Wednesday, November 23, 2022

We’ve Moved!

La Posa South LTVA

On a beautiful morning, Wednesday, Nov. 23rd we moved out of the park. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Gibbs and I got up at 10 to 8 and went for our walk. I was a bit stymied when I realized that it was only 42F/6C and had to go back upstairs for my hoodie (w/o hood) to wear under my windbreaker. Yesterday was the total opposite! It was still a lovely walk as the wind was minimal and the sun was plentiful. 😊

Gibbs and I walked around the park
To the permanent 'homes' section
Beauty grows in the barren earth

All hooked up
Leaving the park we pass Redondo Lake

Bill was up when we returned and we started the slow process of having our long showers, I had my tea and we read a few blogs. Bill had most of the outside stuff put away yesterday so it was just the weather station, satellite and tank dump to do. We’d said 11, we’d leave but we were ready by 10 and we were on the highway. I mumbled “goodbye pool” as we drove past the clubhouse, making Bill roll his blue eyes at me. 😉

the Aerostat blimp

Pretty straight route on I-95

Funny thing is, I’ve had the enjoyment of it for a few nice days and won’t miss it as much as I’m letting on I will. Other experiences await us! We had a very pleasant easy drive along I-95 to Quartzsite. I was pleased when I finally was able to get a picture of the Aerostat blimp in the Yuma Proving Grounds. We look for it each time we travel that route but through our reflective, often dirty, windows at 65 mph, my picture has never been clear enough.

I don't know the mountain range names
so I won't pretend to name them for you
We start to see Saguaros and teddy bear cholla cacti
The Ocotillos are not green yet like they are further west

The scenery is beautiful along here and as we leave the agricultural fields and associated workers behind; we welcome the mountains and landscape that is dotted with saguaros and cholla cacti. We haven’t seen many up to this point so I’m happy about that. We arrived at La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az around 11:30, paid our $40 for 2 weeks and were set up on the best spot we’ve had since we started coming here. In my opinion, anyway. 😊

Home Suite Home

Bill had the mat, table, barbecue, weather station, chairs and Gibbs’ bed set up by the time I finished dusting and putting things back together inside. After I had a quesadilla for lunch and Bill had cheese and crackers, we got the satellite setup and relaxed for the rest of the day. The winds were almost non-existent and I sat outside with my book for a couple of hours.

We even have a flower in our front garden!

Gibbs was in and out with Daddy, then me, sleeping and keeping other campers at bay. Ha ha, low grumbles and occasional barks indicated someone was too close for his liking. 

A view of the desert and our garden
Lunch and relaxing with my book
It was hot at 70F/21C!!

There are still a lot of open spaces out here
Gibbs when he sees another dog watching him
"Do you see him, Mom? I'm going to stare back"

Around 4:30, he and I went for a nice walk around the area before returning back to our beauty of a site before sunset. For supper, Bill grilled a sausage for himself and a couple of wieners for me. I know there are more sausages in the freezer but I was happier with the dogs tonight anyway.

The Saguaros never cease to amaze me
They thrive for so long, decades, before they
just can't possibly stand any longer

Back home to curl up in our chairs

Gibbs started chasing this long legged ugly critter
I didn't know what he'd do if he caught it, so tossed it across the lot

We did dishes by hand, boondocking again, and were skimpy with the water. We didn’t add to our f.w. tank so we weren’t carrying extra weight but the water station here is closed for 24 hours. Their supply is low. Great. We’ll get it in the morning, as I’m sure everyone else could be thinking the same thing. Bill reconciled our bank statements and I worked on my blog for the day.

Supper was simple and good for a move day

The evening was quiet, our books are intriguing and won’t take us long to finish. I am very happy with our location this winter after a ‘dud’ last January so that makes for a better stay. We are here for 8 nights before we can move into our park. Another great day!

Watching as the sun dipped behind the mountain

On a calm night, dipping to 46F/8C
No complaints here!
Good night!

Thank you for checking in to see where we ended up.


  1. Great pictures, Patsy. I read you leaving Yuma and sad I missed you three. Now you're just up the road, so we'll be stopping by soon. See you soon.

  2. Kesterl here. WOW, it always surprises me how the three of you can get up and go. "Me and you and a dog name Gibbs" by Lobo, that 's how i see the three of you. It would paralyse me to go on the road. Even a 2 hr train trip gets me too excited!! The desert looks so dry and hot but I can see you 3 are all out relaxing and watching the sunsets. What a different kind of winter weather. hav fun and hope you get lots of water soon

    1. Haha, i love that song!! You made me laugh. 🤗
      It is very dry here but luckily most of this desert is on stone and rock. As long as it doesn't get to windy to lift the sand like last winter. We're good.

  3. Looks like a nice spot. There is something calming about a short trip!


  4. That bug would have had me high-tailing it out of there! Yeuch! Glad you got it away from Gibbs.
    Good luck with the water.

    1. I believe it's a sink big and they are big and yeuchy. Nancy confirms that below.
      Thank you.

  5. That's a stink bug. You don't want Gibbs getting ahold of it! LOL I heard via the grapevine that they actually shut the water off for awhile trying to get the tanks filled. Glad there aren't many people there ... you got a GREAT spot. I'm looking forward to those sunset pictures!

    1. I wondered that so thanks for confirming it. I usually see one a year!
      We love our spot.

  6. That was one huge and ugly bug.

    It looks as if not many are parked near you so it should be a really nice stay.

    God bless.

    1. It is ugly and big. I saw another one today and Bill said 'step on it!' (which I hate to do because of the crunching) but I did!!