Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hot Day at 66F/19C

La Posa South LTVA

On Sunday, Nov. 27th we mostly all got up together. Gibbs and I were ready to leave the Suite for our ‘lazy boy’s walk’ when Bill was getting up. It was another beauty of a morning at 43F/6C and we went through the same little routine. He did his little dribbles on many of the little bushes and a pooper doper before letting me know in no questionable terms that it was time to go home. ๐Ÿ˜Š I just laugh at him and call him lazy as we head towards our site.

Heading towards the northeast
Gibbs didn't care which way we went
when he was ready to stop, he stopped ♥

He is a big boy now, ‘don’t Cha’ know, often lifting his leg to do his business instead of squatting like a girl. I dropped him inside the door with his Daddy and retrieved my walking stick from the basement and headed out. It was a nice 40- minute walk by the time I returned home and an easy 5,000 steps. I made my tea to drink with Bill and warmed up my baked oatmeal. I only have one more serving and I’ll be making more once we’re in the park.

So many clear blue sky days in a row 

Another 'fork' in the road
This one is a wash from one camping section
to another
Nope, won't bring a trailer through this one!

There was nothing at all on our agenda today. I thought I might vacuum, if I felt like it, just to remove one of the layers of dust from the floor, but I didn’t commit and it didn’t happen. I sat out with Gibbs with my book for a while and it was already hot, hot, hot at 10 o’clock. ๐Ÿ˜Š It doesn’t have to reach 20C for it to be enough to send you to shade. We do have shade if we want it, remember how big our Suite is and we can sit on either side.

Leftover pizza
Almost as good as the first night

The remainder of the day was pretty much the same. We made a phone call back home to our friends, Rob and Pat, mainly to ask about the Shaw network back home but also to see how they were doing. Last we heard, Rob was at the cabin on Manitoulin with their sons. I did finish addressing our Christmas cards yesterday and I just need 6 more stamps before they can go in the mail. We’ll head into town tomorrow.

My afternoon walk took me to my very
favourite Saguaro in the whole area

I had my leftover pizza for lunch, fried in the frypan (George’s way) and Bill made his regular sandwich. Around 2:30, I went for my second walk to get those steps built up and my pumped a bit. I don’t walk fast but definitely faster than when I go with Leroy Jethro, that’s for sure! Reaching a goal, I returned home to start my blog post. It has been a wonderful quiet day with next to no wind again.

The Eagle's nest is 
not there this year
First time since 2016 

We had steak grilled on the Weber tonight with a salad that I actually put together, more than just opening a bag. ๐Ÿ˜Š Splitting the steak is usually enough for us and tonight was no exception. I had one of my keto butter tarts for dessert and there are pumpkin cookies for Bill if he chooses. We did up the few dishes and relaxed for the evening. A wonderful day!

Congratulations to our buddies back home who have a new addition to their family. A 9-week-old cockapoo and she looks just like Gibbs! She’s adorable! Have fun Rob and Pat!

The steak was wonderful!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. It's so nice that you are enjoying camping in the desert. It's so unique. We are pleased about Rob and Pat's pup. She's cute like Gibbs.

    1. She looks like Gibbs did when we brought him home. Bella is adorable. Thanks Loree.

  2. Soon as I put shoes on, Cooper goes crazy, wanting to go for a walk. I know Gibbs is the same, so I'm surprised when he puts the brakes on.

    1. Gibbs can't wait for me to get up to go out for his walk. Funny little kid he is. ♥

  3.'s snowing and a-blowing here again today. I shouldn't wish time away but I'll be happy to see the beginning of January.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. ah, that's too bad about the snow but it does justify our coming down here.

  4. Another beautiful day in the desert. And I recognize that Saguaro! Say hi to him for me next time you are by. Not busy there yet, but that will change soon enough. I assume you guys are moving into town soon. Unlimited water! Yeah!

    1. Hey! Nice to hear from you! I will say hi to Mr. Saguaro. His nest is gone though, blown out maybe. Move in day is Thursday.

  5. I love the shapes of the cacti, none are the same.

    God bless.

  6. 'Nothing at all on your agenda' eh? What a life you live!