Monday, November 14, 2022

A Nice Way to Start the Week

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Monday, Nov. 14th we were up again by 7:30. Gibbs and I went for our walk, this time down by the lake. Of course, someone was intrigued by the water but I managed to keep his little paws dry. 😊 I witnessed a blue or grey (?) heron take off twice, we just weren’t quiet enough to sneak up so I could get a picture. It was still beautiful to watch the slow glide across to the other bank.

We walked down to the lake this morning
The ducks and coots were out and waking
up the neighbourhood with their calls

I'm sure you've seen these critters from our last visits here
The Yuma Lakes creations

This one is actually peeking one eye out from under
his straw hat
Can you see it?
I love these

The cacti around the Sales office

Home, I had my tea and a bowl of Life cereal.  Today, we were on the same page and by 9, we left Gibbs in charge of our home and drove to Yuma Foothills. It was the closest Fry’s grocery store, by about 8 minutes, and that was all we had on our shopping agenda today. We managed to get most of what was on our list and I’m happy to say that our freezer is full. It sure has been tough coming up with meal ideas with what was in there.

On the way to and from Fry's, we saw the
buses that bring the workers in

And they are hard at it in the fields

We were home by 11 and I sat outside with Gibbs for a while, reading. Bill was inside doing the same. We’ve not read so much in a long time! It is so nice to be able to get some of the books cleaned out of our book cupboard. 😊 So far, I’ve donated 3 to the clubhouse library. 

In case you missed seeing our little 
'watcher', he hasn't changed one bitπŸ’“

We had a small lunch of cheese and crackers knowing that we’d be eating supper early. Tonight, is our program night and with the time change, they start at 6.

On top of milk, cream, eggs and some shelf items,
we made out like bandits for less than $125. today 
At least 18 meals worth here

I went up to the puzzle at 1 but wore my bathing suit under my clothes. I was pleased to see that someone was helping with the puzzle and I added quite a few pieces of my own before at 2, I went over to the pool. 

There was a wind today too but sitting on a lounge chair with my book, I was sheltered from it. There was another couple that came in for a swim but mostly I was alone. A quick dip around 3, a quick dry off and I wandered home around 3:30.

Supper was delicious
this fish was messy, but that didn't affect
the taste

We sat together to read some more and at 5 we started supper. The fish (pollock) and fries were perfect. After he loaded the dishwasher, Bill took Gibbs for a walk to the back of the park and I washed the pans. We’ve enjoyed this day; it has been a beautiful 70F/22C. Dare I say ‘Perfect’? At 6, we watched The Voice and recorded our other 3 programs to watch either later tonight or this week.

From our site to you
good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to!


  1. Such a beautiful day. Those special creations look very nice. Had to laugh at Gibbs. Sitting on his butt like a person. Just checking out the neighborhood. You'll have show me how you're able to have white borders with words in them when we meet later.

  2. It does sound like a nice way to start the week!!!

  3. Such a nice park. It is so cute how Gibbs keeps an eye on things. Good haul at the grocery store!

  4. What a nice day! Glad you're enjoying the warmth and sun.

  5. That seems like the perfect park. Out of the way so it's a little quieter, yet close enough to Yuma to go shopping.

  6. Nice pictures of the park and the fields. Great that there's not too many people at the pool! All you'd find would be ice in ours LOL. Great haul at Fry's.

  7. In comparison, do you find the prices for groceries to be the same in the US for what you paid here in Canada? Enjoy your stay at this RV park, it looks lovely.

  8. What a lovely day to enjoy that pool.

    Gibbs always looks so cute sitting like that.

    God bless.

  9. Well it wasn't a perfect day here! It was cold!

  10. What are those crops growing out there? So very very green. Glad you've had such a pleasant day.