Thursday, November 17, 2022

Downhill Slide, Bocce Ball and Pool

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

Thursday, Nov. 17th has arrived and we’re sliding down to the end of the week. Or is it up? Hmmm. Anyway, the days are zipping by but still not a whirlwind like I think September was. We are enjoying our time here in Yuma Lakes, heck all of the places we’ve been since we left home. It hasn’t even been a month yet but it feels longer than that, in a good way. πŸ˜‰

The school bus picks up children from the residential
area behind us each week day morning

Gibbs and I set out for our walk soon after

Gibbs and I got up shortly after 7:30, we slept in today. Bill was still pretty sleepy so we left him in bed and slipped out for a nice tour around the park. 

I don't know what this tree is but I think it 
is the source of the pretty lilac smell I notice when I walk
this way

Facing the northwest
that small white building in the top right
is the gate entrance

To the east this time. I was able to catch a long-distance photo of the blue heron across the pond and that made me happy. What a grand bird he is, so big! There was another large white bird on the opposite bank and I assume it was an egret or white heron? He wouldn’t stand straight enough for me to get a good photo.

He's standing so proud and so majestic,
I think we should call him
Mr. Heron

From the Coot swimming around him
you can determine how big he is

She is big too but
very shy

I love how Gibbs just stood and watched the
ducks float by

I made tea in my thermos and left the boys at home around 9. Bill wasn’t keen on Bocce Ball this morning but maybe Tuesday. There were a few changes in the rules, these courts are on nicely mowed grass with gutters instead of boards like at Pilot Knob. 

The courts are nicely maintained

They have tape measures on a stick which makes it very easy to judge which ball is closest to the ‘pea’ ball to see who gets the point. That beats getting down on your knees to measure by hand. Smart idea!

Here is George using the tape measure
from a standing position
One measurement and just turn the stick
to tell who the point goes to

I enjoyed playing, it was a bit chilly to start as we were up on a hill in the wind but I soon warmed up, as did others, and we removed jackets. There were about 12 or 14 players so 3 courts were utilized and I was able to run all of their names over my tongue when I got home. Don’t ask me to put all the faces to the names though, that would be asking too much! I look forward to going back on Tuesday.

There is a tape measuring 'stick' for
each court

Last night I finished Fatal Error and I started a new book this morning. James Patterson’s ‘Private Down Under’ is in large print so I’m slipping through it quickly and Bill started another J.A. Jance called ‘Proof of Life’ last night too. My Goodreads list of books read this year may not meet my expectations but I’m sure making a good stab at it this month! 😊

We had lunch and I changed and walked up to the pool. Taking a non-verbal hint from Carol, I decided to do noodle laps like she does. It’s exercise that I could certainly use and enough to get the heart rate up without actually swimming, which I’m not good at for any length of time. I completed 15 and got out to relax. The clouds moved over but they were light and still allowed some sun to peek through.

Here we go with one of those
gorgeous Arizona sunsets

The wifi isn’t much better up there at the clubhouse so I have to say that it is the only negative thing at this park we’ve encountered.  

where one picture just isn't enough

I started my post back home and then sat with a cup of tea to read. For supper, I had Madame IP cook us up some pork ribs with potatoes. While I was browning them up on the Weber, Bill cooked my asparagus and his corn. Supper was delish!! After clean up, we relaxed for the evening with no tv tonight.

A good hearty meal tonight
Good night!

Thank you for coming by!


  1. I’m surprised Gibbs doesn’t chase the ducks. Good boy!!

  2. Definitely a heron, but beyond that I can't tell the variety.
    That sunset photo is stunning!

  3. Beautiful capture of a beautiful sunset. Sounds like another good day enjoying life.

  4. Your dinner looks amazing! Anything that makes time go slower is certainly warranted! Glad you are enjoying your time there!

  5. At least you're not getting our snow! 24" forecast!