Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Strong Warm Winds and I’m Grateful

Pilot Knob LTVA

On Tuesday, Nov 8th we slept in even longer! There is something to be said about just lazing in bed until we all feel like getting up together. No distractions expected from anyone else since we are alone here, so to speak. Bill had his shower first and then made a coffee. I had my cup of tea on the go by the time he finished and I went up for mine.

Driving around Pilot Knob Resort was an
It was pretty M T

It was a warm 57F/14C and I took Gibbs for a quick, short walk around the nearby area. After mentioning how well he was eating, he is pulling a fast one and has stopped again. Once a day seems to be enough. We’re not concerned any more, knowing that at the strangest time, he’ll go and empty his bowl of kibble. šŸ˜Š

I took a picture of this Landmark
because it reminded me of Donna and Gerry's back home
....in the cold. 

We hopped in Black Beauty, all of us, around 9:15 and drove the short jaunt to Pilot Knob RV Resort. Bill and I were curious to see if anyone we knew were still camping there. The place is like a park that forgot to advertise, with very few rv’s in place. Again, it is early and it will likely get much busier by Christmas. Maybe.

We drove through and managed to chat with a couple of friends who have returned. It was nice in particular to see Allie and Gabby, we always met up when Gibbs and I walked. Things are really getting an upgrade but why the renos weren’t done over the summer is beyond us. Anyway, losing interest quickly in the place, we returned to our ‘free’ spot behind the park. Free this time at least.

another beautiful day 

We had lunch of bacon and poached eggs on campfire toast and cleaned up the dishes right away by hand. I could have used the toaster but on solar, it seems to take longer and I was in a hurry. The eggs were done. šŸ˜Š In case you’re wondering, campfire toast for me is cooking it over the burner’s flame. I like the taste, it reminds me of my youth camping.


Bill needed a pedicure so I stepped into the role and we went outside to take care of his feet. I know he appreciates that and I don’t mind at all. With the winds, the strong winds, I was very comfortable outside on my lounge chair with my book for quite a while. The flies were still non-existent. Yay! It was very pleasant. I was inside about 3 o’clock and I poured myself a beer margarita. Yum.

I love this picture
It shows you how windy it is and how much
Gibbs loves facing the wind

Otherwise it was just sniffing
new smells

Just before the supper hour, I finished my book. Bill was getting back into his J.A. Jance book this afternoon too. We had hamburger, onions, celery, peas and gravy over mashed potatoes for supper. There was a bit of Caesar salad so we shared that to finish it up and it all tasted pretty good. With the winds, we didn’t want to have to count on the barbecue tonight.

I enjoyed the outdoors so much today
that I moved from here to my lounger

After dishes, I worked on my blog with a movie playing in the background. Nothing important on tv tonight that we like to watch. We’ve been utilizing our generator after 6 o’clock since we didn’t tilt the panels when we arrived. Without a good ladder to get up there, (neither of us put a lot of faith in the one on the back), we decided not to bother.

Supper and ice cream with a banana for dessert
Good night!

This was a quiet day and I enjoyed reuniting with Allie over at the park. It was nice to hear that she was thinking of me and (her words) Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Allie is a huge NCIS fan too. There was no spectacular sunset tonight. It was cloudy and the sand blowing across the dunes covered what might have been. We reached 81F/27C today with wind gusts to 27 mph. It would be a warm evening, only dropping to 61F/16C overnight. The winds wouldn't be dying down until midnight. 

Thank you for the visit!


  1. It seems you folks really enjoy boondocking & are fairy well setup to do so.You mentioned not as much power when on battery & running a generator to top up.You might consider gradually upgrading to lithium/ ion batteries & enough that there would be plenty power- done in steps ,the added cost isn’t one big hit. On the blog Technomadia.com,Chris & Cherie have built systems that even power their a/c.All the best,enjoy your winter.

    1. Thank you. We don't boondock here enough to justify the cost of lithium batteries although if we did and $ was more readily available, we would. This year, aside from our drive down and back, it will be a total of 2 weeks all winter.
      Eventually, like in the not too distant future, we will need to start replacing batteries.

  2. We had winds all day as well, in fact they haven’t died down all night and are still fairly strong now as we near 5:30 am.. Pilot Knob Rv looks pretty desolate. I remember it always seemed much busier when you and Bill arrived in the area. It is a shame you two aren’t staying, you always enjoyed it so much. However your spot in the boondocking area is very nice. Enjoy.


  3. We had winds but they were not that bad, in fact they were welcome because it was so warm out. The did get heavy overnight so I'm glad I closed the windows when we went to bed. It looks like a nice place you are settle in to :-)

  4. Sounds like you are all really enjoying that spot in the desert. Free is always nice. Tom never trusted the ladder on our 5th wheel either. Even though he has used the one on the motorhome a couple of times he much prefers the one he sets up himself.

    1. It is nice out here but after 5 nights, we are ready to have hookups. Long periods of boondocking is not in our wheelhouse anymore.

  5. I'm not surprised at the MT-ness. Thousand Trails is a membership park and they are expensive. Most people stayed there because the price was right. And oh yes, campfire toast is awesome!!

    1. Me neither, their process are ridiculous. It would be 1000$/ mth for us.

  6. Too bad about Pilot Knob, was such a nice, inexpensive park! They may have to rethink things down the road $$. Looks like a great day once again. Love the dinner!

  7. Perhaps after a less than successful season the resort will realize that the pricing is keeping people away. Such a shame!

  8. It was a little windy out here. The first thing Jerry said this morning " the outdoor room didn't blow away". But your area will get more wind than here. Yes...sad about the RV park. You always seemed to enjoy your friendships there.

  9. It all looks so peaceful. Enjoy.

    God bless.