Monday, November 21, 2022

Our Days are Numbered – Here

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Monday, Nov. 21st we are down to our last couple of days in this park. In some ways we are grateful to move, mainly because of the poor internet connection we’ve been experiencing. Now, saying that, since Saturday morning, it has greatly improved. We’ve switched over to AT & T and that is our strongest server.

The huge 8 bedroom house on the corner
is for sale this winter
If you have $825,000 and are interested,
it's yours! 😀

Gibbs surveys the property

Leaving here means giving up our hookups, the pool, the puzzles and games for a while as we don’t go into our park until Dec. 1st. Oh well, we’ll survive and focus on enjoying the privacy at the same time. 😊 This morning, Gibbs and I left Sleeping Beauty in bed again and slipped out for a nice long walk. We went outside the park behind our sites and up the road to come in the entrance at the north end.

One more horsie for you

Mr. Heron's fiance?

Good things come to those who wait
So she eventually took off

If you look closely, you can see
her across the pond, middle of the picture

And of all the places to land,
Look at those daintily placed feet

It was about 30 minutes later when we returned and Bill was still sleeping. Gibbs is very gentle when he returns and hops up on the bed. Often, he’s just checking and will return back to me to watch and listen for any sound coming from upstairs before he goes up again. He really does look after both of us to the best of his ability. After having some breakfast, Bill and I took one more trip into Yuma. Gibbs manned the home front for us.

We stopped at the .99¢ Store (where things are not all .99¢ but mostly end in that denomination) and I went in there while Bill visited Harbor Freight which is right next door. Convenient for both of us. I found 4 out of 5 items on my list and then we walked down to Fast Eddie’s around the corner. This is the Hobby Store Bill likes while here. I popped into Big Lots! As well and found a cute Christmas adornment before checking out. I forgot that this store has everything!

Fast Eddies Hobbies
Toys everywhere you look
for big boys and little boys

We’d made a decision to buy a collapsible ladder at H.F. since our other one got damaged last winter. It’s a bummer but we need one and this style is the best kind for us in our travels. I also popped into Del Sol and was reminded of how impressive their vegetable, fruit and meat counters are. They had the head lettuce I needed today. Back home, Gibbs was happy to see us back safe and sound. 😊

We read for a while, had a bite to eat and because it was a calmer day, I went to the pool. Sitting out for 20 minutes was very hot but when I went to get in the pool, I stopped cold. Because it was COLD! It wasn’t just because my body was overheated, either. So, I just wetted my legs and arms and sat for another few minutes. It didn't help that clouds moved in and sitting in the 'sun' was no longer an option either. 

No one else is working on this one either
so, I did what I could in an hour

It was still early, so I went in and worked on the puzzle. There were card games going on so it was loud but just people having fun. That’s what we’re all here for, to enjoy ourselves. When I got home around 3:15, Bill said he was taking the ladder back. The box labelling was deceiving and we need a different one. Too bad, we were hoping to have it in the desert this week.

Gibbs and I went for a walk and then I made a cup of tea and I started my blog while Bill went back into town. We’d fueled up at the corner so he wouldn’t need to do that, and wouldn’t be long. 

Before I even started supper, 
the sky was turning pink all around us

the sky was gorgeous tonight

For supper, instead of barbecuing, which we’ll be doing more after we move, I used Rosy to air fry a large pork chop that we can split. With mashed potato and our vegetable, it was enough to fill us tonight. Bill loaded the dishwasher and we watched The Voice.


Monday night is our tv night so I worked away at my blog while it played through. Today was a good day and from beginning to end, the only thing that changed is that we are back to being without a ladder again! 😊 Temporarily. Amazon will change that. Tomorrow, we'll begin the slow pack up process, our days here are numbered. 

Through our back window, it got even
redder ♥
good night!

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Once again you heron pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy your last few days.

    God bless.

  2. What brand/ model air fryer do you use?

  3. Lettuce is $7+ back here in Ontario!

  4. I wondered when you were going to hit the hobby store!! That is a nice park. Far enough away, but close enough to shop.

  5. Shame about the ladder. I'm sure you are right, that Amazon will have the proper one. It seems they have pretty much everything!
    Have a great couple of days before you head out.

  6. That dinner is making me hungry! LOL.

  7. You had a very productive and calm day. I hope you three aren't heading far. I'll be down that way next week . Enjoy your boondocking days. To me they are the best. But I'm not a full timer.

    1. Hi Doug. We will be at La Posa South until Dec. 1st. We're not boondockers any more. Been there, prefer the hookups. We boondock all summer. 😆

  8. Yesterday evening the sunset was spectacular. I hope you can enjoy the pool one more time.

    1. Thanks Elva. Today would have been perfect for the pool but i was doing other things so missed out. Oh well.