Monday, September 5, 2022

A Working Labour Day, Warmer Again

The Ridge

On Monday, Sept. 5th the first time I opened my eyes, it was 6:30 and both boys were in bed beside me. I rolled over and was off to sleep again until 7:30. Holy cow! I couldn’t believe we were sleeping in. I didn’t realize that Bill and Gibbs had already been up at 6 and out once. 😊 I had a really good sleep last night. We sorted clothes and I headed into town with a to-go tea to clean and do the laundry.

I do believe she's smiling!
I know I am. $6 and
she looks lovely.

It was a busy place this morning. My regular Sunday morning customers waited until today to come in. ‘Dollar Store guy’, ‘Looks like my brother-in-law guy’, 2 others I didn’t recognize and ‘young Foodland guy’ came in with his girlfriend. 😊 They are fun to banter with and it’s the first time I’ve seen her. Finally, he has a name so we exchanged them. Ryan and Natalie. Everyone was drying their clothes today; I think because the sky was very ‘iffy’.

Back home, Gibbs has been running around
following Daddy
Then he just konks out

He is in a position to still keep an eye
on Daddy-o ♥

I went to the Water Store to fill a bottle but for the first time ever, it said Sold Out. That’s what a long weekend does, he’s been closed for two days so I’ll get it on Wednesday. Back towards town, I stopped at the Car Wash. Ptooties was filthy, especially her backside from the rain and gravel roads. When I left there, she was sparkling. 😊

I worked hard on the garden
and in my head tried to plan what improvements
I can make this fall

I planted my Sedum in its own little corner

Lastly, I stopped at the bank to deposit some of my hard-earned cash into our Travel & Vacation account. With clean, dry, folded clothes, I headed home to Bill and Gibbs. He didn’t have his bark collar on so there were some ‘ruffs’ and ‘barks’ but he stopped pretty quickly at Bill’s admonishments. I think he is much better and within the time we have left at home, he’ll be ever so much improved.

When we trim the hill, my plants get lost in the weeds

Bill checked the Suite tires for pressure etc. as she’ll be taking a run this weekend and then he got the chain saw going to cut some of the bigger branches that my clippers can’t cut. Around the back field, the Hangar and then down at the front of the property where the tree came down in last year’s storm. I had to rescue him once when the mower wouldn’t start but that was an easy boost. 😊

You can't tell, but Bill was smiling and hoping 
when Gibbs and I walked to the mailbox
that we'd tour where he'd been trimming and cutting

I was very impressed with the large
cut area
All the little trees and stumps were gone

The turtles jumped as soon as we approached
except this brave little soul πŸ’“

While he did the tree trimming, I got drawn to the dreaded corral hill – again. I weeded around the little ‘tree bush’ that I planted the spring of ’21 (can’t recall the name) so it’s obvious for Bill when he trims there. Then I planted my new Sedum plant. It is turning pink and I think I have the perfect location. I hope so anyway. It is in a protected corner near the corral entrance. I added new soil and gave it a good watering. Then crawled around the bigger garden. I didn’t slip once but was very aware how easy it happens. I do believe it looks better but with all the stones and still some weeds, it’s hard to tell.

Little Mr. Brave Pants has to venture down to touch the water

it's a pretty little private area
and would be a great place to camp by

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and after he and Gibbs snoozed, he went out to cut the field grasses. The weather today was a bit cool to start. Even though I wore shorts to town, it was the kind of day that had you debating ‘long pants or shorts’? It gradually warmed up to 21C/70F at its peak before dropping back to 17C/64F around supper time.

Gibbs drinks from the rain pails
He's just the right height, as long as they are near full

I wonder what I can paint on these

I put my puzzle away and carried 3 pieces of slate into the Bunky. Time to get my paints out again and see if my creative genes are awake. Ha! The slate has been around the property and I’ve always wanted to add colour to them, just because. I painted a couple with partial base coats, still unsure how they’ll turn out. Bill walked by with a silly look on his face and after asking, he admitted that he “got a ‘wee’ bit stuck”. Oh my! The impish grin told the whole story. He was certainly entertaining himself!πŸ˜‚

That man! He drove Black Beauty down and so I walked down to see just what kind of mess he got into this time. He was just unhooking the rider, with mud on its tires and gouges in the ‘near the pond’ brush. I drove B.B. back up, almost afraid to leave him. I have to admit that one of the areas he was persistent to cut last summer is looking quite nice today. Gibbs checked out the pond’s edge while I took pictures.

He had just pulled the rider out

He has fun and it's harmless so I shouldn't be surprised😁

Stay out of trouble! 

He’s had the chain saw in there and cleaned out a lot of crappy little trees. 😊 Maybe we’ll have to have a cousins reunion weekend, he says. We often say how nice it would be if our grandchildren or children had an interest in camping up here. We have such perfect little hideaway spots for privacy. However, they don’t. πŸ˜’ Maybe Harvest Hosts? 😊

Following directions with a couple of minutes
extra, they were perfect

For supper, I had bacon wrapped tenderloins, potatoes and salad planned. At 6, I lit the Weber and did my best to keep it on low temp so when Bill came up to grill them, it wouldn’t be too hot. They turned out great. I cooked about half of the potatoes we had left; they were starting to turn since we don’t eat them too often. After dishes were cleaned up, Bill went to the Hangar for a couple of hours. Back to work tomorrow for both of us so we’ll enjoy the evening.

When Gibbs saw me drive up in Black Beauty,
he sat very quietly under the Suitein his bed 
I know he was thinking 'where's Daddy?'

Inside, while I wrote my blog post,
he was in dreamland πŸ’–

I worked on my blog but have to admit that I’m feeling very tired. It’s a calm evening and the sun is dropping below the horizon. From the Suite, I can’t see but a glimpse through the trees where a couple of weeks ago, it was still visible over the Hangar. Time’s a changin’ and shiftin’. Bill said today, 47 days left up here. Wow! This has been a fine day even though we ‘laboured’.

The sunset is harder to see now
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. Happy Labour Day!


  1. Busy day for you and Bill while I just layer on my lounge chair. Funny, Bill getting the mower stuck. That is a nice little pond. Keep in mind we love to see you three again if we aren't out of your travel plans.

    1. Sounds like you enjoyed the day for us all! :) Bill and the mower - funny, but he gets my eye rolls each time.
      We have actually mentioned a stop at your place but nothing is in stone yet. :)

  2. A wee bit stuck .... yup that's what I would say!! Bill certainly does keep the lawns looking fabulous!!!

    1. Bill is lucky I love him so much - getting stuck is becoming a past time for him!! haha

  3. Boys and their toys, :p
    Have a good week!

  4. You had a busy day... Glad that Bill did not get stuck too bad and managed to pull the mower out.

    God bless.