Saturday, September 24, 2022

Do I Feel Special? Yes, Indeedy!

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 23rd I woke up to my hubby crawling across the bed with “Happy Birthday, Sweetie”. ♥♥ I’d already received loving cuddles from Gibbs who curled up on my shoulder with his cheek next to mine and went back to sleep. Gosh, I love my boys! Bill had to go to work so left around 7:45 and Gibbs and I settled in together with my tea.

A beautiful birthday morning

I had a blog to finish so thought I would get that done. At 7:30, my son called and got some brownie points for being first. 😊 At 8, Gibbs and I walked down to the corner. It was certainly cool and I wore my down-filled coat with mini gloves and a scarf. A friend called while we were walking with birthday wishes and after we got back, my daughter was next in line with the phone calls. Bill had posted on FB with a wish so it was piling up with greetings from many friends.

Walking with my favourite furry 💗

23 geese are gathering on the pond
making plans
Nice to see them again, all fat and primed for flying

I received personal messages from Bill’s 4 daughters and there were a few cards that came by mail. Talk about feeling special! I never regret having a birthday, nor getting a year older as it means I’m still here, alive and kicking and it sure beats the alternative!

Duncan and Patty packing up for today's journey

Bye guys!
Gibbs is saying "but, but, where are my friends going? Duncan??" 

Patty and Duncan were packing up slowly and at a few minutes before 10, Gibbs and I went out for goodbye hugs and s’longs! We’ll miss seeing them over the next 7 months so will have to keep in touch with each other. Next spring, their sign will be out waiting for their periodic visits. It has been wonderful seeing them so much. 😊

The Sharp sign will be removed and stored away now
Just looking down the lane, it is definitely Autumn

After they left, I returned to the table and finally posted my blog from Thursday. It wasn’t long after I finished that Gibbs and I went out and Bill came up the drive.

My dahlias are still blooming 💖
I hope you can see the spindly tree in this picture
It is loaded with apples
but they, like most others up here, are not 'spot/worm' free

A half day of work for him on this Friday and that was perfect. They’d finished their job in Neustadt of installing a railing around a house porch. We had the rest of the day to ourselves and we got lazy. The sun made some appearances and it was warm but if you were in the shade, the chilly 8C/45F didn’t have us outside for too long.

Don't think cards are a dying art
Other than a phone call, they are still my favourite way of sending wishes

Bill and I got dressed nicely and left Gibbs in charge while we drove to Walkerton for my birthday dinner. We picked Donna and Gerry up in Hanover on the way through and met Gayle and John at Old Joe’s Cabin around 6:30. Service was a bit slow, which we couldn’t quite understand since it wasn’t busy but there seemed to be a lot of take outs too. The food was good, fish and chips for Bill and I and we each had a celebratory drink. 😊

My gift from Donna
From the techniques we sisters learned last summer,
she made this for all of our birthdays

We were home by 9, I think, and watched a pre-recorded 2-hour episode of The Voice. I was happy it was on our PVR so Bill could zip through commercials, I was SOOOO tired! Gibbs was too and we were in bed as soon as the program was over – and sound asleep in no time. Donna gave me a homemade applique poster on canvas board with my Archangel, Michael and Bill found exactly what I wanted on his way home from work.

The haddock and fries were delicious!
I love the crispy coating on the fish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day at least half of what I have, I'm so blessed!

Time for a picture
Good night!

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