Tuesday, November 15, 2022

As Elvis Said: TCB – Taking Care of Business

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Tuesday, Nov. 15th we sorted laundry as soon as we got up. I think it was around 7:30 again. No surprise there! It was 50F/10C and the sky was clear when Bill drove up to the park laundromat at the clubhouse. I had my tea-to-go, a Sweet and Salty peanut butter bar, my phone and everything else we needed. He helped me load 2 washers and left me to keep an eye on things.

All done with 2 pieces missing
and 1 left over that didn't belong 

I went to the puzzle while the clothes swished and swashed and by the time the clothes were dry, Bill had beat me to the laundromat. 😉 We folded them together and he returned home with the basket. I was so close to finishing the puzzle that I wasn’t going to risk someone else swooping in for the grand finale so I went back. It only took another 20 minutes or so and I was done and walked home.

The clouds were beautiful at the pool
but it turned a bit cool so I went home

I’ve wanted to wash the Suite windows for quite some time now so got out the Norwex mop and window pads. I could only do the south and west facing windows this morning because the sun was hot and dried them immediately, leaving streaks. We had more reading time before lunch and I made bacon and eggs for our grumbling bellies. 😊 We planned supper and I changed into swim clothes and walked back up to the pool.

Another good one with a lot of
places Bill and I have been on our travels

No one else was there, again, until I’d been there about 45 minutes and the same couple from yesterday returned. They go for the pool and some exercises and I go for the pool and sun. Also, to read while IN the sun. A good combination in my estimation! The lady in the pool had recognized me yesterday but didn’t mention it until today. We both remembered her commenting on my polka dot bathing suit and once she mentioned that today, we had a nice conversation.

Shuffleboard courts that I didn't realize
were here

I stayed until they left and by then the sun was pretty much covered in the wispy clouds. I got dressed and walked home too. I wandered the area a bit more and saw the shuffleboard court. I might play one day so checked the events board posted outside on the wall. I discovered that Bocce Ball is played on Thursdays and Advanced Line Dancing is most mornings in the back hall. Oh yah, I remember now!

Another pretty sky as I headed back home

Back home, I changed and with the sun on the west side now, I washed the rest of the windows. The back one was not only filthy but greasy from the back tires etc. Yeuch. They may not be perfect now, but oh my goodness, we have bushes back there behind us and I can see them clearly now! 😊 Yah, I’m just being a smart a**.  Since Bill had moved upstairs while I was outside, I finished the job and washed the interior windows too. Much better!

Bill was upstairs watching tv
Gibbs is his bodyguard
Um, sleeping on the job

For supper, Bill suggested sausages on a bun so that was decided. All done the business/chores for today, I made a cup of tea and started my blog post. The wifi here has just gotten worse as the week goes on so I’m unable to play some of my Wordle or Scrabble games. Bummer. Neither of us remember that from last April but we were pretty pre-occupied with a damaged fridge!

Wow, you can see through those windows!

At 6, Bill grilled the sausages and inside, I heated the buns. They were delicious, I should let Bill pick out the sausages at the grocers more often! 😊 We loaded and turned on the dishwasher. We recorded The Voice while we cooked and ate and watched it at 7 with no commercials. Bill also recorded New Amsterdam to watch later.

The sun sets - through another
clean window 💓


We’ve been enjoying our books today again; Bill is reading Baldacci’s ‘Redemption’ and I’ve gotten into J.A. Jance’s ‘Fatal Error’. This has been a nice day and a great evening. Winds coming in stronger tomorrow so I have new plans to put into play. Come back then and see what they are! I'd received an email this morning about the ISS would be visible tonight so at 7:10 pm, we went out and Bill found it moving across the southern sky. I'm glad it was a clear sky so we could see it. First time down here this trip.

Good night!

Thank you for the visit. Comments are always welcome ,read and answered. 


  1. Nice day. Always a treat to get the windows done, good job.

  2. You've gotten into a rhythm in the park. Having access to a pool and the center sounds great. Enjoy!

  3. It sounds like you did take care of business...lol Keep enjoying your days there.

  4. Great job on getting the puzzle done.

    Inquiring minds want to know if you are going to do some line dancing?

    God bless.

    1. I have pretty much decided that I will pass on the line dancing. It was okay the one year when I went a couple of times but the regulars, although they made me feel welcome, were so far ahead of me and knew all the dances. I felt lacking in confidence and that made me feel out of the loop.

  5. I really need to do my windows in/out of the house, but keep putting it off LOL. Good for you!

    1. I still see streaks because they were so dirty but will attack them again in the Q. :)