Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Our Day in London

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Sept. 14th none of us got up until close to 7. Gibbs hadn’t even been out yet, going back to sleep at 5:30 when Bill told him to. “It isn’t time yet, go back to sleep”. And he did. Gosh, I love this little guy. We discussed the day over our morning drinks and cereal and planned the stops we would make. With Gibbs coming along, we could make itThe sky was  more leisurely and include a few things.

The sky soon after we left West Grey
It got better as we got closer to London

We left at 8:30 and arrived in London around 11. First stop was Costco, southwest corner of the city and then we followed the gps to the northwest corner to Byron. This is where Gary, a flying friend of Bill’s, and an avid reader of my blog 😊, lives. Bill is buying something from him so it was a stop we wanted to fit into the busy day. It was noon hour and we wanted to be across town at our new doctor’s office by 1 for our appointments at 1:30.

Thank you for letting me come along
Mom and Daddy 💕

Where can we eat along the way? Bill chose to take Adelaide St. S. and when he saw Grama & Grampa’s chip wagon was open, that solved the problem. What a good choice! It sure doesn’t look like much but their food made up for it. A burger and fries combo for each of us was just what we needed. It would have cost us more to go to a burger joint so this, even though more costly than it used to be, was the right choice.

Stratford's Avon River

The only reason I took this picture is that it seems
proper for Stratford. 
I love red brick buildings framed in black, adorned with greenery

Yes, we left Gibbs in the car with windows down for our appointment, which was just around the hour. Our doctor is young and very pleasant. I feel as long as I can speak openly, make a joke or two to get a laugh, things will be just fine. And the good news is that I felt comfortable and got the results I was looking for. He met with both of us together and updated our files with any new information since our last check up with our former doc. Yup, I think he’ll do! 😊

the 401 highway was a busy one this morning

We drove home after another walk around for our little sweetie. He looked after the car just fine and was sleeping when I returned first. The drive home was uneventful, thank goodness, getting out of the crazy traffic in the city being the hardest part. I relieved Bill from driving about 20 minutes from home and we walked in the door around 5:30. We’re so glad we didn’t leave Gibbs at home for the day, it was too long and we’d have worried about him.

He didn't sleep much at all on the drive to and from London
so I'm glad he did when we were in the dr.'s office

We weren’t hungry for supper so I had Madame IP boil some eggs for egg salad and then made Bill’s sandwich for work. We had a cup of tea and I had cheese and a snack. This was a successful day. Meeting our new doctor has been on our minds for a while.

Bill ran in to Costco to get the few things on our list
I stayed with Gibbs

Interesting price of fuel in London at this one station
It's coming down!

We have a few follow up things, for either now or when we return in the spring. Nothing of concern, just normal checks to tick off all the boxes for Dr. Obute. The weather was quite nice today, with about 8 degrees different here than in the big city 2 ½ hours away. Typical, it's Ontario.

These burgers were homemade and delicious!
The fries were pretty good as well
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to!


  1. It's always stressful to have to get a new doctor so I'm glad this worked out for you ... but what a long drive to go and see your doctor!

    1. Yes, I felt the anxiety in the previous few days. A shingles breakout was the result so I'm very glad he is a nice man and we both like him. Driving to London won't be a regular occasion (we hope) so it shouldn't bother us too much. :)

  2. Please don't get me wrong as I do enjoy reading your blog, but your photos just seem to be thrown in and are kind of disjointed from what you've written at times.

    1. My photos are thrown in, true. I can't deny it but if I only put one pix in under the paragraph that it is mentioned, you'd have a lot of writing and very few photos. Sorry, it's just the way it happens. It is why I comment under each picture. Thanks for the comment.

  3. You can put all pics of Gibbs if you like. LOVE seeing that cute face. And the burger ... YUM!! Sounds like a good day. Lucky you ... every time I go to the doctor (which is rarely) I get another new face, whether I like them or not.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I can't disagree with the disjointed comment but it's just the way it happens. I'm not a pro! :)

  4. I love your pictures any way I can get them LOL. Yeah those yearly DR appointments always raise my blood pressure (literally)...I'm sure Gibbs was happy to spend the day with you both!

    1. Thank you Shirley, you are sweet to say that. :) We've not been to see our doctor (any doctor) since before the dreaded Covid so it was a necessary visit. Gibbs would have been too long if we left him home, we couldn't do that to him. ♥

  5. Well done in finding a new family doctor. That's near impossible here so I'm stuck with my less than considerate guy. It took three tries to find him when my former doctor retired. :(
    Gibbs is such a good pup. Yeah, for the fuel prices dropping (we're at 151.9 here). That will be a help when you head south I'm sure.

    1. Thank you. There are waiting lists here at home for doctors so we were glad to have our previous doctor transfer our records to one. Even 2 1/2 hours away, it is better than not having one at all. :)
      The gas prices can keep coming down, right? :)