Saturday, November 5, 2022

Travel Day, Warmer Temps, Are We Level?

Pilot Knob LTVA, CA

On Friday, Nov. 4th we were up around 7 and wasted no time getting things done. We ate and I had my tea before taking Leroy Jethro Gibbs for a walk to dump our garbage. It was cool out, below 50F/10C so a jacket was needed. Once all packed, loaded and ready to go, we popped next door to say goodbye to Roland and Lori. They are true rv’ers and understand that you don’t get in the way of a ‘pack-up’, distractions are no one’s friend. 😊

Mr. Roadrunner says goodbye.

All ready for today's journey ♥

After hugs and well wishes until the next time, we hope to see them once more this fall, we pulled out of Ridgeview. We were on the road at 9 am and it was 57F/14C and the sun was out in full force. Ask Bill, it was beaming in his door window much of the drive. We were an hour, almost exactly, getting from I-95 in Bullhead City to the north side of Parker after a few jig jogs necessary to stay in Arizona.

Top photo is looking towards Needles
but we turned left onto Courtwright Rd/Cty Rd 1
which took us on an easy dippy, winding 2-lane road
staying in Arizona
onto I-40 and then I-95S again

Approaching Lake Havasu City, our
favourite rock formation greets us with a wave
at Lone Tree Hill blm

Through Lake Havasu
Cool car, good timing for a picture

The area leading into Parker is always a beautiful
drive with lovely views

Nearing Quartzsite, 2 hours later, I knew I needed a nature break so Bill pulled off the road into Roadrunner BLM on the south side of the town and we opened up a couple of slides and had our lunch at the same time. Gibbs just watches us when we do these ‘off the wall’ things as if to say “I love my people, but they do strange things sometimes”.
We did have a slow down with road construction after leaving the blm but eventually, skimmed on through with no problems.

Seeing our first of the mighty Saguaros
A stop at Roadrunner blm for lunch

Some construction slowed everyone down as
only one lane of traffic was allowed through at a time
The Ocotillos we sighted were either yellow or brilliant green
like this one

The blimp and tanks at Yuma Proving Grounds

We reached the Inspection Station on the west end of Yuma and unfortunately got behind a truck with cargo trailer that needed to be inspected. We all sidled over to the left and as usual, we got waved through. It felt weird not turning onto the road taking us to Pilot Knob RV Resort but we went straight back to the BLM area for desert boondocking. Bill talked to the host and she didn’t have the stickers yet so the $40/2 week fee has ‘currently’ been waived. We will stay for 7 nights.

Of course, a reason I love Yuma
The shopping mall at Yuma Palms!
Crossing into California
We don't go too far so don't change our clocks again,
staying on AZ Mountain Time, 
until tonight when clocks change back home, we are unofficially 3 hours behind

We seem to be one of two campers here right now and that is kind of neat. “Park anywhere!” Sounds like a great invitation, eh? Well, trying to park on this terrain can be a whole other story. It isn’t too level, with ridges all over the place so it took a couple of shots at it. One stop and the door side wheels lifted right off the ground in order to get us level. The second spot seems perfect and we unhooked. 😊

Set up at the LTVA behind Pilot Knob RV Resort
where we have spent many weeks in the past

It was around 2:45 and Bill set about getting things outside done while I took care of things indoors. Then, I made up a batch of beer margaritas. Each time I make it, it seems different but it all depends on what alcohol I have and what soft drink I have. Today, it was a beer, a can of frozen lime, a half can of gin and 2 mini cans of tonic water. 😊 With ice, it is tasting pretty darn awesome! I have more gin than vodka so thought I’d try it.

Not as pretty as the first night but still yummy!

The satellite dish, weather station and my chair were set up but we thought we’d have a poor man’s supper and get the barbecue out tomorrow. Works for us! In the meantime, I went upstairs with my book and Gibbs and I ended up having a snooze. Bill was watching a movie downstairs in between having his own catnaps. 

For supper, I reheated my leftover chicken pot pie, made some mac and cheese for Bill with a couple of tube steaks aka wieners.

We were rewarded tonight with an amazing desert sunset with no obstacles in the way. Stunning doesn’t even come close! This was a great day and we spent the evening doing our own thing. My book is close to being done so I took it upstairs to read a few more chapters before falling asleep with Gibbs.

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Welcome to the area. Love the pictures especially the ones around Parker.

  2. Enjoy your time in the boondocking area. Some nice spots up along Ogliby Road too. Very nice sunset.


  3. The sunset is gorgeous! Nice to have it all to yourself...well almost.

  4. Aha, I know where you are and probably guess why you chose it. The casino would have been an option too, but I don't know if a whole week would have worked out. Anyway, have a nice stay.

  5. Glad the three of you made it safely. Enjoy your stay. Beautiful sunset.

  6. Distractions closing up or setting up can be challenging. And yes, that is exactly why we did not come over yesterday morning. We were waiting to hear the truck hook up the hitch of the trailer and then we were going to come over. Nice to see you had another easy move. Enjoy

  7. That's such a cool place to hang out!! Enjoy the quiet!!!!