Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Switching Things Up

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Wednesday, Nov. 16th it was windy when we woke up. Bill and Gibbs were up before 7 and although Leroy Jethro joined me in bed again, Bill started opening blinds and making his coffee. I lounged for another 20 minutes before we got up and I made the bed. No footprints. 😊 We knew it was to be windier today than it has been so I’d decided to forgo the pool today and the morning puzzle fix.

Today, Gibbs and I walked outside the 
cement block fence of the park

I didn’t take Gibbs out for a walk because I knew that Bill had taken him further than their usual quick outing at that time. Later, we’ll do that. This morning, after my tea, I filled the island and side counter with baking goods. I told Bill I wanted to bake a few things before we are back out in the desert. I have a few ‘no-bake’ items that I can make when we’re there.

Baked oatmeal with ground almonds
instead of oatmeal

I started with my keto baked oatmeal, which includes NO oatmeal. I have made it a few times before and I absolutely love the switch off from cereal with little to no carbs. That is my treat. I warm it up in the morning and add some cream or yogourt. While it was cooking, I mixed up a cake to use up the black bananas, well, the skins were black. It is a new recipe and since I didn’t have raisins (one of Bill’s favourite ingredients), I added dried cranberries (one of his second favourite). 😊

This cake didn't turn out so well
as it was too much batter for the pan
I'll leave a final decision on it until

I didn’t use my square glass pan where I guess I should have. The round pan was pretty full and of course, spilled over during the baking. Oh well. The cake should still taste okay. I hope. Lastly, when I couldn’t find the recipe for Kaitlin’s pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies that Bill loves, I made my keto butter tarts. Which I LOVE!

The tarts, on the other hand,
turned out perfectly

I got K’s recipe and have saved it on my phone to make tomorrow or Friday. The pumpkin from the freezer is thawing now so it will be ready. It was lunchtime when things were done baking and that includes me too. 😊 It helped that in between each recipe, I washed the bowls and utensils plus I put away the ingredients not needed for the next round.

Lunch tasted quite good
Chicken salad on toast with avocado

Space is still limited even though our island is quite large. It didn’t help that when I started to put the container of oatmeal in the cupboard, it slipped and the lid wasn’t on tight. Yes, it was large flaked oatmeal all over the floor. Gibbs ran to help so Bill had to contain him while I cleaned it up. Drat! Luckily, I didn’t lose it all.

If his tail isn't enough evidence of the wind,
look at the palm tree tops

I took Gibbs for a walk around the west end of the park and in my shorts and short sleeve top, that wind was darn cool! The temperature gauges say it got to 70F/21C but it sure didn’t feel like that. I should have slipped a jacket on. Needless to say, it wasn’t a long walk but Gibbs enjoyed it, letting his ears and tail blow like Fabio’s in the wind.

Fabio Gibbs

I had my tea after a walk up to the clubhouse to check again on the time for Bocce Ball in the morning. Bill has finished his book and ready to start a new one but I’m still working on this one. It is getting good again after a couple of slow chapters. For supper, I baked 2 large chops and then cooked squash for me and mixed vegetables for Bill. It was very good and very filling. We each had one of my tarts for dessert. Yes, I shared. 😊

Once i emptied the squash from the 'shell',
it filled my plate
The meal was great!

 By the way, we shared a piece of the banana cake at noon and neither of us cared for it. I’m going to give it another taste tomorrow but Bill was nervous about telling me he doesn’t like it at all. Oh well, not all my attempts turn out the wayIe hope. We watched our recorded NCIS:Hawaii and New Amsterdam episodes while I worked away at my post. With slow wifi, I’ve been lucky in the evenings so I hope it stays that way.

Last winter I briefly mentioned that we
had bought gifts for the grandchildren but
because some read my blog, I couldn't talk about them.
These bracelets were made in Mexico while we waited.
They have now, all but one, been given to the recipients.
Taylor will get his in January in his birthday card.

Good night!

This was a different day, not swimming or puzzling but it was too cold to swim and I wasn’t in the mood to start a new puzzle today. Thank you for popping by!


  1. Yes, the breeze did pick up today and made it feel cooler. You really got into the cooking . Looks yummy.

  2. Your baking looks so good Patsy.
    You are missing snow here! ❄️🌨️

    1. Thank you Loree. We are 'missing' the snow but not 'missing' the snow! haha

  3. Yesterday was a perfect day for baking and it all looks yummy.

  4. Looks like a great baking day. Except for the oatmeal on the floor. Egads!!!!

  5. All that baking, good for you! I've found that when I make banana bread with almond flour I cook it longer than what the recipe calls for, it kind of dries it out a bit and the texture is more like regular banana bread. I love the bracelets, bet the kids do too!!

    1. Thank you for the tip, Shirley. I should have stuck to banana bread instead of the cake recipe. I'll remember that for next time.
      The kids do love their bracelets.

  6. It's interesting the difference in weather. It wasn't windy here yesterday. Cute bracelets.

    1. We definitely had a cooler windier day yesterday. That is odd, eh?

  7. Those tarts look delicious. I need that recipe, please.
    Those bracelets are really cute. Sounds like a good and productive baking day for sure...:)

    1. Well, I'll just have to send it to you. With almond flour as the crust, it is more finicky but I find it worth it. :)
      Thank you, the kids liked the bracelets.

  8. That story about your in laws is hilarious! Yes, you're right, I'd rather know if you don't like something for sure! :)
    The change up today was great!