Sunday, September 18, 2022

Home Suite Home (teehee)

The Ridge

On Sunday, Sept. 18th I was up around 6:30 and when I went out to the living room, Audrey was already up. I made a cup of tea and proceeded to finish yesterday’s blog post – as you’ve noticed by now. This was our last morning of the weekend together but we didn’t have to check out until 11. There were antique shops down the street with a restaurant nearby.

We all took turn sitting outside on the
back patio this morning before checkout
Nice yard even with apple trees

We checked out around 10 and drove down the block to peruse them before we ate. The first one was a really great one, with lots to see and a large area with displays. I saw a couple of things that I remember being in my parent’s home as a child. 😊 The second one was mostly jewellery and glassware so not as interesting to me. We walked further down the street to Silks Restaurant and took advantage of their ‘all day breakfast’. Most of us missed our egg meals.

I loved this Arizona display
in the antique shop
Silks restaurant where I had the
Everything Omelet with home fries

Back at the vehicles, Donna and I rode with Wendy and Cathy and Audrey rode with Gayle. We drove as far as Fergus where we met again at the Walmart and said our goodbyes. Donna and Gayle traded places, don’t ask, and we made our way to separate destinations. It rained off and on until we were closer to home and had stopped completely by the time Wendy dropped me off at home. Bill and Gibbs were outside waiting for me. What a greeting!

It was an uneventful drive home
Go west, Wendy!

I unpacked while Bill told me about his weekend and then I returned the favour, filling him in on mine. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my 5 sisters but I have to admit that it is great to be home as well. Home Suite Home. 😊 Bill and I talked about when I would do laundry but with cleaning in the morning and then having to be at M’s shop for 9:30, it was going to be quite rushed. My suggestion was that both of us go in tonight, so just after 5, we did that.

Changing fall colours
Fun Fall Fair displays

A beautiful skyful of clouds

While there, why not clean? I took care of the cleaning while our 2 loads were in the washers and we folded the dry clothes together. Back home, Bill grilled the sausages and we had them on a bun. Nice and simple. I’ve been spoiled all weekend by eating meals other people prepared and now at home, Bill did that for me. 😊 He made his lunch and I filled our pill containers for the week before working on today’s blog.

Supper and sunset

This has been a great day; we had a good drive home and it was a wonderful finish to a fun weekend. 

Why I love to come home 💓
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!