Sunday, November 20, 2022

Today’s Adventure, Collages

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

I was up with Gibbs at 7:30 on Sunday, Nov. 20th and let Bill sleep in a bit longer. Gibbs was acting ‘desperate’ running to the door and up the steps to me, down and up, so I figured he really had to go – again. Daddy had him out an hour earlier. So, I quickly got dressed, combed my hair and we went out for our walk. It was all a ruse. What he really was saying was “hurry, Mom. Let’s go for a walk!”

I believe the routine is catching on
so now I'll have to continue it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The picture with the Coot shows you just how
big this fellow is

The little sheister! It was a nice walk and I was more than impressed that our timing was perfect again and Mr. Heron was proudly waiting. ๐Ÿ˜Š I managed to zoom in on my Powershot and get some decent pictures today. I didn’t think I captured his departing flight but I did! Back home, I had my tea and Bill was up and had dumped our gray and black tanks while we were gone. We knew the gray needed it when water gurgled in the sink drain from the dishwasher running.

The pictures are a tad blurry but at least i got
him spreading those wings

I get a kick out of these creations
This stork is apparently stuck on the fence

It was a treat to see this falcon
or hawk away across Redonto Lake too

We had our breakfast, I’m loving my oatmeal, and because we had afternoon plans, we just hung around for the morning. Around 10, I wanted to go up and see if anyone had started a puzzle. They hadn’t but someone else had dropped off a couple of different ones. Both looked interesting so I chose a 1000-pc one of book titles. I’ve done a similar one, in Paisley, but this is not the same one. It takes the longest time sorting border pieces and turning them all over but I soon was able to start. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That's a lot of pieces and it takes up a large part of
the table, but it'll be fun while I'm here!

Before I left at 11:30, I had the border done and a few inside pieces. It shouldn’t take long but I’m not sure that I’ll see it finished before we leave. I found 2 more books to bring home and dropped the Fatal Error off at the book shelf. We had some lunch and all 3 of us hopped in B.B. at 1 pm AZ time. We drove towards Holtville and the Hot Springs LTVA to visit friends. The drive was nice and we passed the pretty sand dunes along I-8.

Driving through Yuma, you can see how strong
the winds were again
Boondockers on the right of  I-8 as we headed west
Just pull off an park, I love it!

My sister said 'where's the camels?' when I sent
her one of these pictures

There are a few sections that remind us of our summer trips to Silver Lake, MI before we retired and started full-timing. It’s where we met our good friends, Nancy and Ken, and we all did some ‘playing’ on the dunes there. What a hoot! Bill and Ken took turns driving the jeep and Nancy and I rode in the back, hanging on for dear life! Good times, great memories.

Arriving at Hot Springs LTVA
Gibbs watches the date palm trees
on their road

Roland and Lori have managed
to get the same spot each year

Gibbs kisses up to Lori ♥

Schatzi isn't far away but doesn't
look too pleased ♥

We had a really nice visit with Lori, Roland and of course, Schatzi. Thanks for the treats, Lori, those tarts were a heavenly forbidden delight. ๐Ÿ˜Š We headed home around 4 AZ time (California is an hour behind us) 

It's 4-wheeler heaven out here along the highway
My guess is that 90% of the rv's are toy-haulers while the
other 10% are pulling trailers for their toys
Weekends are a busy time here
and they have a ball!

and it was 5 when we walked in the door. Gibbs was tired right out and Bill and I not much livelier, for some reason. We read, dozed and then at 6, I started supper. We had Hamburger Helper tonight with added mixed vegetables and it was tasty with leftovers.

Supper was easy and good

Bill had some ice cream for dessert and I warmed up a piece of the Banana cake with a bit of ice cream too. I’m still not of the mind to toss it all and it actually tastes fine with something on the side. Maybe whipped cream another night. This has been a good day and we’re glad to be able to see our friends again. Hopefully not the last time on this journey.

Bill and I pass this field of Romaine Lettuce 
each trip into Yuma and these 2 palm trees
are always cause for conversation ๐Ÿ˜‚
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!


  1. I've sure enjoyed the pictures of the area. We enjoyed our visit out there, so it's a treat when you post.

  2. Big waves to Lori and Roland. It's good to see them back on the road. And little Schatzi of course.

    1. I'll be sure to pass them along! It is great to see them doing what they love too.

  3. That's probably an osprey hanging around at the lake.

  4. Those sand dunes are amazing. I've never ridden in a sand buggy or an ATV but I bet there is lots of fun.

    1. They are really neat! The older I get, the more fearful I get but it's unwarranted, I'm sure.

  5. How nice you got to see Lori and Roland :) Maebeme, side by sides are SO much fun!!
    Your dessert looks yummy!

    1. It is always great to meet up with them and our other friends down here. :)

  6. What awesome pictures of the birds. Love the heron.

    God bless.