Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Week Shortens as Hump Day Arrives, Grandson’s Birthday

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 7th, the day started and ended a bit differently than the norm. We were both up for work between 6 and 6:30. Because Black Beauty was sleeping at Grey Bruce Fleet, and I needed the car, Bill had decided to take Jazz to Mike’s to meet Billy. That was made possible by another nice day in the forecast.

When Bill was about to leave
the fog had me concerned for his drive

When he left at 6:30, I was a tad worried at seeing the thick blanket of fog hovering around the Ridge. Not far behind him in Ptooties, I gave Gibbs his biscuit and soon realized that worry was not necessary. Baptist Church Road was clear as was the rest of the drive into Durham. The laundromat wasn’t cluttered today but the floors would need washing before I left.

Bill and Jazz ready for a cool ride
It was only 8C/48F

Be careful, Sweetie!

If you spill something, wouldn’t you use the paper towels and water to at least ‘try’ to clean it up? Anyway, good thing this morning was a cleaning day. 😊 I made quick work of the job; my routine is pretty much the same every time. I noticed that fuel had dropped another cent so I filled her up before I returned home to Gibbs. He would receive 4 biscuits today, huge responsibilities for a little guy!

When I left the Ridge it was looking like this
over the pond

On Baptist Church Road, it had cleared

We walked to the end of the lane before I finished getting ready for the other job. This means a change of clothes, into my ‘already grubby from the auto shop’ clothes. On a short week, I can make them last. Biscuit #2 for L.J G. It was a good 3 hours at M’s, just taping and papering to cover the inside of the box so he could paint the outside. This Chev has turned into a headache and we will both be glad when it is done. It will be pretty though! 😊

By my late afternoon trip to town
it was gorgeous

M proudly showed me through the ‘new’ apartment at a couple of changes he’s made according to the new tenant’s requests. Reasonable requests. He paid me and I told him I was going back into town after lunch so I could do a Home Hardware run for him at the same time. I washed up, had my lunch and drove back to the Mat to meet Kaitlyn this time. Biscuit #3. She was ialready there when I arrived and we’d agreed to meet to learn ‘a quick fix’ on the washers.

Home again, jiggity jig

It was funny to say the least, but we did manage to make some progress. Us two, socket wrenches and elastics not necessarily make for perfection! 😊 It was just over an hour when I left her alone to meet with the appliance repair man. She was hopeful to get most of the other machines back in working order before he left. I wished her luck! I did the H.H. stop and dropped the bag off at M’s on the way home.

One of the best salads I've ever had!

Gibbs and I spent the next hour and a bit outside together. It was a lovely day at 23C/73F, you could say perfect! He was off leash and never ventured off while I painted in the Bunky. Back in the Suite, I was happy to first hear, then see Jazz bringing my sweetie safely home before 4:30. We had plans to meet my two sisters and husbands at 6:30 near Owen Sound. Kettles is a favourite place to go and it will be a late celebration for my sister, Gayle.

Yummy lasagna

Boy, we clean up nice! 😊 It was a great meal, although I ate too much. The Caesar salad was the best I’ve had in a long time and the lasagna and garlic bread were also very good. I was stuffed and still brought half of my entrée home. It was around 9 when we finished washing the day’s dishes by hand and Bill finished making a lunch. I was surprised when he kissed me goodnight and he went to bed. That’s rare but I knew he was tired.

This family photo turned out great
my camera shows Bill's shirt as orange and it is as bright red
as it could be
Strange, because the ketchup is red. ???

After taking Gibbs out for his last piddle at 9:30, I joined the family upstairs. I, too, dropped off easily. This was a great day. Today is my 2nd oldest biological grandson's birthday so I would be remiss if I didn't wish Jacob a Happy 25th birthday! Jake was born the year Bill and I got married so his age should always be easy to remember! 💗

The moon is gorgeous and bright

98% visible tonight
Sunday it will be full.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. You and Gibbs had a busy day and he deserved those biscuits.

    The salad and lasagna look awesome. Makes me want to make a lasagna tonight, but going to stick with chicken.

    God bless.

    1. Gibbs certainly worked hard for those biscuits! :) He slept through his shifts!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jacob!
    Your meal looks delicious - especially the Caesar salad. I haven't had a restaurant in ages.

    1. Thank you, I'm sure he enjoyed his 25th birthday. :) that salad was awesome!!

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob! OH that salad looks amazing! So does the lasagna and that bread. You're making me hungry! Bet Bill enjoyed riding Jazz to work! You are a good little worker! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley. I missed wishing you a Happy Anniversary, I'm so bad when things are posted on FB and then to keep caught up on blogs. I hope it was an awesome day! ♥