Thursday, September 8, 2022

End of Our Work Week, Getting Ready to Move, Losing a Monarchy

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 8th I woke from more stupid dreams at 6:30 and I felt exhausted. Other than getting up to say goodbye to Bill, I would just as soon have stayed in bed. He says I don’t need to get up when I’m not scheduled to clean but it doesn’t feel right letting him go off without a kiss. When he left, in Ptooties today, Gibbs and I sat together while I wrote yesterday’s blog post and had my tea and cereal.

I watched the day begin with this sunrise

We took ourselves out for a walk, he took me and I took him, down to the corner. As we got to North Line, I saw Gloria, our neighbour from 3 homes to the east, coming our way. She’s always happy to see Gibbs and he loves to see anyone. We chatted for a while and then each went on our way. I was able to sit with the little guy and worked on my Wordle and Phrazle games and successfully guessed one of the Heardle songs this morning! 😊

I didn't take pictures all day so our supper
was the first one
It was good though!

I left for M’s before 9:30 and had a bit of a weird morning. I was in a good mood but he’d not started off so great for one reason or another. We are both tired of working on the truck, it seems Mike is getting very picky all of a sudden and every little pebble bump has to be re-sanded, re-primed and re-painted. Frustrating. Anyway, my mood deteriorated when M shared all this with me and ended up worse altogether when he and his ‘electrical/carpenter’ helper had me run into town twice for parts. “Make a da*n list!” is all I said.

I thought I'd try something new
I'll let you know!

He paid me for our fuel and apologized for their oversight but that wasn’t the point. Just know what you need before I drive in is all I asked. Sometimes, a steady job of sanding, sanding, sanding is good for calming. I was pleased with how the tailgate and sides ended up. There is a happy medium, and I think I finally found it. M was happy with the job. I may not be working next week because of where he stands on the paint job but we’ll see. A week off would be fine with me!

Gibbs watches our every move

Back home, I was greeted by a quiet, happy pooch and he was well rewarded with loving and his favourite treat. I had my leftover lasagna for lunch and then started putting things away from the dressers and counters. I closed upper cupboards and those in the bedroom with the small bungee cord thingys. 😉 Yup, the Suite is going for a run tomorrow! With as much stored as I could today, I gave Gibbs another biscuit and drove into Durham.

A glimpse from inside of the sun saying goodbye

I needed to pick up milk, bread and a card for our retiring cousin. That’s where we’re headed for the weekend. I also dropped off my collected bottles and cans at the Beer Store and picked up a couple of Spritzers to try. Not sure if I’ll like them, depends on how much they taste like beer……..not my favourite taste, but I’ll drink them regardless.

The clouds are lovely

Bill was home at 4, which was a nice surprise for both of us. He changed and then took Black Beauty back into town once more to fuel up and fill a propane tank. The day had warmed up considerably, now resting at 25C/77F. A beautiful afternoon! I checked a lottery ticket that I bought yesterday and won BIG! I got a free play! Woohoo! I’ve learned not to grumble at small wins, because I usually get nothing. 😊

This should keep the hummers hanging around
until we return

We had toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches for supper. Neither of us were too hungry and that fit the bill just perfectly. I believe some chips might be the snack for tonight. This has been a great day and a lovely evening. Two days ago, my hummers had disappeared. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of days. Yesterday, they returned and today they are frequenting my feeder. I should boil some more food for them tonight so they don’t get discouraged over the weekend. Good plan!

There is that moon again, in the southeast sky

The pink sky to the west

The Suite looks heavenly in the moon's glow 
She has no idea she's moving out tomorrow

Today, as you all know, we lost a Monarch. Our Queen Elizabeth II was born 4 days after Mom and Mom never forgot that. She thought it was pretty special to share her birthday month/week with the Queen. 💖 

this is how I think of her

A picture I found on line from 2000

The Queen held reign for 70 years plus 214 days, the longest of any British monarch. Can you even imagine holding a position for that length of time and as she said herself, a position that was constantly linked with her 'home' life. I think God truly Saved the Queen as she can now reunite with her husband and touch His hand if she chooses. RIP.

My favourite
so natural, happy
Probably laughing at something Prince Philip
said to her 💗
A question that will come back often in the coming years:
"What were you doing when.....?"
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. So sorry to hear about the Queen, since now her son takes over. I don't think he's anyone's choice. May she Rest In Peace with her husband.

  2. The Queen, such a lovely lady! Our Daughter in laws like the hard seltzer, but ours are made with vodka :) There are some made with beer here too. Congrats to your cousin! Should be a fun weekend for you two! I know on some projects Ken will run into town a few times because in the middle he'll think of something else that's missing or something. Luckily, the little hardware store is only 8 miles or so one way. Dinner looks perfect!

    1. Thank you Shirley. Yes, Bill often does the same thing and I shouldn't grumble about the trips because our hardware is only a few miles away too.

  3. No hummers here for about five days, so I brought them all in for a wash and put them away. We have bears hanging about too so lets not tempt fate.
    We knew the time was drawing close for our beloved Queen. It's still a big sad moment though isn't it? God save the Queen, God save the King.

    1. I guess the hummers are preparing for their south trip just like we are!

  4. Congratulations to your cousin - wishing them a happy retirement!
    At the very least M and his helper could have texted you to let you what more they needed on their first trip. Hope the paint job is done soon and out of the shop.
    I was slightly shocked at the news of QEII's death. There was a photo from two days prior of her greeting the new Prime Minister. She looked frail but the bright smile was still present.

    1. Thank you for Peter's wishes.
      It will be nice to have the truck done and I know it will look great - it's just been a process getting there this time. :)
      I love the Queen's smile - makes me think of how Mom always had that lovely smile too. ♥

  5. Make a list is right. Mind you lately even with a list I have missed picking up a few items.....

    One minute Queen Elizabeth was being told she needed to rest, the next minute her family was rushing to her side. I went out for coffee and was only gone for 1 1/2 hours and she was gone. So shocking. It is going to take some time to get used to singing God Save The King.

    God bless.

    1. You are right, we all forget things but these guys seemed really scatterbrained today! haha
      The Queen did go fast, maybe for the best. I also can't imagine singing GSTK!!