Monday, September 19, 2022

How Things Change from One Day to the Next

The Ridge

On Monday, Sept. 19th Gibbs and I got up around 6:30 when we knew Bill was close to leaving for work. Because I cleaned the Mat last night when we did our laundry, I didn’t have to head into town this morning. 😊 It did mean that I wouldn’t be in to clean until Wednesday morning but Sage would be in once in between and Kaitlyn had no problem with it.

Moonflowers are still blooming!

So, after saying goodbye to Bill, Gibbs sat with me while I had my tea and a banana with yogourt. I took a few snacks on the weekend but ended up bringing most of them home. Other than my tea bags, a banana and cheese strings, I didn’t require a snack while in the cottage. Our meals out were very filling. I didn’t even have one of my coolers, just one in the bar on Saturday night. I’ll enjoy the snacks here at home, along with the drinks!

I think someone is happy that Mom is home

Gibbs and I went for our walk, not too far though as the clouds were quite black. I was sure it was going to rain any minute. It was to be a cooler day than it has been, only 18C/66F, compared to 25C/77F with humidity on top of that. At least that is what it was in Niagara. We did get some rain, very light, at some point in the morning. I gave Gibbs his biscuit and left for M’s at 9:25. He came out to greet me and asked about my weekend with the girls.

The same for me 😉

Then he informed me that the truck still isn’t finished and we can’t bring it outside. That means the VW can’t go in for me to work on so he really had no work for me again this week. Plus, his funds are low so couldn’t pay me. I appreciated the honesty and the time off. I know that means no extra cash in my pocket but it is what it is and I have plenty to do at home.


My little guy was happy to see me, as if I’d been gone my full 3-hour shift, , so we sat together for a while. I had to make some phone calls and do a bit of online stuff. Making use of my time at home, I cleaned out the coffee table (it has the lift top and can be a bit of a catchall), 3 upper cupboards and 1 lower cupboard. That felt good as I purged a few things for the ‘donation’ bags.

My boys had their afternoon snooze

I made myself a lunch plate around 12 noon and then Gibbs and I went outside to the Bunky. Again, he had no bark collar on but he stayed right around the patio and step for the whole hour. What a good little guy he is. 😉 I put away my paints, trying to decide what to do with them for the winter. Take or leave? I haven’t decided yet. If I leave them home, I have to rely on my friends or my sister to store them for me so they don’t freeze. Bummer.

After the snooze, Bill went out to cut grass
Here he is in the long grass up on the berm
beside my garden
No comment 😁

I sorted the 1000-pc. puzzles that will go with us and brought in the bag of books I got at the free Book Sale a few (2?) months ago. I have some inside that can be swapped out to the Bunky, and some to be donated, that I’ve read and Bill isn’t likely to this winter.  That was enough sorting for today, I have all week. So, I started getting out the ingredients for some keto cookies.

It was soon after that Bill texted that he was almost home. That’s our code for: “is Gibbs inside?” Gibbs has a wheel/tire fetish and it is hard to make him wait for the vehicle to stop before he can do his job checking them. :O He does check every single one when we stop though, thoroughly. 😊 There must be a smell he is attracted to, burnt rubber? LOL

Daddy came home but went out to cut grass

Under Gibbs' watchful eye
Look at those little legs

I carried on with the ingredients but couldn’t mix right away because it was snooze time for my boys. After they had an ample rest, I got the mixer out and gently began working on the noisy part of the recipe. It’s okay, they were awake. Bill went out to cut grass and I finished with the cookies. They look good and when I was finished and Bill came in, he got a taste. Of course. He said they are very good.

Gibbs checks out the new area
but he came to me when I called him 

The recipe called for them to be a sandwich cookie but I had so much filling that I spread it on each one instead. It just means that I can’t stack ‘n store them but they will last longer! 😊 For supper, I made the Keto Taco Pie that we’ve had before. It was a success then and tonight. We had leftover potatoes so I added corn to them when frying and with sour cream, it became pretty close to a Mexican meal.

This was a good meal with leftovers
for tomorrow

After dishes, Bill made his lunch – or actually it was before – and we enjoyed a quiet evening together. I was stuffed, no room even for a cookie, until later. This has been a nice day. After communicating with Kaitlyn, I’m going in to clean in the morning and that will help me in the long run, my last day will be Oct. 20th. Plus I now have the week off! 😊

It was supposed to make 32 cookies but i
guess I made them too big
Now I have to cover them somehow.
Good night!

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  1. Ooohhhh cookies!!!! Bring your paints. We’ll go look for rocks to paint.

    1. Okay! I'll bring them! ♥ Um, the cookies are delicious and guilt free!

  2. My theory is that Gibbs doesn't care where the rubber meets the road on the tired, he wants to know if any other dog has marked that tire since it's been off his domain.

  3. That lunch looks like my cup of tea - I must be a closet keto person, lol. I'm with Nancy, take the paints, it's better to have them and not want them than the other way around IMHO.

  4. I'm guessing you'd miss having the paints when you're settled in somewhere for a week or two this winter. I'm sure you'll want something creative to do so I agree with the others, take them with you.
    I figured Gibbs would be over the moon to see you home again. What a sweet puppy!

    1. I think it's unanimous about the paints! Thank you, just needed the push. Now to make room for them. ;)

  5. Replies
    1. The cookies are sooo good and taste like oatmeal but only almonds. Truly keto!

  6. That second picture is adorable. He missed you!