Saturday, November 5, 2022

Two Walks! A Bit of Shopping, Relaxing Afternoon

Pilot Knob LTVA

On Saturday, Nov. 5th we were up at 7. Gibbs has been sleeping in, even after he and I were up in bed by 9:30. Actually, sooner but it was then that I climbed under the covers. He slept the whole time! We had a tea and coffee but skipped cereal this morning. No reason that I can think of. I had a blog to finish, I just wasn’t in the mood to work on it last night.

Our morning walk

When Bill took Gibbs out at 6:45 they went for a nice little walk. When I got up 15 minutes later, I got ready to take him for a walk. Bill said ‘two walks today?!’ I didn’t realize how long they’d been out but we went anyway for another little one. After working on my blog post and getting both of our calendars reset, we got cleaned up and left Gibbs in charge for a few hours.

The Arizona Market looks pretty dead from this view
but there were a fair number of cars in the lot

Yuma was busy but us going today gives us a free ‘slouch-around’ day tomorrow, unless something comes up. 😉 Our luck at the Allpoints ATMs was not with us this morning, both the Target and CVS store machines were not working. The Allpoints lets us withdraw cash at no cost where others including the banks charge a fee. The CVS we go to has had an ‘out of order’ sign on it since last year. LOL

this wasn't the best aisle to take a picture of
Not too busy yet

Hey Nancy K! 

We fueled up at a Speedway, cheapest we could find at $5.09/gal and then headed to the Arizona Market. Bill is looking for a collapsible ladder, ours has had a boo boo, making it unusable. No luck at the market and the ATM there would only allow us to w/d so much cash, which we each took turns doing. Back towards town, we picked up a few food items and then stopped at a Wells Fargo to get the balance of what we like to have on hand.

I can't see this market without thinking of one
special man
George used to shop here often ♥

It was noon hour, AZ time, so we headed home for lunch rather than stop somewhere. We each had a sandwich and basically just relaxed for the rest of the day. It feels funny doing dishes by hand again, but for the stay here we’ve agreed to do that to save on electric and water.

Back home, the Richards' family relaxed

Yesterday, I asked Bill to get my chair out but the little flies are bad in this area. Ah yes, we remembered quickly what Pilot Knob was like last year. At that time, I thought maybe it was from Gibbs’ piddling close to camp but they were here when we arrived. They get inside and their life ends once we catch them, is it worth it for them? Ha ha. Small price for us to pay for an overnight spot for a few days. 😊

My walk was in the direction of those
rock steps

Looking back, that's us at the red arrow

I sat and finished my book and the boys dozed on and off in their chair. Gibbs couldn’t seem to settle until Daddy took him out for a piddle. Bill had a bit of a headache so when he and Gibbs went up to the bedroom, I slipped out for a walk by myself. I headed east towards the mountain where ‘steps’ are formed down the rocky slope.

A selfie, of course

The rock steps up close

I’m not a hiker by any means so going skyward was not in the plans but I enjoyed the trek across the terrain and found a couple of suitable self-made ledges to get a couple of selfies. My buddy, Pat, sent me some ideas in an email last year so I wondered if I could create something to send back home to her. It kind of worked but not very professional. Yet! Give me time! Ha ha

Hey Pat!
Happy Weekend! 💖💖
May as well fool around a bit for a selfie.

I'm trying to create the pictures
Pat sent me in an email

Back home, I poured Bill a Zero Coke and myself a beer margarita with lots of ice. It is a beautiful day and I’m sure we reached today’s forecasted high of 75F/24C with little to no wind. Down here, in the southwest, that is more like 80F/27C here in the dry desert. 😊 We love it! For supper, Bill grilled bacon cheeseburgers on the Weber Q and with a bit of room leftover, we had ice cream cones for dessert.

Say goodnight to the sun!



Still a pretty sunset
ending with this
and a few pink clouds filtering later

Supper was good

The sunset wasn’t as spectacular tonight since there were no clouds to play with…….but we can’t have it every night or it wouldn’t be the same. Would it?

Bill lights the barbecue and starts the generator
for a boost.
Good night!

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  1. Beautiful there. Loved the pic of the 5th wheel all alone in the desert. Of course the selfies weren't bad either.

  2. You are making your life sound very lazy!

    1. That is my intention!! Our summers are busy so.............winters are retirement. ;)

  3. I think the sunsets our there are always beautiful thanks for sharing. Then there are the ocotillos so beautiful. Cute selfies. Stay safe and enjoy your spot in the desert.