jess and Hadley’s visit being the highlight.

Between getting Hadley and Gibbs together
at the same time, we got a few good shots

Dad and daughter
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too.


  1. Great pictures. Was this Gibb's first time around a little person?

    1. Inside the Suite, yes. He met Kaitlyn's boys but we were outside the whole time. Those boys were a bit afraid of him at first, never having had a dog, but Hadley has 2 big dogs at home and had no fear of Gibbs at all. It was quite sweet.

  2. Hadley is a little doll. I'm sure the visit was a lot of fun, even if Gibbs wasn't very happy with it.
    More sun and heat here today - I'll try to send it your way.

    1. She really is a doll. It was fun, I just didn't want Gibbs to nip her fingers so was a bit anxious.
      I'll take some sun - it's time for some!

  3. What a nice visit. Such a sweet little girl.

  4. Love the pictures of you all together. Family visits are so nice.