Friday, November 18, 2022

A Sad Story with Hopefully a Happy Ending, We Had Company!

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Friday, Nov. 18th Gibbs and I were up and out the door around 7:45 again. Another nice day in the neighbourhood but only 40F/5C to start, so quite cool for us. Surprisingly, with the warm sun already up in the clear sky, it felt pleasant and the winds were minimal, which helped. It was another walk around the park and then out onto a boarded walkway to the dock.

We know how Gibbs likes the water
so what it was about the boards, I don't know
although sometimes these docks are pretty rickety

Let me tell you that Gibbs didn’t think much of that boardwalk at all! He put the brakes on but I encouraged him to walk slowly out onto the dock so I could see the ducks and look for Mr. Heron. He wasn’t around so we turned and walked (Gibbs raced) back to the cement sidewalk footing. 😊 Back home, Bill was still in bed but rose soon after I’d made my tea.

The ducks on one side

And a couple of  Coots on the other side

Two things of importance happened today. One is sad so I’ll start with it. 

The day started out pretty nice

We’ve noticed a dog walking the park over the last 3 days. Sometimes it had a collar on and yesterday and this morning, it did not. She seemed friendly and calm as she’d tag along with other dog owners who were walking their dogs. Gibbs and I never encountered her while we walked any of the mornings. There didn’t seem to be cause for fear but certainly concern was evident. Who did she belong to?

Joyce called her Kate, just for something to call her
Kate was comfortable around all 4 of us and happily stretched out 
on our mat in the sun

I was outside with my tea when I noticed our neighbours, whom we were later to learn are Joyce and Warren, with the dog at their trailer. Hmm, interesting. Turns out she leashed the dog,  asked at the front office about the dog and was informed that it was a stray that has been around for a few months. She asked them to call the Humane Society and they refused and also asked her to remove the leash that she had put on the dog. Odd response, we all thought. She was only concerned for the stray's safety.

At this point, the sweet girl didn't have a collar
so we kept Gibbs indoors
watching quietly from the window 💗

Joyce and Warren would have loved to keep her BUT their rv is small, they are fulltime and have many things lined up that do not account for having a large dog in their family. She called the Humane Society herself and they were coming later today. We gave Joyce some food for her and she leashed the dog and gave her water and a blanket outside to lay on while they waited. J was becoming attached and at 4:15 when she handed the sweet dog over, we could see it was hard on her.

Joyce made her quite comfortable and she
had some food in her tummy now

Ready for the drive
Joyce was sad when she went inside
so I'll see her tomorrow

She probably saved the dog’s life by doing what she did and I give her a lot of credit. This dog is so peaceful and although Gibbs didn’t give her a warm fuzzy welcome, we know they’d probably get along in different circumstances – off leash. So, a sad story that no one has claimed this beautiful canine but happy that she will be looked after and hopefully snapped up before too long. No, we don’t need another pooch.

When our company arrived, Gibbs got his 'happy'
over with and then sat on Daddy

During her stay at J & W’s, our company arrived. It was very sweet of Elva and Jerry to make the drive from Wellton to pay us a visit before we left the area. We saw Jerry last winter but haven’t seen Elva since 2018/19 at Pilot Knob Resort. It was nice to relax and catch up. Elva and I chat often on FB Msgr but it was wonderful to see them both again. Thanks for the visit you two!

Both paws up on the chair makes him look
like a sad little munchkin 💓

Today has been a beautiful day and Gibbs and I took an afternoon walk, to stretch our legs. I started my blog late afternoon and our plans for supper were the opposite of last nights meal. Pork and beans, as they say, but there will be some wieners (tube steaks) included. This has been a different kind of day and we’ve enjoyed it. Meeting new friends is always a treat and we had nice conversations with Joyce and Warren.

We had a great visit
Thank you guys for coming over
PS, Jerry, we always have coffee. 😀
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!


  1. thank you for the read....Always very sad when we see a fur baby just wanting some love.

    1. Yw! 😉
      It was sad to see her following along other owners with their dogs.

  2. I want that dog. She is beautiful and looks healthy. I may just drive down tomorrow and if Yuma gets along with I just may bring her home with me. Then you'll have two happy events today.

    Glad Jerry and Elva stopped by. Great people.

    1. That would be awesome! She is beautiful. We couldn't see any signs of I'll treatment and the man who came to get her said she wasn't underweight by much at all.
      Great to have E & J.

    2. Overnight I came to my senses. I can't jeopardize my relationship with Yuma and I bet the owner is looking for the dog. Hopefull, they will find him at the rescue center. The dog appears to be too clean and healthy to be a stray.

  3. So happy that beautiful dog is being looked after.

    1. Yes, Joyce kept wishing she was smaller, they would have kept her.

  4. We were told once that people will just leave their dog or cat when they leave a park. That just isn't right. Hope you get her Doug. 🤞

  5. Doug would make a GREAT dog dad and Yuma would love the company. What a beauty she is. At least she will have food and safety, but it's so sad she was just left.

    GREAT picture of Elva and Jerry!

  6. I know!! I never thought he would take a second dog but she would be great for them. Calm just like Yuma.
    It is a great pix of Elva and Jerry!

  7. Kate - I'll call her that because every dog needs a name, is a beautiful dog. I'm sure if Doug isn't able to take her someone else will. It's clear she's good with people and perhaps other dogs as well. I'm sure the next chapter of her life will be happy.
    However, I'm not impressed with the park management. Calling the Humane Society ought to have been their first step when they saw a stray in the park. If Kate has a chip, she may be able to be reunited with her family or properly surrendered if they are unable to care for her. Okay, rant over!
    Nice to have company and definitely when it has been a long time between visits. Enjoy your day!

    1. I totally agree with your rant. Why the park did nothing, I don't understand.
      Kate is a beautiful calm dog and needs to be with loving caring owners. The Humane Society man checked her here for a chip but she has none. They have a lot of dogs right now but as much as I hope they all find good homes, I have a soft spot for Kate, as does Joyce. ♥

  8. How great that Jerry and Elva came to visit :) Hoping Doug is able to take Kate but whoever gets her will be getting a sweetheart and a beautiful companion. Love the pic of Jerry and Elva.

    1. It was wonderful to see those two and we really appreciate them driving all that way just to see us! :) The new owners will get a sweet dog for sure with Kate. ♥

  9. Thank you for the hospitality. It was a beautiful day. Gibbs was fun!

  10. Aww, what a beautiful dog. I am glad that the Humane Society came and picked it up. Hopefully a lovely home will be found.

    God bless.