Sunday, September 18, 2022

Our Second Day of LadyFest

The Ridge

On Saturday, Sept. 17th, we were mostly awake and up around 6 – 6:30. Don’t even ask me why or how it is that I was up so early when it was at least 11 last night when I went to bed. I think tv makes me more tired when I watch it at home and we are too busy to watch it here. We played a joint game of Scrabble, did some Crossword and Sudoku puzzles and 3 of us played our afternoon Wordle games. Well, we tried but I, for one, gave up.

Our evening entertainment
Gayle and I did have a game of Cribbage
The victor reigns! 😁

Today, was a full day for us. We lounged in the morning, doing our own thing. Mine was finishing my blog post and by 10ish, we were out the door in the 2 vehicles driving down the street to Grape Escapes. This is an escape room that Donna found for an hour’s entertainment this morning. 😊 No, we couldn’t get out on our own but other than being frustrated at ourselves and feeling a bit ‘stupid’, (haha) we did enjoy ourselves. It is so clever how these rooms are created. Kudos!

Lunch at The Garrison House 
across from Jackson-Triggs winery

From there, we drove a little further down the street to the Garrison House and had a lovely lunch on the patio. I had the Eggplant dip with Naan bread and it was delicious! We’ve been pleased with our waitresses at each dining experience so far and this was no exception. Very personable young ladies, good at their profession. Next, we drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake and parked at the Shaw Festival.

We wandered the grounds waiting for show time

It was only 1 o’clock and our play didn’t start until 2. There was no point in wandering out of the area, so we stayed close and walked around to the back of the festival building into the park areas. 

We enjoyed the beautiful flowers and plants on the property and reminisced about the last time we were all there, together, with Mom. Great memories. Although I don’t really recall what play we saw at that time but it was something about Mothers and daughters, we think! LOL

A pose together

And one with me included!

The play was called The Importance of Being Earnest and Audrey had found us front row seating. I guess the term is ‘on the rail’, according to Wendy, who attends a lot of music concerts with Morgan. πŸ˜‰ Great, great seats! I’d heard of this play/book but didn’t know anything about it. The actors and the characters they portrayed were excellent and we laughed a lot for the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes. I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity. Get the good seats!

It was excellent!
The period costumes were breathtaking

Lastly, we walked the main strip of NotL looking for places to eat. We weren’t starving so we were just getting ideas. When I saw a lady on a bench with a cockapoo, same colouring as Gibbs, I had to stop. Oh my, the heart strings! I miss the little snuggle bum! She said Fluffy was 7 years old and very spoiled. I should have asked for a picture but didn’t think of it until later.

On our search for a restaurant
we saw many beautiful things to see

We decided on Angel Inn for supper which is an old ‘haunted’ house/pub/restaurant. I ordered Fisherman’s Pie which came with a huge garden salad and although I didn’t eat a smidgeon of the salad, I loved the pie which was served like a shepherd’s pie and a creamy sauce. Yum. I also had a drink here, Bees Knees, a lemon honey and gin drink. It wasn’t the best idea simply because it filled me too quickly.

Donna suggested The Olde Angel Inn
Um, didn't see any ghosts, alive or dead!

We left there and walked back to the car at the festival. Time for home. The evening was beautiful and because of the trees, I missed the huge sun saying goodnight. We all did our own thing and had a quiet evening before calling it a night. This was an awesome day and our last one together. The weekend was short but sweet. Tomorrow, we head home.

It was a beautiful evening.
and a wonderful day
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. That was a very short Lady-fest, but it sounds you kept busy and had some fun. I bet Gibbs will be very excited to see you when you arrive home tomorrow. Safe travels!

  2. What a great place to hang out ... I would have bought that dress in the window. Great pictures to have in your family album too!! I've always wanted to try an escape room ... not that I could escape, but it looks fun!!