Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Day Cools Off, Puzzle Progress, Dinner with Great Friends

Ridgeview RV Resort

On Wednesday, (hump day) Nov. 2nd we were out of bed by 7:30. Once more, no rush to get up and do anything. Hey! We’re on vacation! Our time at home has been work, work, work for the most part with some holiday time off in between so this truly feels awesome. The only thing on our calendar, written in clear as mud invisible writing is: “Have fun doing what we love and relax!”

A few pictures of our morning
Walking in the wash
towards a nice view

Bill went into Bullhead City straight away to fuel up Black Beauty. She was getting mighty thirsty and there is no better station here than Sam’s Club. $4.39/gallon for diesel! That is wonderful and now she is filled for our next travel adventure on Friday. He also got our 2 5-gal water jugs filled here in the park and tomorrow will be propane fill day, since we have one empty tank.

We had a new visitor today
'beep beep!'

The sky was clear when we got up so I took Gibbs for a walk around the park ‘block’. Kind of. 😊 I cheated by taking him down to the east and then back through the wash. It is wide, pretty clean of debris and minus a lot of smells that our little guy loves to stop and piddle at. That makes for a nicer walk, trust me. Back home, I had my tea and when Bill returned we had cereal.

Our regulars returned too
Notice the 'king of the castle'?

The clouds had moved in by then and I knew that it was going to be a cooler day but about 8 degrees so changed my mind about going to the pool today. I got the vacuum out and did a thorough job and did some dusting when that was finished. Then I had my shower. The full pressure water feels wonderful and we are getting spoiled. 😊 We chatted with Roland and Lori as we sat outside for a bit, and I got some reading done.

I wanted to share my little purchase at Oatman
This sweet little turtle holds our incense sticks perfectly

After toasted bacon and tomato (+cheese + lettuce) sandwiches, I walked up to work on the puzzle. I was finally feeling that I was getting somewhere! So, blocking out some of the semi-annoying chatterers behind me (game players), I got a lot of pieces in and turned the board around so I could work on the sky. Then at 2:45, I walked back home.

I turned the puzzle upside down after finishing the water at the 
base of the picture
I only have tomorrow to work on it and it seems I'm the only one - again

It was early enough to make something for dessert but I couldn’t find the recipes I was looking for. That just means another guinea pig creation. 😊 I found a saved recipe for Keto Cinnamon Roll Cheesecakes so thought I’d give it a try. I’ll let you know how they turned out. It won’t be tonight since we’re going out to eat.

It was quite an interesting sky when we left
for the casino

At 5:30, we met with our neighbours and drove across the state line into Laughlin, Nevada. It’s like less than 10 minutes away. We all agreed on The Golden Corral Casino for supper. Not for the gambling, but for the food.  

Stopped beside this Corvette at the light,
was Roland thinking of racing him?
Nah, there were 2 police cars just up the road

The weather had changed throughout the day, dropping from 73F/23C to 64F/18C. We wore jackets and/or sweaters. There were a few disappointments with the evening, well one for me, but only that the popular Calzones were no longer on the menu. I’ve had them once and was truly keen on a second.

The pie was huge and awesome!

Oh well, another Roland recommendation was the Chicken Pot Pie so that was my order. Yum!! It was huge and I’ll never look at another grocery store pot pie the same again. Of course, with the original lime margarita on the rocks and a little side dish of fruit, half of my pie came home. Bill had a delicious meal of fish and chips and we all left very happy with the chosen entrees after all. 😊

this was a great evening together

Roland drove us home after a lovely couple of hours together and Gibbs was happy to see us. I worked on my blog and settled in for the night. This was a great day again.

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.


  1. That was one of my favourite parks. So many things to see close by. I'd have ordered the meat pie and it's not something you usually see on a menu. Nice picture of you and your friends.

    1. The meat pie was amazing and I still have leftovers. :) Thank you Loree.

  2. I love those quail! The chicken pot pie looks amazing!! Sounds like it was a great choice!! If you work on the puzzle today I think you'll be starting a new one very soon. My daughter in laws dad bought a puzzle that was thousands of pieces... can't remember exact #, but like 7000. He made a table for it that took up most of a room in their house. I've never seen one that big.

    1. I couldn't quite finish the puzzle but I gave it a good try.
      Wow! 7000 pieces would be huge! Too big for me!

  3. The meat pie looked awesome. Glad you folks had a great evening.
    Cheap diesel, we are still averaging around the $5 mark.


    1. Thank you Deb. Yes, that's the best diesel price around. Hope Yuma's is close. :)

  4. Casinos always seem to have great food. The pot pie looks delicious! Great picture of you two. Hello to Lori and Roland.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Your name has come up a few times in our conversations. I'm so glad you got to meet them.

  5. Glad to see you are once again enjoying the southwest and all its amenities.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I have to agree, that pot pie looks amazing :) Cute pic of you and Bill and a nice picture of L+R. What a nice visit you have had!

  7. I'd say you are due for some rest and relaxation. Enjoy!
    The pot pie looks amazing and enough to feed a few people.

  8. Don't you hate it when you are looking forward to eating a certain meal and it's no longer on the menu. Same thing with recommending a restaurant and then finding out that the food is not as good as before. I liked your outfit!

  9. So that's what a Road Runner looks like!! Still think the quail are the cutest of birds.

    God bless.

  10. We were going to go the the Golden Nugget for dinner when we were there but ended up somewhere else, we should have stuck with our first choice by the look and sound of your meals!

  11. Your southern life is like one big relaxed party!