Thursday, November 24, 2022

A No-Nonsense Type of Day, American Thanksgiving

La Posa South LTVA

On Thursday, Nov. 24th Gibbs and I went for our walk before 8 o’clock. It was 50F/10C, which sounds quite pleasant but with gusty winds, it didn’t feel so nice. I just don’t like winds in my face but I was dressed in my capris with no socks so you know it wasn’t too bad at all. 😊

It is a lovely looking morning
and we were able to get out for a walk
without shoveling 😁

Facing the sun, I wanted to capture those
2 saguaros right in the rays path

I finally just zoomed in and ended
up with the sun's addition to my photo
You will also notice the sand/dust blowing off in the distance

Happy Thanksgiving again to all of our American friends. You are all like family to us, we are grateful to have you in our lives and to see you whenever possible. I called it a no-nonsense kind of day because we had one main priority. Water. We needed water with only 5 gallons left in our fresh water tank, it was important. Bill drove up to the water station 3 times only to return with the same shake of his head.

this picture should be titled
"Mama's home" or" Daddy's home"
It looks like babies and maybe pooches
grabbing on to greet their loved one ♥♥

This one is sprouting from a way up there
at the top

After lunch, we put the books away, actually he had finished his, and all 3 of us drove into Quartzsite to the Pit Stop. We also needed to fill our small propane tank for the Weber before it ran out completely. Woops! It’s Thanksgiving so we couldn’t get propane, we couldn’t get our bladder filled………….so we drove around to the park we’d be going in to Dec. 1st but even their office was closed. Why not? It’s a holiday and we all deserve a day off.

Gibbs and I sat outside for a while
before lunch
He liked the shade and didn't even
mind the winds

After a couple of ‘dry’ attempts at the water machines ( we had no quarters), Bill went in to the laundromat and exchanged $1 bills for change and we bought 40 gallons of good water. If we wanted to, we could drink it since it was from the purified water machines. 😊 Anyway, that will get us through for a while and hopefully the taps will be turned on here if we need more. That put our minds at ease.

Actually, he liked it blowing in his face

The 29 mph winds today were the story, apparently. Holy cow! Was it ever gusting! We reached gusts of 35 mph and after being rigid in sitting outside as long as I could, I finally moved inside when I could taste sand between my teeth. We are at least lucky to be facing south and the winds came from the north today so that is something to be grateful for – and I was.

I love the Quartzsite sign
and try to get a picture each year

It amazes me what people stay in out
here in the desert
I hope they are prepared for the cool temperatures
we will be experiencing over the coming week

I finished my book after we returned home and then set to work on addressing Christmas cards. We like to send them out each year and it is a tradition I take pleasure in. Choosing the best card for the right family, at least I try to do that. I thought we’d have enough stamps but we will need to get at least another book of 10 to finish the job.

It's a start
and none too soon!
Christmas is coming!

Our Thanksgiving supper, since we had no turkey and no potatoes in the house, consisted of chicken thighs and a vegetable. 😊 We did finish the ice cream for dessert and I had more of the banana cake before finally tossing it into a baggie for the garbage. That was enough, I ate half of it at least! We cleaned up dishes and spent a quiet evening together.

Our Thanksgiving meal
Us Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October
but we are happy to give thanks over and over again

Bill wrote an email to our friends who are on their boat this winter and I worked on my blog. It was a pretty laid-back day but a good one. The winds are abating overnight so tomorrow will be calmer.

Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Say, I was just wondering if you couldn't have gotten your water at one of the other BLM places like the one across the road? Or are they all out of water?
    Thanks for all your Happy Thanksgivings.

    1. We are in the only blm that offers water out here.
      Good thought though!

  2. We have really enjoyed our time in Oceanside with no wind but I'm sure that will change as soon as we return to Arizona :-(

  3. It was a bit breezy today for sure, hopefully it’s calmer going forward.
    Hope they turn the water on soon.


  4. It's a pleasure to visit this beautiful blog.
    Greetings from Indonesia.
    I follow your blog.
    Happy Thanksgivings ^_^

  5. I can't imagine camping out in a tent with the winds and sand. I hope the forecast of cooler weather changes.
    We're getting an oddball day here today +10C and windy. I hope a fair amount of our snow melts, and the wind dries things out.

    1. Nor can i. My tent days are long over. 😆
      The mild temps you get after a big dump of snow are so typical of Canada.

  6. I've been reading about the water problems. I'm hoping that's just cuz it's early. I'm glad you found enough to get you by. I'll be sure to fill up before I get there. As to the winds ... yucky!!!

  7. Soon you will be in your park and have all the water you require. We have a beautiful weekend expected here in South Western Ontario.. We'll take the + temperatures in a heartbeat! The snow is going away; (it was too early for it to hang around).Saturday is a predicted high of 8 C with full sunshine. Bring it on.

    1. Yes. We will soon have all we need.
      Typical Ontario. Canada, huge dumps of snow, melt, dumps, melt. 😆
      Enjoy the weather. Going camping? 💗

  8. Sounds like you had the same days as me. Windy, but comfortable temperatures. Quiet Thanksgiving but will make up for it today at Silly Al's Pizza.

    1. Yes we did. The sun is plenty warm which is a blessing. C u later!

  9. Ouch, I can no longer imagine spending my days in a tent. Especially one that looks pretty darn small. Like Maebeme we had sunshine and nice temperatures until it got overcast and the wind increased. Now it feels pretty chilly out.

    Hope you get water very soon.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie, water has been retrieved. ;)
      No tents for me either!