Friday, September 2, 2022

A Nice Beginning to the Weekend

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 2nd, I lazed in bed with Gibbs while Bill got his act together and got ready for work. I always feel a bit sad when I have the day off and he doesn’t. After he left at 6:30, Gibbs and I went for our walk. 

It seems funny not to have the Silver Bullet beside us

Down the lane and the road to the west. It was going to be a lovely day, already a balmy 16C/62F. Back home, I had my tea and some cereal before going out to cut grass.

A beautiful morning for a walk

Gibbs was tied to his rope at the steps so had shade, water and a good view of what was going on. I didn’t put his bark collar on yet, and not a peep was heard. 😊 The grass looks 100% better with a trim, just like we all do! It is a sure-fire way to warm up, if I were cold. I wasn’t cold at all and was happy to get my hat off when I was finished. Boy, does that do a number on sweaty hair!

I let him take the lead up the laneway

It looks so much better all trimmed up

and that is some messy hair, my friends!!

And he sits on me as 'we' cool down in the shade
Gosh, I love this little guy

Gibbs wanted to stay out when I came inside, so I removed the mats and got the vacuum out. The floors were overdue for a good cleaning. When the little guy is indoors while I do this, he wants to wrestle with the vacuum head. Strange why they do that. This way, it was quicker and much easier for me to get ‘er done. The rest of the morning was sorting through my memory cupboard.

My lunch was tortilla chips with leftover sloppy joe
and shredded cheese - delicious

I was looking for my small binder of poems that I’ve written over the years. I didn’t find the binder but did find a handful of my writings so it wasn’t a wasted search. Then, we went outside together, Gibbs and I. He ran for a bit and then I put him on his leash while I worked on the puzzle. He is sure getting used to our life style. He watched the big tractor in the back field, disking and getting ready for the next planting, but without a sound.

The farmer returned to the fields
and remained until he finished disking/ploughing

It's always interesting to watch the big machinery 
turn corners
He finished in no time at all!

When Bill came in at 4:30, he did bark a couple of times but soon got ‘notification’ and stopped. We say ‘no bark’ when that happens, as one of my commenters suggested, and pray that it is working for him. We all hopped in the truck and drove over to the Acreage to get a bladder of water and have a short half hour visit with Donna and Gerry. They had just arrived for a couple of days. Since it was close to supper time, we didn’t stay long.

Within 15 minutes, Gibbs and I noticed a flock of
seagulls overhead and then land in the field
Lots of good food out there!

This little fella is so good
and he loves his bed from Keith

Toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches with a cob of corn between us was our supper. We opted for an ice cream cone for dessert instead of cheesecake and it was a nice switch. 😊 The evening was quiet, Bill had a bit of a snooze right after supper and then took Black Beauty down to the Hangar to get things ready for his morning of flying.

Simple supper but it was very good

This has been a nice day and it felt great to just putter around home. Tomorrow, I’ll be running some errands. Did you happen to see the moon last night? It was 26% Waxing Crescent and reading about it, I learned that it was just 5 hours old. A real ‘New Moon’. It was a lovely orange colour in our neighbourhood so I’m wondering how it will look tonight?

Tonight's sunset showed sme just how much the
earth has shifted 
the sun used to be over the Hangar

The second night of the Waxing Crescent - 36% tonight
This time, in the southwest sky
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Had a big dust storm go thru here about 2 hours ago (Phoenix area) and so I can't find the moon tonight. Sure looks nice in your area! Gibbs sure is a good dog!

    1. Woo, dust storms would not be fun. Dust in your shorts! :(
      Thanks, we think Gibbs is a pretty good littlecompanion too.

  2. You look cute in your shorter hair cut Patsy. Gibbs certainly is a good little pup.

    1. Ha ha, especially sticking up all over the place! thank you! Yes, we have to agree.

  3. Happy to hear the "no bark" is working for him. He's such a darling.

  4. I have to admit there's not much better than staying home with my critter!! Love that pic of Gibbs walking himself!!!

  5. The photo of Gibbs in the laneway with his leash is simply adorable. What a cutie!
    I went to bed too early last night to see the moon - I'll have to take a wander out tonight to check it out.
    Have a wonderful long weekend!

    1. He is so proud when he can carry the leash.
      The moon was pretty. Thank you, hope you're enjoying your weekend too.