Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Quiet Easy Day

Pilot Knob LTVA

On Sunday, Nov. 6th we took our time getting up, it was 7:30. I took Gibbs for a little walk to the west across the blm desert. There was a bit of wind but it was a lovely morning around 53F/12C feeling much more like 60F/15C with that clear sunny sky beating down. I made a tea when I returned and had a cut up banana with milk and cream.

This is us

You will get a kick out of the fact that since we arrived in Arizona, Gibbs has been eating both breakfast and supper meals without ‘cheese’ encouragement. It has happened almost as quickly as his refusal to eat happened when we arrived back home in the spring. What the? I guess he loves Az as much as we do! 😊 After my tea was done and I’d read blogs, Gibbs and I went out to sit.

Gibbs wanted to be on the steps with
his Daddy

In case you can't tell, this little
monster has a rock in his mouth

The flies were pretty much non-existent for the first while as I played my Wordle games. Such a beautiful view all around us, certifying our love of this dry landscape. Bill joined us for a while, sitting on the steps under the shade of the awning and then he let Gibbs off his rope to play ‘fetch’ with his blue toy from home. That’s what we call it, his toy.

After they played 'fetch the toy', someone
was very tired 💓

When I got too hot, I rejoined them both inside and got into the book that I’ve just started. A J.A. Jance, Web of Evil and I’m caught up in it already. This one is involving Ali Reynolds as the main character. We discussed supper meals and agreed to get back to our ‘more proper’ way of eating, forgoing potatoes more often and eating salads. With that in mind, I cooked bacon and eggs for lunch as another way of getting back on track. 😊

A walk through the property
Don't those sand dunes look fun?

After dishes, Bill and Gibbs went upstairs to watch a movie (& likely have a nap) and I slipped out for my walk. Today, I walked west and ended up near the park. From the back, looking in through the fence I could see that Pilot Knob RV Resort has a lot of empty sites. Well, I guess it is only early November so perhaps it will fill up later. Since Thousand Trails took over the park, their prices have increased too much for our budget.

Someone put a lot of thought into this
These brown stones are pressed right into the ground

When I returned, I was quite warm/hot so just got my water bottle out and sat with my book. Gibbs went back and forth between Bill and I from upstairs to downstairs and often he ended up stretched out across the cooler floor. The wind picked up this afternoon and the breeze coming in through the windows was quite welcome.

Pretty yellow flowers that
grow in the desert

Peeking in through the fence
I see that Jim and Linda have returned

And I see that our spot is empty as is the
whole row we were on

For supper, we had pork kabobs with Caesar salad and it was very good. Unless we have a cookie or one of my cinnamon roll cheesecakes, we’ll skip dessert tonight. This was a really nice quiet day here at home.

Such a tired little guy

A quick, easy and tasty supper
Yes, one pork kabob was enough
Good night

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Reads like a good day in the desert. Sad that the park raised its rates I know you always enjoyed your time there. Take care.

    1. It is sad about the park and it is our loss as well as theirs. A small increase we understand, but it jumped 250/mth.

  2. It's a shame that the park raised the prices. I recall you really enjoyed staying there.
    Enjoy that warmth - I could use a little of it myself. :)

    1. It is a shame. We've been going to the park since our first year in 2016.

  3. OMG your dinner looks so yummy! I love salads but when it's 30 degrees outside, not so tempting LOL. That is too bad about the RV Park and that's a horrible increase in prices!

    1. Thank you Shirley. The kabobs were tasty, we enjoy them. I agree about salads on cold days though, we don't eat them then either. :)

  4. Have fun out there you guys. Lots of room to spread out for sure. Too bad about Pilot Knob increase, but you get the views without the prices. .....and no pool of course :-(

    1. Hey Dave! Thank you! It is sad about the increase and I do miss the pool and the games we played with our friends in there.

  5. We have two sets of relatives that winter in Arizona and they just love it. One set has a rather large home down there and the other has a mobile home in a park. Perhaps one day we will have to make a point of traveling down for a visit. We have another set that lives in Florida for the winter.....

    Snowing, windy and cold here on the Canadian Prairies.

    God bless.

    1. You definitely need to visit family here in AZ when you can. At least once! ;) Sorry about the weather but it helps to justify why we are here.