Monday, November 7, 2022

First Mexico Visit

Pilot Knob LTVA

On Monday, Nov. 7th Bill, Gibbs and I were up around 7:30. This rising time is becoming a habit, isn’t it? 😊 We had some cereal and then I made a tea for my thermos. After getting washed and dressed, we left Gibbs in charge and drove down I-8E to Algodones Road at the Quechan Casino. It is a quick drive over and a cheap $6 fee to park in the parking lot for the day, if you chose to stay that long. PS, if you go, exact change is required or debit/credit cards.

I love the clouds when they
just hang around in sporadic places
This setting on the mountains caught my eye this morning
on the way to Los Algodones

We first greeted our buddy, Andy, with hugs and quick how-do-you-dos and then carried on through the sidewalk vendors. Our dentist was the first stop. Dr. Eva is the one we started with in 2016 and the one we’ll continue to frequent as long as possible. All we did today was make an appointment for cleanings and then we toured back to find an optometrist.

Entering the parking lot

For those who have never seen 'the Wall'
up close
This is it right at the entrance/exit to Mexico

Since the satellite office of Meyer Optical is no longer there, we were directed to a new optometrist in the same general area. O & A Vision Centre looked promising in a new building down a short alley. Laura and her assistant greeted us warmly and we walked right in to get our eyes checked. Both of our prescriptions needed to be changed and she took the time to explain in detail where those changes were.  We decided to each order new glasses. This time, we also ordered the frames. 😊

Just before we left the lot,
today's water tower picture 

She said they would be ready for us in 2 ½ hours (!!) but we are going to pick them up on Saturday when we return to the dentist rather than wait. After lunch, things get busy, as a rule, and we do have a puppy dog back at the Suite waiting for us. I made one last stop at a jewelry vendor on our way out and that was to pick out a plain silver 16” necklace. The proprietor hugged me as soon as we walked up, she always remembers us.

I wanted something simple to wear every day. She had what I wanted and because I was her first customer, she dropped the price by $20 without a word from me. It’s a great price, exactly what I was willing to pay. I think this is the first, maybe second, time I’ve ever bought anything from her so I knew she was the one I wanted to support.

The Suite looks lonely without
Black Beauty beside her

Back home by 10:30, we had our drinks and some lunch around noon. It’s another hot day and today there is hardly any wind at all. Bill got my lounge chair out for me and since the Class C which was closest to us has left, I’ll stretch out for a while in my bathing suit. Fingers crossed the flies stay away! 😊 They weren’t too bad especially after I used my girlfriend’s “Keep Away” spray that I bought back home for ‘skitters’.

The sunset performance begins

Half an hour was enough for me, with the heat and the flies, and I returned indoors to watch NCIS upstairs. I had to cool down and inside wasn’t the best place for that but it was the best choice. A problem with boondocking, the a/c isn’t an option on these 79F/27C days. We watched tv together and when the sun started its descent at 5, Gibbs and I went outside for a quick walk. We also joined Bill when he started grilling at 5:30, it was cooler out there.

We had sausages and Caesar salad for supper and had a piece of keto peanut butter fudge that I made this afternoon. It’s my go to when I can’t bake and yet I want a guilt-free snack. 😊 

Bill grilling supper

This was an awesome day and we watched a few of our regular programs this evening. Only The Voice was new but it doesn’t matter when you have favourite shows to watch. The sunset was another stunner, when the clouds are low on the horizon I get excited to see it. I wasn't disappointed!

This is what we came for!
Good night!

Thank you for the drop in! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Perfect weather!!! And nice sunsets to boot, not to mention less expensive appointments.

  2. I'll be curious to hear your opinion of the optometrist and new glasses. I live near Nogales; good dental offices but haven't been able to find an optometrist. Los Algondones would be a 3 1/2 hr drive but might be worth it. Could make it a fun getaway and stay a night at the casino.

    1. I give them a B+ so far and will comment in my post about the final result. Fingers crossed. The price is better than back home but for anyone else, it will have to be decided individually. :) Keep in touch, please include your first name at least?

  3. Nice the optometrist was able to take you in so quickly! Hopefully the new glasses work well. How was the crowds or were there any yet? Doesn't look like you have many neighbors yet at Pilot Knob, so nice! Dinner looks yummy! :)

    1. We've really never had to wait at any of these optometrists which is great! No appointment, walk right in and if you have 2 1/2 hours to kill at lunch or something, done the same day.
      No crowds yet at all but it is early in November plus it was early in the morning. :)
      It is very quiet here at P.K. too. Love that!

  4. Great sunset photos!
    The Mexico trip sounded fun, meeting with folks you kind of know again.
    Pull the night shades down on the sunny side in the morning, helps a bit by afternoon.


    1. Thank you Deb, these sunsetsand views make it easy! There were a few people at L.A. that recognize us and that is always nice.
      We pull our shades down on most sides of the Suite during the day but only enough not to stop the breezes from coming in. It isn't humid, just hot and I'm sure not complaining! :)

  5. Nice day! Amazing that the optometrist can create the glasses that quickly. I've had it take over an hour and half just to switch new lenses into old frames. :p
    Have a great day!

    1. Great day for sure! It amazes me that they can do the glasses so quickly too but again, it wasn't busy yet. :)

  6. Sounds like another good day enjoying this lifestyle. Beautiful sunset.

  7. Jerry had good luck with the glasses he got in Los Algodones. I'm even thinking about venturing into Mexico for glasses!

  8. That forecast looks a little different from ours!

  9. The sunsets remind me of ours here in Saskatchewan. Been too cloudy to see them, but man they are beautiful.

    I need to ask.... What is boondocking?

    God bless.