Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Choosing the Right Spot in an Open Desert

Pilot Knob LTVA

Wednesday, Nov. 9th brought a bit cooler temperature although if it weren’t for the winds (again), it would be lovely out there. We woke up to 60F/15C this morning, the same as it had been all night long. We’re not sure if the winds ever died down overnight but they’d definitely changed direction and instead of the south/southwest they were coming from the northwest.

I had to step outside as soon as I got up
to get this picture

In the opposite direction, this view was gorgeous too

We were up by 7 and since all I saw was a lovely sunrise and many clouds, I boiled the kettle for my tea rather than using solar power. Bill is never in a hurry to have his Keurig coffee so he waited until the batteries were a bit higher. 


Over the last couple of days, instead of getting dressed right away, I’ve been slipping into my nightie and house coat to have my morning brew. It is feeling pretty cozy too! I don't remember the last time I remained in 'jammies' unless I was unwell.

there were actually a few raindrops
this morning which brought us this πŸ’–

We had some cereal, mine was in the form of a cut up banana with milk/cream. I washed, dressed and took Gibbs for a nice walk towards Pilot Knob Mountain(s). It was cool enough for a jacket but the more we walked, and the more frequent the sun appeared, it was a wonderful walk, albeit windy. 😊 

Gibbs and I aimed for this mountain

Pennies from Heaven is a song and a film but I found my own penny as I watched the rock laden ground as we walked.

The desert floor has many surprises
I love the variety of stones
Can you see it? 

The sun on the sand dunes shows that 
the 'air' has cleared a bit

Back home, it was time for a coffee so I made Bill and I one from the ground coffee our friends gave us. The peacefulness inside with no white noise from media was lovely and we relaxed into our reading. My new book is called The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs. I tried starting it last night in front of the tv but with heavy eyes and a tv on, I couldn’t get past the Prologue. Any ‘book’ story is a good one and I needed to give it my full attention.

We had mushroom soup for lunch and I realized that I should have bagged and sealed the crackers leftover from Bill’s party. They were too stale to eat plain but at least I know I can keep them for a casserole topper in the future. My bad, I know better! After dishes, we went back to our books and my plan was to slip out for a walk again, soon.

a lovely lazy afternoon indoors

I mentioned choosing the right spot in the desert and we chose well in that regard. We are closest to the Camp Hosts, to the entrance/exit, which some would not prefer. However, when we look out at the few rv’s parked further back, they are getting much more sand blowing in/around/ and probably through their units than we are up here. I should have taken a photo, at one point, I could hardly see a motor home that is way back there because of the blowing sand.

The afternoon was spent with our books. Bill finished his Sins of the Fathers by J.A. Jance and I reached half way in mine. Our satellite dish blew over, without any damage, so we’ve spent too much time trying to get our signal back. The wind wasn’t helping and even by suppertime, some channels still weren’t coming in. Gibbs and I did go for another walk before we were ready to eat.

Here, the clouds change the look of the dunes
again, with black shadows

We had a simple supper, toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches with a couple of pieces of fudge for dessert. During supper and after dishes we turned on the CMA (Country Music Awards) on for background entertainment. I know so few of these musicians anymore so don’t enjoy the way I used to but it is usually good music regardless. I worked on my blog and then read more of my book. It is very good and hard to put down.

It was quite enough and very easy

This has been another windy day, reaching 70F/21C, a drop from yesterday. I do believe the wind has calmed down a bit as I write this at 6:30. 

Not a great picture through the window
but I missed the sunset tonight
good night!

Thank you for popping in to see how we’re doing.


  1. I just picked up several Susann Wiggs books from a freebe pile. Looking forward to reading them. I really like her.

  2. We too had a restful day mostly inside. Tomorrow will be calmer, hopefully.


  3. As much as I enjoy being out in the desert last year I found the wind where we were on Ogilby, to be to much after awhile. I am sure you are looking forward to full hookups. The sunrise pictures were very pretty.
    Deb and Tom

    1. Exactly our thoughts. Even at the Q out in La Posa S last year, it was too windy for us to enjoy. Thank you Deb.

  4. Although I'm not opposed to spending couch time, I hope the winds let up a little.

  5. I love when I find "pennies from heaven"! Looks like a wonderful nice easy going day!

    1. I love finding them too! Pennies, dimes or even nickles make me think of my family up there. ♥

  6. The early morning photos are lovely. Definitely a plus being out in the desert with little blocking your view. It's a shame about the winds, though.
    I have a stack of books to read but I keep finding other things to do instead. There aren't enough hours in the day. Like you, I don't often wear my jammies during the day - Christmas morning being an exception.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. You are such a busy lady, I'm tired just reading what all you accomplish in a day.:)

  7. Hee hee...I'm in jammies until about 11am. I forget how protected we are from the wind until I go for a walk. But being protected means we lost our views...bummer.

    1. Hee hee, good for you! If you can do that, go for it!
      Yes, I know what you mean about losing the views. I told Bill I'd stay out in the desert all winter if we only had hookups, water and dump! hahahaha

  8. Sounds like you are parked in exactly the right place. Love your photos.

    God bless.